10 Best Bamboo Sheets: Shopping and User Guide

Bamboo sheets have exploded in popularity recently. So whether you’re a long-time bamboo lover looking to upgrade your bedding or you’re experimenting with bamboo for the first time, we recommend Bamboo Supply Co.’s Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets. They offer everything you want from bamboo: They’re hypoallergenic, extremely soft and silky, breathable, temperature regulating — and […]

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Best Paddle Boards for Beginners

10 Best Paddle Boards for Beginners: Solid, Inflatable, Yoga

If the stand-up paddle board (SUP) could be summarized in a single word, it would be versatile. A paddle board promises a range of activities. You can take it out on the lake on a summer afternoon for a session of SUP yoga—or an hour with your favourite novel. If you’re ready for something a […]

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How to Transport a Paddle Board

How to Transport a Paddle Board: RAVE SUP Tips

Paddle boards are a lot of fun, but they tend to be much larger than their cousin, the surfboard. If you live far away from a body of water, paddle boards can be difficult to transport unless you own a truck, a van, or a trailer. Inflatable paddle boards are an exception. These can be […]

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Free Online Workout Tools & Resources

100 Free Online Workout Tools & Resources

When COVID-19 first chased us into our homes, some people might have been a little excited. They thought to themselves: “At last! I have the time I need to pick up those hobbies and meet my personal goals. I’m going to come out of this pandemic a better version of myself!”  Or so they thought. […]

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Best Work Backpacks

10 Best Work Backpacks: Shopping and User Guide

The era of the briefcase is closing. This is the era of the work backpack. Once upon a time, men in flannel suits crowded into carpools carrying three essentials: a newspaper, umbrella, and briefcase — all identical. We live in a different world today. The modern workforce is more mobile, on-the-go, relies more on public […]

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Best Private Jets

10 Best Private Jets: Luxury, Safety

Whether you fly for pleasure or business, land on Villiers Jets to plan and charter your flight.  Renters of private planes primarily value three things: comfort, convenience, and time. Villiers supplies an ample offering that touches on all three values. The Villiers network aggregates over 10,000 aircraft from 40,000 locations worldwide—making it the largest global network of […]

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Best Massage Chairs

10 Best Massage Chairs: Shopping and User Guide

When you invest in a massage chair, it’s like having your own personal masseuse available 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. But a massage chair isn’t just a machine that helps you feel better. It’s a tool that has major long-term health benefits if used regularly. And while the upfront cost is often […]

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