RAVE REVIEWS: Reader Supported, Independent Recommendations

Our goal is to make RAVE Reviews the source for recommending the very best of all there is: from vacuums to movies to places to celebrate Halloween, if it’s worth RAVING about we have it covered.

We make our recommendations by collecting authoritative data, field testing, interviewing, and good old-fashioned research by teams of veteran journalists, credentialed experts, and researchers.

We take pride in our rigorous standards. Our recommendations are always made entirely by our editorial and research teams without input from our business department.

To put it clearly: we do not inform our writers and editors of which companies we form partnerships with, so that our business decisions never interfere with our recommendations.

When readers do choose to make a purchase using links in our articles, we may receive affiliate commissions. If you return your product, we make nothing. Therefore, we are incentivized to only recommend products we believe you will truly RAVE about too.

At the end of the day, we desire that our readers trust us and our work to make the best recommendations. If we take short cuts or make bad recommendations for short term gain, then we’ll lose credibility and you’ll never trust us.

Thus, we think this system works well, as it rewards us for doing the work to ensure you’re only being offered top flight recommendations.