We. Are. RAVE.


RAVE: Life Reviewed.

It’s not a product review site. It’s not a lifestyle magazine. But if those two met on an online dating site, well, let’s just say that 9 months later, you’d have RAVE.

A pure product review site will give you an exhaustive rundown on the features of a coffee maker or a vacuum or a set of headphones you’re considering. But life isn’t just about features—it’s also about fit. Does it fit your lifestyle? Your brand? Your needs?

That’s what RAVE does.

We take the best parts of the traditional product review—blind testing, rigorous data analysis, objective comparison of features—and smash them together with stylish design, attractive photography, and a conversational style of writing that’s as entertaining as it is informative.

We don’t just review products. We review life.