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B-Nox vs C4

Are you tired of sifting through the endless options in pre-workout supplements? The quest for the perfect boost can be overwhelming. If you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast like me, you want a solution that caters to your unique fitness goals and preferences.

In this article, I’ll be your guide to these pre-workout supplements: B-Nox vs C4. Let’s unravel the mystery and find the perfect pre-workout solution for you.

B-Nox vs C4

B-Nox and C4 Ripped are two standout contenders in this crowded field of pre-workout supplements. Before we pit them against each other, it’s imperative to dive deeper into the specifics of each product. 

A woman in a gym attire holding an aluminum tumbler and yoga mat on her side

I can offer a more informed and holistic comparison by understanding their unique ingredients, benefits, and recommended dosages. 

Let’s dive right in.

B-Nox Pre-workout by Betancourt

B-Nox, produced by Betancourt Nutrition, has gained significant traction in the fitness community for its unique formulation. Unlike typical pre-workouts, B-Nox blends traditional energy-boosting ingredients with potential testosterone-boosting components. This makes it a tool for enhanced energy and endurance and a potential aid for muscle building and strength.

The primary ingredients include amino acids for muscle recovery and pump, caffeine for energy, and herbal extracts that support testosterone production and release. 

It also contains the ‘Bullnox Androrush’ blend, designed to optimize the body’s natural testosterone output. 

This can be particularly advantageous for those looking to maximize their muscle-building potential during resistance training. In addition, B-Nox boasts a range of flavors, catering to the varied palates of its users. 

Dosage of B-Nox

Kick things off by blending one scoop with 6-8 fluid ounces of cool water. Guzzle this down roughly 20-30 minutes before your gym session. Starting with one scoop lets you gauge your body’s vibe. Remember to cap it at two scoops daily.

To cater to the testosterone twist in B-Nox, it’s best to cycle: 6-8 weeks on, then a 4-week breather.

If you feel any side effects, dial back the dose or touch base with a doctor to keep those workouts safe!

C4 Ripped by Cellucor

C4 Ripped is a specialized variant of the well-known C4 Pre-Workout line from Cellucor. Designed with the athlete and bodybuilder in mind, C4 Ripped provides the energy boost you’d expect from a pre-workout, especially with added ingredients specifically facilitating fat loss.

Instead of creatine found in C4 Sport, C4 Ripped incorporates a unique Ripped Blend, which includes ingredients like L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Cayenne to support the body’s fat metabolism during workouts. This is coupled with the classic C4 formula’s energy and focus-enhancing components, ensuring you still get that necessary push to power through your sessions.

A man sitting with her legs crossed on a yoga mat with a tumbler and two small dumbbells on her side

Its blend of fat-burning and energy-boosting ingredients makes it a dual-purpose pre-workout tailored to assist in performance and physique goals.

Dosage of C4 Ripped

Dosing your C4 Ripped is pretty straightforward. It’s essential you know how much pre-workout should you take.

Blend one level scoop with 6 fluid ounces of water for optimal results. Aim to drink this concoction about 20-30 minutes before you hit the gym. And if you notice a bit of a tingle on your skin, don’t fret—it’s just the beta-alanine saying it’s working.

Comparing B-Nox and C4 Ripped

While both are lauded in the fitness world, they cater to different needs and have distinct features. How do they really stack up when matched against one another?

B-Nox Pros and Cons

When it comes to B-Nox, the pre-workout from Betancourt, here’s a balanced breakdown of its strengths and potential downsides:

B-Nox Pros

B-Nox Cons

  • Taste: Some users have noted that B-Nox may not have the best flavor profiles compared to other pre-workouts.
  • Price Point: Due to its dual-action formula, B-Nox might be on the pricier side for some.
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C4 Ripped Pros and Cons

Now let’s turn our attention to C4 Ripped. C4 Ripped by Cellucor is another heavyweight in the realm of pre-workouts aside from the Cellucor C4 Sport and C4 vs C4 Ultimate. Like every product, it shines in some areas while having potential areas of improvement. Let’s dissect what it has to offer:

C4 Ripped Pros

  • Targeted Fat Loss: One of the unique propositions of C4 Ripped is its formula that focuses on aiding fat loss while preserving muscle mass.
  • Broad Ingredient Spectrum: Beyond just giving an energy boost, it incorporates ingredients that support metabolism and enhance performance.
  • Trustworthy Brand: Cellucor has a longstanding reputation in the supplement industry, and C4 Ripped benefits from that trust and reliability.

C4 Ripped Cons

  • Caffeine Content: While many enjoy the kick from caffeine, some users find C4 Ripped caffeine levels a bit high, and caffeine is proven to cause restlessness and anxiety.
  • Taste Variability: Although C4 Ripped offers multiple flavors, not all resonate with users.
  • Cost: Premium ingredients come at a price. Some might find C4 Ripped slightly more expensive than other basic pre-workouts.

What Is Better Than C4?

Whether something is “better” than C4 depends on individual needs and preferences. Each pre-workout has its unique formulation targeting different fitness goals. It’s essential to identify what you need in a pre-workout and then compare products.

Does B-Nox Have Testosterone?

B-Nox is often misconceived as a testosterone booster due to its energizing and muscle-building properties. However, it doesn’t contain testosterone. Instead, it has ingredients like Tribulus terrestris, which are believed to support natural testosterone levels.

Is C4 Pre-Workout Good or Bad?

Labeling C4 as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is subjective. For many, C4 is a staple pre-workout because of its balanced blend of ingredients that enhance performance, focus, and energy. It might not be enough for some, and they might need C4 Ultimate. Knowing your needs and consulting with a medical professional before starting any supplements is always recommended. 


Navigating the world of pre-workouts can be a maze. However, with insights into B-Nox and C4 Ripped, you’re armed with knowledge. Remember, the best supplement is the one that vibes with your rhythm and elevates your game. Stay pumped, and let your workouts roar!

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