Best Wii Games

Best Wii Games

The number and variety of games released on the Nintendo Wii console may surprise you. Don’t miss our list of the best Wii games ever made.

Best DS Games

The Nintendo DS has seen a number of hardware improvements over the years, culminating in the 3D-compatible platforms. But it started with the original DS and DSi consoles. If you’re a nostalgic DS owner, then we’ve got the best games for you — including our pick for the best DS game, New Super Mario Bros.

Best N64 Games

The N64 significantly advanced 3D graphics from earlier consoles. Out of almost 300 games released, here’s our pick of the best N64 games ever made.

Best SNES Games

Unabbreviated, it’s the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or officially abbreviated, the Super NES. Fans have historically referred to it as the SNES. Call it what you like: This 16-bit console, produced between 1990 and 1993, changed the video game world with advanced graphics and audio capabilities compared to competing systems.

Best GameCube Games

Hundreds of games were created for the GameCube between 2001 and 2007, though only a select group attained cult status. In this ranking, we’ve hand-picked the best of the best, including our number one winner for the best GameCube game: Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Best Board Games

Every game has a winner — that’s kind of the point of a game, isn’t it? So up front we’ll tell you the winner for best classic, best contemporary, and best board game for families. Ah, ah, ah — no cheating, though.  You’ll need to keep reading to find out everything we love about these […]

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