4 Best Universal Remotes: Streaming, Voice Activated, and Luxury

It’s time to ditch the army of remote controls linked to your home media players. With a universal remote, you’ll have simplified control over all your music and movie gadgets. No more shuffling through remotes like a pack of cards. The problem with selecting universal remotes comes down to lack of competition. Certain brands dominate […]

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds

4 Best Bluetooth Earbuds: Shopping and User Guide

Without careful product research, you could easily waste money on a low-quality pair of Bluetooth earbuds. It’s in build and audio quality that earbuds can really define themselves, which is why the Bose SoundSport Free and Jaybird X3 earbuds win our two luxury product categories. If money’s a concern, the Phaiser BHS 530 earbuds or […]

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Best Smart Toilets

10 Best Smart Toilets: Shopping and User Guide

A smart home revolution is sweeping the globe, with millions of people adopting clever tech that can make daily life a little simpler. If you want a top-of-the-line smart addition to your bathroom, we recommend the Kohler Veil. Simply put, this is the best smart toilet on the market right now. But it might not be for […]

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How to Hold a Paddle Board Paddle

How to Hold a Paddle Board Paddle

To get the most out of your equipment in any sport, you need to know how to use it properly. Hold your bat incorrectly during a game of baseball, and you’re going to swing a sub-par game.  Take the wrong stance while you’re skiing, and you might be eating a face full of snow. The […]

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Best Air Mattresses

Best Air Mattresses

Many online reviews are simply full of hot air. For the best air mattresses, check out our ranking of the top products according to real customers.

Best USB Microphones

Whether podcasting or laying down a track, you’re looking for the best USB microphones, and we hear you. Visit our ranking before you decide what to buy.

Best Office Chairs

Improve your focus at work by taking poor posture and discomfort out of the equation. Check out our ranking of the best office chairs for all budgets.