The 10 Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair

Whether you’re looking to save time or coerce your fine hair into luscious, bouncy tresses, a hair dryer is one of the not-so-secret weapons of celebrities and beauty gurus.

While all hair types can benefit from a hair dryer that has protective qualities, fine hair is more likely to get damaged or become frizzy simply because less heat is needed to dry it. As a result, there’s a specific type of hair dryer that works best for silkier, finer strands.

In the last decade, developments in the hair care industry led to the creation of hair dryers that not only dry hair, but also break down water molecules by using negative ions. Ceramic components that use infrared light are another exciting development.

Nowadays, most hair dryers come with a filter that you can remove and clean, which prolongs the lifespan of the hair dryer. Higher-end hair dryers may come with rubber coating that’ll protect the breakable pieces when you (or your child, or your partner, or your cat) knocks it off the bathroom counter.

In short, there’s never been a better time to invest in a high-quality hair dryer!

A good blow dryer just makes life easier. For a long time, most of us were simply willing to deal with some damage to our hair in exchange for the convenience of not having to wait around for air-dried hair. But lately, research has revealed that blow drying (when done properly) can be even less damaging than air drying.

A team of six dermatologists in Korea concluded that when you use a hair dryer at a 15 cm distance from the hair shaft, there’s actually less damage to your hair than when you leave it to dry naturally.

Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair

This might sound strange. How can air drying be more damaging than blow drying?

Here’s the answer: Keeping your hair wet for hours can lead to more split ends than drying it in a few minutes.

Washing and blow drying every day doesn’t damage your scalp

If you have fine hair and an oily scalp, experts recommend washing each day.

Despite common belief, washing more often won’t cause your scalp to produce more oils. The biggest influences on the production of oil on your scalp are genetics and hormones. Even if you’re suffering from hair loss, washing every day won’t have a negative impact, since washing actually gets rid of DHT.

DHT is an androgen, stronger than testosterone, that’s secreted on the scalp. It’s responsible for most cases of genetic and hormonal hair loss. And the more it sits on your head, the more damage it does.

It only makes sense that it’s better to cleanse your scalp more often and get rid of the hormone that leads to hair loss, rather than allowing it to damage the hair follicle even further.

Blow dryers no longer lead to dry, brittle hair

The first handheld blow dryer was invented in the 1920s. Since then, manufacturers have made a lot of progress when it comes to the materials and heat settings of blow dryers.

There are blow dryers available on the market that don’t just use heat to dry your hair, but also infrared light, which dries the hair shaft without producing as much damage as standard heat settings. Before your hair is completely dry, you now have the option of using cold air to seal the cuticles and finish the blow dry without overheating your hair.

Plus, if you use a heat protection spray, you won’t have to worry too much about sun damage and split ends either — these protective sprays work like sunscreen for your hair. The water-soluble silicones in heat protection sprays protect the hair shaft, and the moisturizing agents prevent your hair from getting overly dry.

The Science Behind Blow Dryers for Fine Hair   

Here’s what we’re getting at with all this: Blow dryers are no longer as straightforward as they used to be. Today, we have more options and more complex technologies than ever, enabling us to either mask or fix problems such as frizziness, dullness, and lack of volume.

When looking for blow dryers for fine hair, keep in mind that you probably want accessories as well. Look for dryers that come with at least a concentrator. The cool shot button is also a great feature for those with fine hair, since it uses cold air instead of hot. You can switch between cold and hot air during the drying process to avoid overheating the hair shaft.

When it comes to heat settings, the more options you have, the better. Fine hair is more sensitive to heat, and it will take a bit of experimentation to find out which heat setting dries your hair in the optimum amount of time without leading to frizziness.

Here’s what a blow dryer can and can’t do for you

Many hair dryer brands promise smoother, more luscious hair after a blow dry. While a hair dryer itself can’t make your hair healthier, it can give the illusion of healthier hair, especially when paired with moisturizing products, volumizing powders, and dry shampoo.

The cool shot is considered by many to be the reason that hair looks shiny after a blow dry. In reality, the cool shot doesn’t do much for the cuticle, but it does preserve the natural shine of your hair by preventing the hair shaft from overheating.

Hair dryers that use ions and ceramic elements are less damaging to the hair shaft, because the heat is more evenly distributed and the ions lock moisture into the strands. But no hair dryer can change the texture of your hair. They only change your hair’s appearance when paired with the right products.

Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Dry


There are many factors that impact the quality and lifespan of a hair dryer. Over the last few decades, hair dryers have gotten more complex — and more specialized. In order to find the very best hair dryers for fine hair, we sorted through dozens of award-winning products that are highly praised by beauty experts, hair stylists, and dermatologists. All 10 of the products on our final list of winners have at least two of the following features:

  • Removable filter
  • Ceramic elements
  • Ionic technology
  • Lightweight design
  • Heat resistance
  • High wattage

Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair


Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry

This product is the Porsche of hair dryers. It comes with innovative features such as an LCD display and a clean filter indicator. Plus, it’s coated in rubber, which makes it less likely to break when dropped.

We also love the fact that it has four heat settings. This gives you more room to experiment and find out what heat level you’re most comfortable with — which is especially valuable for those with fine hair.

There’s only one downside to this hair dryer. While most brands try their best to downsize their products, Paul Mitchell created a blow dryer that’s on the larger end. On the bright side, it does come with a professional-grade motor, which is known to perform better and increase the lifespan of your hairdryer.


  • Clean filter indicator light
  • Tourmaline ions
  • Protective rubber coating


  • A bit heavy
  • Not great for travel

Parlux EcoFriendly 3800 Hair Dryer

The Parlux EcoFriendly 3800 Hair Dryer comes in three colors (black, white, and red), and it’s made out of heat-resistant materials that keep the body cool throughout the entire drying process. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly hair dryer, start here. Parlux makes some of the lowest EMF dryers on the market, and the packaging is entirely made out of recyclable materials.

Another feature we like is the motor. It packs a pretty serious punch — 2100 watts — and comes with the promise of working optimally for at least 2,000 hours.

The design of the hair dryer looks a bit outdated, but that’s a matter of taste. Overall, this was an easy choice to include on our list of the best hair dryers for fine hair.


  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Ceramic technology
  • Lightweight


  • Pricey
  • Old-fashioned design

T3 Cura Luxe Dryer

Named the Best Hair Dryer of 2018 by Self magazine, the T3 Cura Luxe Dryer just keeps building its loyal fan base. One of the most striking features of this hair dryer is the volume booster, which is a lifesaver for many people with fine hair. You’ll even find a free barrel brush in the package.

The auto-pause sensor is a standout feature. When you take your hand off the handle of the dryer, the air flow stops automatically. This is great for saving energy and eliminating the risk of overheating.

When it comes to the cons, this dryer isn’t as strong in terms of air flow as some others. But if you have fine hair, you probably won’t need more air flow than what this offers.


  • Auto-pause sensors
  • Volume booster setting
  • Ceramic and ionic technology


  • No dual voltage
  • Pricey

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is perfect if you have longer hair with a bit more density. It’s known for drying hair fast, especially on the higher heat settings.

The design is simple and no-frills, but it does come with a comfortable grip, and it’s not slippery. On top of all that, you’ll have plenty of space to move around since it has a long cord.

We did notice that it’s a bit heavy (over 2 pounds). But since it has 2000 watts and comes with an Italian-made AC motor for professional use, we really can’t complain that much about it.


  • Tourmaline ionic technology
  • Ergonomic
  • Fast-drying


  • Pricey
  • A bit bulky

Solano Forza 2000W Ultra Fast Hair Dryer

The Solano brand is one of the few brands that have stood the test of time. Their products were first launched in the mid ’70s, and they were the first brand to introduce the cool shot button.

All of their hairdryers, including the Solano Forza 2000W, come with an Italian motor. In this case, it’s a lightweight DC one, perfect for home use.

When it comes to technology, this hair dryer uses ceramic components with negative ions and infrared heat to distribute the heat evenly and prevent frizz and static. What we really love is how light yet powerful it is, and the fact that it doesn’t overheat when you use it for a long time.

The Forza contains an internal silencer to provide a whisper-quiet hair drying experience. The Italian motor has an extensive life span of 1500 hours, with an air speed of 98 mph. It has 2 nozzles, 3 temperatures to choose from, as well as 2-speed controls and a 9-foot power cord.



  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Ceramic and ionic technology


  • Pricey
  • Not for professional use

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim is another brand that has earned its stripes — it’s been around since the mid-‘40s. And it continues to deliver high-quality hair dryers.

The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer comes with a built-in silencer, a professional-grade AC motor, and ceramic technology. It also has low EMF emissions and a sleek, elegant design.

What we didn’t like about it is the weight. It weighs 2 pounds, which makes it quite heavy comparatively. Also, while you receive a lifetime warranty, you’ll have to pay the shipping fees to send it in for repairs. But since most hair dryers have somewhere around a two-year warranty, we can’t say this is a bad deal at all.


  • Quiet
  • Low EMF radiation
  • Ceramic technology


  • Shipping fees for repairs
  • Not great for travel
  • A bit heavy

Remington Pro Hair Dryer

Remington delivers some of the best budget-friendly products out there. While the Remington Pro Hair Dryer doesn’t come with any frills, it does come with a professional-grade AC motor.

It’s a heavy hair dryer, and the cord itself is a bit bulky. However, this product comes with all the standard accessories (concentrator and diffuser), and you have three heat settings to choose from.

All in all, this isn’t a hair dryer that’s meant to be used in hair salons. That said, if you’re on a tight budget and still want to get a long-lasting hair dryer, this product offers the best bang for your buck.


  • Ceramic and ionic technology
  • 4-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • A bit heavy
  • No dual voltage
  • Short cord

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

With three heat settings, ceramic and ionic technology, and a no-slip grip, the Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer is perfect for home use. Plus, it comes in two colors — black and pink.

It has a strong motor (1875 watts), especially for the price, which gives you better control over the heat settings and increases the lifespan of the product. It also comes with everything you need for fine hair, including a concentrator and a diffuser.

However, this product is made for home use only, and it shows: The dryer comes with a shorter cord and a bulkier design, which makes it harder to handle. The noise level can be problematic for some, but if you only use it for a few minutes at a time, you probably won’t be bothered by it.


  • Ceramic and ionic technology
  • Affordable
  • No-slip grip


  • Short cable
  • A bit heavy
  • Noisy

Revlon 1875 Watt Infrared Hair Dryer

This Revlon hair dryer boasts three layers of ceramic coating, tourmaline ionic technology, and infrared heat to avoid over-drying hair shafts. While it’s gentle with hair and doesn’t lead to any frizz, it does dry hair noticeably more slowly than top-of-the-line hair dryers.

But if you’re shopping on a budget and you don’t need those extra two minutes in the morning, and if you don’t need to hold it for hours (it’s a bit heavy), it’s an excellent bargain.

Plus, you aren’t making a compromise when it comes to accessories, as this product comes with a concentrator, diffuser, and long cord.


  • Ceramic and ionic technology
  • Long cord
  • Concentrator and diffuser


  • A bit heavy
  • No dual voltage
  • Slower drying

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Compact and lightweight, this hair dryer from BaByliss is ideal for traveling. It comes with dual voltage for international travel, enabling you to skip those low-quality hotel hair dryers, and it also has a long cord.

Despite being small and inexpensive, this dryer is surprisingly powerful. It’s made with titanium and comes with ionic technology. We love the compact design and the fact that it doesn’t overheat.

That said, this product has a lower wattage and may take longer to dry your hair than other models. We would’ve liked to see more than two heat settings, but at this price and with ionic technology included, there’s not all that much to gripe about.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Long cord
  • Ionic technology


  • No diffuser
  • Only 2 heat settings
  • Lower wattage

Related rankings

Is price an indicator of quality?

In some cases, price can be an indicator of quality. But overall, you’re better off looking at the following factors when deciding whether a hair dryer is worth the investment:

  • Heating elements
  • Wattage
  • Accessories included
  • Weight and ergonomics
  • Cord length
  • Design
  • Replaceable filter
  • Heat resistance
  • Type of motor

When it comes to heating elements, ceramic is usually better. But you can even find ceramic elements in inexpensive hair dryers.

However, with high-end brands, you won’t just find a more even heat distribution. You’ll also find hair dryers that are lighter and easier to work with.

If you have long hair and it takes more time for you to dry it, you should look for brands that sell hair dryers with heat resistance. This way, the handle won’t get too hot in your hands.

Wattage is another indicator of how efficient a hair dryer is. Higher wattage means more wind power and better heat control.

The type of motor is also a good indicator of how long your hair dryer will last and how much control you’ll have over the temperature and speed. AC motors, for example, are known to last longer than DC motors.

Finally, a hair dryer with a higher price tag usually comes with features such as an LCD display, more heat settings, and a coating that protects the product against breakage. While most hair dryers won’t survive a drop on bathroom tiles, one coated in rubber might.

To sum it up, a basic model might come with all the things needed to do the job without damaging your hair, but it will probably be bulkier, have poorer ergonomics, dry more slowly, and have a shorter lifespan.

If you blow dry your hair daily, it’s worth investing in a higher-end hair dryer. That said, if you only do it a couple times per week, even a budget brand hair dryer will last you a long time.

How would a professional dry my hair?

To replicate the same blowout experience that you get in a hair salon, you’ll need a microfiber towel, a few hair clips, and a moisturizing heat protection spray.

The first step is to get as much water out of your hair as you can by using a towel. Pat the towel gently on your hair without rubbing it or trying to detangle your hair. At this point, your hair is more prone to breaking, so avoid applying any unnecessary pressure to it.

Stay away from cotton towels. Instead, opt for microfiber, since it absorbs water faster.

The next step is to apply a heat protection spray on your hair strands. This will not only protect your hair from heat damage, but it will also add shine to it. As an added bonus, most heat protection sprays on the market these days also include sun protection.

After you’ve finished applying all the products, split the hair into sections using hair clips and gently dry the hair using a round brush. Use a hair dryer at 15 cm away from the hair shaft.

When you’re almost done, around 90% dry, switch to the cool shot. This will “lock in” your hairstyle and prevent the hair from overheating.

What are the best hair dryers for fine hair?

In this review, we feature quality hair dryers for all fine hair concerns and all budgets. We made sure to only select hair dryers that have a high chance of standing the test of time. Even the budget picks on our list have removable filters, so none of them will stop working when their filters get clogged.

Another concern was including both hair dryers for home use and professional use. A longer cord, higher heat resistance, stronger motor, and ergonomic design all make it easier for professionals to use the hair dryer for prolonged periods of time without experiencing fatigue or seeing poor results.

With all these considerations in mind, we chose the Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry as the top winner on our list of the best hair dryers for fine hair. This product comes with an LCD display and as many or more heat settings than any of the other hair dryers on the list. It will also last longer than most, since it has a clean filter indicator, a durable AC motor, and a rubber coating.

If you’re not sure the Paul Mitchell is the one you really want, be sure to take a look at our full list up above.

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