Best Ski Towns in America

RAVE Reviews has a question: “Do ski boots and snow goggles count as business casual attire? — Asking for a friend.” No, really, we’re asking for us. ‘Cause temperature are dropping and we can’t wait to go slice up some fresh powder.

Best New Year’s Eve Destinations

For many, New Year’s Eve is about fireworks and champagne. For others, it’s about having a nice meal. For still others, it’s about getting dressed up to go out dancing. And maybe for you, it’s about staying indoors with loved ones — or your cat — to watch an old movie. Ushering in the New […]

America’s 25 Most Festive Christmas Towns

Everyone at RAVE Reviews is wearing tinsel and jingle bells…we just can’t tell you where we’re wearing them. In other words, we love Christmas around here. Most people spend Christmas with their families. But have you ever considered taking a trip all on your own to celebrate the holiday? Whether traveling by yourself, with a […]

America’s 30 Best Halloween Towns

As the seasons change from summer to autumn, some people go straight for the red and green, the holly and the ivy, or the tinsel and jingle bells. But not us. At RAVE Reviews, when the air grows cold, we get spooky. The fat man in red is just going to have to wait. In […]

America’s Best Music Cities (and Most Underrated Venues)

We love live music here at RAVE Reviews. But what we love even more is experiencing a new band in a small, out-of-the-way venue. The kind that only locals know about — the darker and sweatier the better. Some might call these places dive bars, but at RAVE Reviews, we call them home.

Best Carousels in America

Carousels are a beautiful and historic part of the amusement park experience. With more artistry than the average ride, they can transport you and your family back in time. Here are 23 of the best carousels in the United States.