Finally! A chair that takes gaming as seriously as you do.

Our top choice for the best gaming chair is the Secretlab OMEGA

Strongly endorsed by professional esport leagues, and the chair of choice for the Worlds and League of Legends tournaments, this luxury chair offers maximum comfort, support, durability, and style. The PRIME PU leather upholstery is soft and easy to clean, but also four times as durable as regular PU leather. The integrated adjustable lumbar support feature allows you to adjust the backrest of the chair to accommodate your body type at the twist of a dial. The cradling memory foam padding is full-backed, leaving no part of the body unloved.

But even the best have their drawbacks. We cover the pros and cons of the Secretlab OMEGA and nine runners-up in our list below.

Best Gaming Chairs

It’s no secret that modern life is sedentary. People spend several hours a day (busily) sitting on their butts. We sit to learn, play, be lazy, and to work. Research shows the long-term health risks of a sedentary lifestyle. You’ve probably heard of them, but getting up and moving around is just part (albeit a vital part) of the solution.

The duration of time spent sitting is actually the least problematic factor. Most of the health risks involved with sitting have to do with bad posture, which can strain ligaments and muscles in your shoulders and lower back. When you stoop forward, you compress your lungs, which hurts circulation. Just as a poor chair can cause poor posture, a good chair can help it.

An hour in a bad chair is worse for your health than several hours in a gaming chair that offers lumbar and neck support, promotes good posture, and is generally comfortable. Gaming chairs are a different breed. These chairs are ergonomic, meaning they are designed specifically to meet the needs and preferences of gamers. These aren’t your typical ergonomic office chairs.

In this list, we give you a varied selection of chairs with top scores in health, comfort, and style. Whether you’re a casual PC gamer or an esports athlete, there’s something here for you.

The Gaming Chairs We RAVE About

Sit back and take your gaming to the next level with our top picks for the best gaming chairs:

Best Overall: Secretlab OMEGA

Designed for the stressful conditions and long hours of esport competitions, the Secretlab OMEGA might have the most extensive pedigree from the professional echelon of the gaming community. Luxuriant, easy to clean, and as durable as a plush tank, it might be overkill for daily use. But that’s the game.

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Best Bargain:: GTRACING Footrest Series GT004-RED

Designed for gamers by gamers, the GT004-RED is a thoughtfully designed product that won’t break the bank. Price aside, this chair combines both style and support in a way that makes it superior to pricier alternatives.

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Most Stylish: Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Edition Throttle Series

The throne of choice for the (troubled) king of YouTube’s gaming community, the Throttle Series might be the most famous chair on the internet. But it’s not all for looks. It offers total lumbar support and spinal alignment. Pricey? Sure. But who said beauty comes cheap?

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With so much time spent sitting in front of screens, more and more people need chairs that provide extreme comfort and support. For gamers, the standard is even higher.

While gaming started gaining popularity in the ‘80s, it has really only taken off in the last 20 years. And with the increase in gaming activity came an increase in demand for chairs that could accommodate players’ needs. Those demands involve health concerns, like lumbar support, neck support, and spinal alignment. But they also include ergonomic concerns, like a high back and wide but low armrests — features that gamers appreciate but others might not.

Getting the right chair is a bigger concern for gamers than your average Joe. Most adults have habits that require them to sit at a desk upwards of eight hours a day. And if you’re a gamer, you might transition directly from your desk to your console for a few gaming sessions. That’s a lot more sitting, so it’s good to think of your chair as a core piece of gaming gear.

Obviously, you should get up and get some exercise throughout the day. But as we’ve said, the more important concern is to have a high-quality chair that offers comforting support and promotes good posture. The duration of time spent sitting (while significant) is not nearly as significant as how you sit.

What makes gaming chairs different from office chairs

A gaming chair is not the same as a high-quality office chair. 

Today’s gaming chairs originated from chairs designed for racing games like “Need for Speed.” Specifically, bucket seats, or car seats contoured to fit one person. The idea was to replicate the experience of driving a sporty car. This idea not only gave gaming chairs a distinct look, but it included comfort and safety features characteristic of the driver’s seat in a sports car, such as padding on the sides with wide or flared armrests. These chairs are also designed to support your back and neck and cushion your arms while you play.

Since then, racing chair has become synonymous with gaming chair. These chairs are now used for all kinds of gaming — not just racing games.

Gaming chairs also permit more free movement than an office chair. People in an office are just typing. But many gamers are physically involved in the game — turning, tilting, leaning forward, starting back, etc. While sedentary, most gamers are anything but still. The best gaming chairs compensate for gamers’ movements. They swivel, recline, cushion all edges, etc.

When you’re done moving, a good gaming chair reclines into a default sitting position that aligns the spine and supports the back and neck. Racing style gaming chairs have more adjustment features than your average desk chair. Not every gamer has the same build, and adjustable armrests, back, height, etc. all conspire to make your gaming sessions as customized as possible.

These chairs aren’t just built for comfort and support. Today, most gaming chairs include a variety of features that can enhance your gaming experience. From total adjustability to built-in speakers and more, these chairs are built with gamers in mind.

What features to look for in a gaming chair

When you purchase a new gaming chair, there are a lot of things to consider. The first is, for what will you be using it? If you’re only using it for gaming, you might want a rocker style that sits low to the ground. If you’re going to use it for office work as well as gaming, opt for a more low-profile traditional style.

Also, consider who will be using it. If you are going to share your chair with other users, choose one that is fully adjustable. Look for chairs that can be raised and lowered, and have adjustable armrests and head pillow placement to fit different body types.

Finally, consider the type of gaming you will be doing. If you’re into PC gaming, you might prefer a more traditional style. If you game online, stream your gaming session, or upload your gaming sessions to YouTube, you should prioritize style and maneuverability.

Aren’t all gaming chairs the same?

While a lot of gaming chairs have similar features and designs, they are by no means all the same. A lot can vary from model to model, including overall quality, level of comfort, style, design, and cost. As you pick out a chair, consider all the features, pros, cons, and uses before you buy. 

Luckily for you, we did the hard work for you. Our list breaks down all the top features of each chair and points out the highs and lows as well.

Some chairs are best suited for small body types, while others are ideal for the big-and-tall types. Decide what you’ll be using the chair for and what features are most important to you. Is the price a factor? Or is comfort the ultimate goal? From under $100 to upwards of $2000, there’s a gaming chair suited to every budget and need. Now you just need to decide which one to get!


How did we find the best gaming chairs out there? The results of these reviews came from cross-referencing product tests (by both companies and individuals), applying critical analytics to hundreds of customer experiences, researching the policies, principles, credentials, and methodologies of manufacturers, and also citing esport authorities on particular brands. In short, we strived to put ourselves in your position. The only difference is that we did the research for you.

Below are the criteria we prioritized to compile this list:

  • Health: Does the chair promote good posture? Does it offer lumbar support? Can it recline, if necessary? Does the manufacturer consider your long-term health?
  • Style: The chair is part of a larger ensemble of gaming gear. Style is as much a consideration as function.
  • Comfort: Can you enjoy yourself without developing painful pressure points? Discomfort is a distraction the world of gaming can’t forgive. 
  • Company policies: Does the company offer a warranty? If so, how long is it? Is shipping free? What about returns?
  • Positive reviews: Once we get past the marketing jargon, how are the actual experiences of buyers? Are they positive?

The Best Gaming Chairs

  1. Secretlab OMEGA

    Secretlab might be the most recognizable brand for gamers who follow esport championships. Naz Aletaha, the Head of Global Esports Partnerships, selected Secretlab chairs for the competitors during Worlds and League of Legends tournaments. Few chairs have such an extensive pedigree from the professional echelon of the gaming community.

    The luxuriant PU leather upholstery is soft, durable, and easy to clean. The integrated adjustable lumbar support feature allows you to adjust the backrest of the chair to accommodate your body type at the twist of a dial. The cradling memory foam padding is full-backed, leaving no part of the body unloved.

    The OMEGA is Secretlab’s flagship product and its enduring classic, even with more recent updated versions like the Titan. The OMEGA is heavy-duty — built to withstand the stressful conditions and long hours of esport competitions, which might make it a bit overkill for daily use. But gamers only look into Secretlab when they want products that exceed industry standards.

    • Adjustable lumbar support
    • Compression-resistant foam
    • Fully adjustable armrests
    • High neck pillow placement
    • Pricey
    Shop Secretlab OMEGA
  2. GTRACING Footrest Series GT004-RED

    GTRACING is run by a team of engineers, designers, and technology experts who are also obsessive gamers. They make products for gamers by gamers, which keeps them in touch with what gamers want. Few brands are as ergonomically minded.

    The GT004-RED in their Footrest Series is hands down one of the most affordable gaming chairs on the market. And yet, it is a thoughtfully designed product that gamers are sure to appreciate. The backrest and seat — together with a removable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow — perfectly align your neck and spine comfortably for long sitting periods. 

    Aside from the enticing price tag, the GT004-RED also shines in style. The black, red, and white patterned vinyl looks great in a YouTube video. It conveys a seriousness and professionalism which the gaming community expects of experts. 

    • 360-degree swivel seat
    • Adjustable footrest
    • Extremely affordable
    • Difficult to tilt back
    • Footrest can be flimsy
    • Thin seat cushioning
    Shop GTRACING Footrest Series GT004-RED
  3. Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Edition Throttle Series

    Pewdiepie is as controversial as he is popular. But this is a review of gaming chairs, not gamers. Whatever your opinion might be of the king of YouTube gaming, you can’t deny that Clutch Chairz has designed an iconic and high-quality product. 

    Not only is this model in the Throttle Series the most famous chair on YouTube, but it is every bit as luxurious. This is the Rolls-Royce of gaming chairs — with a price tag to match. Every inch of this chair is excessive. The sturdy precision-welded internal frame is made of heavy gauge steel. The premium PU leather upholstery is handcrafted and can be mistaken for genuine leather.

    Luxuriant much? You bet. But in the gaming world, sometimes that’s what you need to stand out. The black and red design on the classy wingback will frame your head beautifully while you stream online.

    • Three-year warranty
    • Soft premium upholstery
    • Handcrafted workmanship
    • Extremely pricey
    • Excessively luxuriant design
    • Controversial association
    Shop Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Edition Throttle Series
  4. DXRacer FD101/N

    The modern gaming chair originated from racing chairs designed for games like “Need for Speed.” Today the terms racing chair and gaming chair are interchangeable. But the DXRacer FD101/N is deeply in touch with its roots.

    DXRacer got its start in 2001 as a seat manufacturer for luxury sports cars. It didn’t start designing and manufacturing gaming chairs until 2006, and was the first to do so, enshrining its brand as the classic standard. Today, it continues to lead the industry with an innovative product lineup.

    The DXRacer FD101/N is molded from high-quality materials and includes a sturdy frame, high-density foam, strong breathable fabrics, and a faux leather cover. It offers support and protection for your spine, neck, shoulders, and wrists. No wonder it’s the popular choice of well-known teams like Dignitas and Fnatic.

    • Exceptional lumbar support
    • Adjustable armrests and back
    • Lifetime warranty for frame
    • Armrests aren’t well padded
    • Stiff and difficult to recline
    • Pricey
    Shop DXRacer FD101/N
  5. Ergohuman ME7ERG Chair

    Let’s step back. Many gamers prefer a chair with versatility — a chair they will use for both the office and gaming sessions. The ME7ERG Chair by Ergohuman offers a seamless transition. While it leaves much to be desired in style, in practicality this chair can endure long periods of sitting.

    And as far as style goes, it’s not all bad. Sleek and modern, the ME7ERG Chair builds on the desk chair with ergonomic features like a high back and headrest. The chair back, armrests, and seat are adjustable to accommodate any height or size all day. The mesh is available in six different colors: black, blue, red, gray, orange, or green.

    Whether you are sitting upright or reclining back, the sturdy design offers comfortable support. This chair is a versatile, functional, and fully adjustable option that can flow between the office and the gaming station. If you’re aiming for simplicity and practicality, this is your ride.

    • Fully adjustable
    • Breathable mesh
    • Extremely versatile
    • On the pricey side
    • Uncomfortably firm seat
    • Uninspired style
    Shop Ergohuman ME7ERG Chair
  6. Cougar Armor Titan Pro

    Cougar is a one-stop shop for all gaming gear. In principle, you could start with nothing but a console and television and get a professional-level ensemble in one visit. Headsets, gaming desks, game-conscious keyboards, even mice — they have it all. The Armor Titan Pro is not an anime reference, it’s their flagship gaming chair.

    The first thing to say about this chair is that — true to its name — it is large. Expansive, even. Though it’s contoured like a bucket seat, it could fit more than one person, making it a good choice for large or heavy gamers. Along the same lines, the high back is filled with high-density foam, which some gamers might find too firm. 

    This luxurious and comfortable chair looks out of place in the office. It is an ergonomic chair fully committed to gaming. Available in orange and black, or all black with gold logos, the Armor Titan Pro is adjustable, features 4D armrests, and can even recline 170 degrees. The internal steel frame is lightweight and durable.

    • Easy to adjust and move
    • 170-degree recliner
    • Sleek yet breathable cover
    • Sits low to the ground
    • Seat isn’t super soft
    • A bit pricey
    Shop Cougar Armor Titan Pro
  7. X Rocker Pro Series

    Toss off the casters. The X Rocker Pro Series is a stationary chair: It isn’t easy to wheel around between the office and the living room. The X Rocker is not only an all-in gaming chair, but it is committed to a certain type of gaming. The rocking chair-inspired ergonomic design favors a laid-back approach to back support. This isn’t one of your PC gaming chairs. It favors the console and some distance from the action.

    The X Rocker is nothing if not distinctive. It is compatible with various consoles and home theater systems, includes a headphone jack, and even a subwoofer and speakers on the back. This is a high end, high back chair that knows gaming is for fun, not just competition.

    The X Rocker is difficult to move, which makes it best for video games. It is totally foldable and the tilt mechanism is user-friendly. While you might need to purchase a lumbar pillow separately for added back support, the X Rocker relaxes rather than strains your back and muscles.

    • Easy to assembly and store
    • Wireless capability
    • Built-in subwoofer
    • Heavy
    • Fixed armrests
    • Not very supportive
    Shop X Rocker Pro Series
  8. Noblechairs ICON

    The modern gaming chair is modeled after the contoured bucket seats of luxury sports cars, and most modern gaming chairs try to stay in touch with these roots. But now and then, one brand looks ahead to the next evolutionary stage of the gaming chair. Enter right: the Noblechairs ICON.

    The Noblechairs ICON represents a new breed of gaming chair. First, it is versatile, and arguably the best video gaming chair, the best PC gaming chair, and the best desk chair. Second, the aesthetic is toned down. Less flashy, more down-to-business. It includes multiple color options, but it has clearly abandoned the sporty stripes and streaks. This is a fresh aesthetic for gamers — not for racers.

    The Noblechairs ICON takes gaming to a new level. But it is also ideal for office use. It boasts exceptional features like tilting, removable support cushions, and height and backrest adjustments. Available in PU leather, real leather, and even napa leather (again, not an anime reference), the Noblechair knows what gamers want.

    The frame is solidly built with strong wheels and a good gas-lift. The 4D armrests offer maximum adjustability across four dimensions: horizontally, laterally, vertically (height), and also tilt mechanism to get just the right angle.

    • 4D armrests
    • Breathable fabrics
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Controls are hard to reach
    • Backrest is too firm
    • Difficult to assemble
    Shop Noblechairs ICON
  9. Homall S Racer

    For first-time buyers looking for an upgrade from their office or computer chairs, the Homall S Racer deserves some attention. For the price, the S Racer is — you guessed it — a racing style chair with good build quality. The sleek design comes in a combination of colors: white, red, blue, or all black.

    The ergonomic design provides good lateral support and weight distribution. The upholstery is made of PU leather, which is made from split leather coated with polyurethane. PU leather is soft, breathable, conforms to the body nicely, and is easy to clean. 

    The metal frame and bearing are constructed from an aluminum mixture. While lightweight and reinforced, it also makes the chair less durable and more prone to breaking. The aluminum/plastic casters, especially, fit loosely. However, this comfortable chair comes with an ergonomic design, style, and affordability that make it a good first purchase before you move on to something with higher quality.

    • Height adjustment capability
    • Painless gaming experience
    • Budget-friendly
    • Not long-lasting
    • The mesh material may tear
    • Pieces fit loosely: may wiggle
    Shop Homall S Racer
  10. Steelcase Leap

    If you are looking for comfort and don’t care too much about flashy aesthetics, the Steelcase Leap is the chair for you. It offers tons of adjustable features to get just the right level of comfort. It looks like a plain old office chair, but actually provides a lot of support for gaming.

    The biggest perk of the Leap is its adjustability and surprising maneuverability. If you are an especially active gamer — meaning that you move excitedly during a game, not necessarily that you game frequently — give this glorified desk chair a look. Though it’s more of a computer chair than an ergonomic gaming chair, it has more versatility than most competitors.

    The high price tag reflects the durable high-quality build. You could hit this thing with your car and it would hurt it as much as a respawn. With a solid build, the Leap enjoys a low-profile design, making it easy to transfer between your office, living room, and entertainment room. If you plan to share your chair with multiple people — who may or may not also be gamers — give this one a look.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Easily adjustable
    • Durable for bigger gamers
    • Extremely pricey
    • Little lumbar support
    • No neck support
    Shop Steelcase Leap

What are the long-term health risks of gaming?

There are multiple reputed risks to gaming, including jeopardizing social, dietary, or psychological health. We won’t get into those. Most of these claims are baseless, despite disproportionate public concern. 

However, the primary and very real health risk of gaming is its contribution to a sedentary lifestyle. Again, it would not be nearly so problematic if gaming accounted for most of the sitting you do on an average day. 

But most gamers begin a gaming session after already spending several hours on their butts at work or school. In fact, your job might be worse for your health than actual gaming, which exacerbates the problem. If your lifestyle is active — for example, if your job requires you to be on your feet for most of the shift — the health concerns for you are minimal.

The first symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle are achy or stiff joints and muscles, particularly in the elbows, legs, and neck. Your skin, ligaments, and muscles are elastic and made to be stretched now and then. The human body simply isn’t designed to sit still all day. Aches and stiffness are the results of poor circulation, where certain parts of your body aren’t getting the oxygen they need. Over time, the problem can become aggravated and lead to injury.

The second health risk has to do with bad posture. A lot of people sit with a curved back and slumped shoulders, putting abnormal strain on the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the spine. Over time, this strain can lead to severe wear and tear and chronic back pain.

A hunched posture also compresses the lungs. This isn’t particularly dangerous, but it does mean your lungs can’t expand to capacity, limiting your oxygen intake and slowing your circulation to an ooze. This issue can also cause aches and pains, but it also leads to headaches and decreased alertness.

The severe risks of a sedentary life, most of which can be abetted with a chair that promotes good posture, are long-term. According to John Hopkins Medicine, a sedentary lifestyle is connected to obesity, anxiety, depression, as well as certain forms of cardiovascular heart disease and even cancer.

What are ANSI/BIFMA standards?

As you shop for gaming chairs, you will probably come across products that flash an ANSI/BIFMA certification. What is it, and what does it mean? 

Most industries these days have a unique set of production standards to ensure the quality and safety of products before they can be sold. These standards are often low, so sometimes there are additional certifications or safety and performance standards that are managed by independent institutions or trade associations.

As the ANSI/BIFMA website states, “the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) serves North American furniture manufacturers, their suppliers, and customers by developing voluntary safety and performance standards utilizing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) consensus process.” Most Americans take the safety (or performance claims) of their furniture for granted. An ANSI/BIFMA approval statement or certification means the chair is high-quality and lives up to the marketing claims.

When it comes to gaming chairs, an ANSI/BIFMA certification guarantees the chair is ergonomic. That is, it not only is well-built and isn’t likely to collapse under you, but it also promotes good posture, offers lumbar support, and meets any other ergonomic claims made by the manufacturer.

What are the best gaming chairs?

When you purchase a gaming chair, consider personal factors like height, weight, and size. Once you have those on hand, you’re clear to advance.

If you want a classic model, look no further than the DXRacer FD101/N. This is an improved version of the original gaming chair, deeply connected with its roots in the industry of luxury sports car seats. Stylish and sturdy, it offers cradling support for your spine, neck, shoulders, and even your wrists. This chair is a popular choice. In fact, when most people think about gaming chairs, what they picture is the DXRacer.

If you want a chair that is designed for gamers by gamers, consider the GTRACING Footrest Series GT004-RED. GTRACING is run by a team of engineers, designers, and technology experts who are also obsessive gamers, keeping them in touch with what gamers need and want. Few brands are as laser-focused. The result is a thoughtfully designed product which perfectly aligns your neck and spine — and it includes a footrest for added support!

Want to become the next YouTube gaming sensation? Take a cue from the pros and get the Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Edition Throttle Series. This chair might be the most famous on the internet, and it deserves every syllable of praise. It’s the Rolls-Royce of gaming chairs — with a price tag to match. Every inch of this chair is excessive, but sometimes that is what it takes to stand out. If your aim is style — which a must for building an online presence — this chair is for you.

Maybe you’re a more practical gamer. Maybe you want a chair you can use in both the office and the gaming station. When it comes to versatility, look no further than the Ergohuman ME7ERG Chair. Sure, it’s not flashy, but this chair is all-purpose, high-functioning, and fully adjustable, and it can easily flow between the office and the gaming station. If you want simplicity and practicality, this is your ride.

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