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The 10 Best Weighted Blankets

We do not take the importance of weighted blankets lightly. 

After many sleepless nights, we’ve confirmed the Weighted Blanket by Baloo should be a buyer’s first choice when it comes to picking the best weighted blanket. You might find weighted blankets that perform better in certain categories — coolness, softness, etc. — but nothing scores as high in every category and still arrives at such a competitive price. Durable, machine washable, cool, thoughtfully designed, and did we mention gorgeous? Still not convinced? Maybe you should sleep on it.

You might be hearing about weighted blankets for the first time, but they are not a new invention. Beginning in the early 20th century, they first appeared in hospitals and care centers to treat children with severe autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In time, weighted blankets would be used by adults to alleviate symptoms associated with insomnia and anxiety.

However, the weighted blanket isn’t just for individuals with these issues. It imitates how human beings used to sleep before light-weight textiles. Even if you don’t have anxiety or autism, a weighted blanket could improve and deepen your sleep. While there were many attempts to do so, the weighted blanket didn’t become mainstream until the company Gravity launched their product with some savvy marketing in 2018.

The range and variety of weighted blankets on the market now is almost too much to sort through. That’s why we did your homework for you. Our buyer’s guide to the best weighted blankets hits all the major points. Every item on this list is an excellent product — we don’t waste time reviewing poor ones. You can’t go wrong with any of these options. The only question is, which one is best for you?

The Weighted Blankets We RAVE About

Baloo’s Weighted Blanket
Best Overall
Baloo’s Weighted Blanket
YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket
Best for Kids
YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket
Deluxe Weighted Blanket
Best Price
Chilla Deluxe Weighted Blanket

The Science of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets first appeared as a therapeutic measure for individuals with autism or ADHD. Since going into the mainstream markets, they have been used to alleviate symptoms associated with more general health issues like anxiety and insomnia. At first, therapists observed that their patients enjoyed the “hugging” sensation of weighted blankets. The sense of security it provided improved sleep, though this was not tested until recently.

In one study, Swedish scientists at the University of Gothenburg conducted experiments to learn if weighted blankets could treat insomnia. 31 adults slept with weighted blankets for two weeks while electrodes measured their brain and muscle activity. Results showed the participants moved less in their sleep and slept “deeper” mentally. Participants also slept longer and with fewer disturbances. All reported they slept better than usual.

It remains unclear why, exactly, weighted blankets have this effect. It may be traced to our childhood — a memory of being bundled up in mother’s arms. Or it may simply mimic how human beings have traditionally slept before factories arose which churned out mass-produced lightweight textiles.

It may be the case that all of us, without weighted blankets, are sleeping abnormally.

Weighted Blankets Are for Everyone

Ever had that dream? You know, the one when you are trying to run or walk, but your toes can barely graze the ground? There are many versions of the dream, but many people have had it. In some versions, the dreamer is becoming weightless. In others, they are underwater. In any event, their feet have no purchase. They have no gravitas. If you have ever been disturbed by this dream more than once, you might be someone who would benefit from a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are designed to provide a sensation known as grounding. This occurs when moderate force is applied to the body, pushing it further into the sleeping surface. Those who enjoy this sensation don’t describe it as grounded. To them, it just means being cozy, bundled, or “snug.”

In fact, if cozybundled, or snug are words that comfort you, a weighted blanket might be a dream come true (or a bad dream avoided).

Subconsciously, weighted blankets promote a sense of safety. No one burrows under a heavy blanket without feeling shielded from the outside world. This tricks the brain into producing hormones like melatonin which can relax the body, calm the nervous system, and moderate the natural sleep cycle.

But all that sciency talk just confirms what people already know: Sleepers often feel more safe, cozy, and relaxed under a heavy blanket. This promotes a more rejuvenating and undisturbed sleep. Weighted blankets aren’t just for individuals with anxiety, ADHD, autism, or PTSD. It might be able to deepen and prolong your sleep, whoever you are.

Misconceptions about Weighted Blankets

Since Gravity Blankets brought weighted blankets into the mainstream in 2018, a number of misconceptions about weighted blankets have emerged. Let’s set the record straight and separate fact from fiction.

Misconception #1: The weight of the blanket doesn’t matter

Most manufacturers have more than one weight option for you to choose from. Not only does it matter which you choose — it is the most important choice you need to make. The most popular weight is 20 lbs, but you should select a blanket that is about 10-15% of your bodyweight. 

But even this is a loose estimate. You might be more comfortable with a blanket in the 20-25% range, or lower in the 5-10% range. Experiment a bit and find your cozy place. While doing so, remember the weight/size ratio. Obviously, a 20 lb queen-size blanket is going to distribute the weight more widely than a 20 lb twin-size blanket. The latter will condense the weight and feel heavier.

Misconception #2: Weighted blankets sleep warmer

There’s some truth to this one. As might be expected, weighted blankets tend to run thick. They are also made of dense materials that distribute heat poorly. However, more recent models have found ways to overcome this flaw.

Here are a few hot takes: Consider what material is being used to weigh the blanket. Glass tends to sleep cooler than plastic poly-pellets, so avoid the latter if you can. Blankets with minky or braided duvets also promote airflow more effectively. Materials like wool and viscose bamboo also naturally wick away moisture, which help them thermoregulate.

Misconception #3: Weighted blankets are only for patients with ADHD, anxiety, or autism

Hopefully, by this point I’ve made this case clear: Weighted blankets may help you sleep better, no matter who you are. While they were originally designed for patients with ADHD and autism, they have been found effective at promoting a deeper, longer, and more relaxed sleep in general for all users.


The results of this review came from cross-referencing product tests (both by companies and individuals), applying critical analytics to hundreds of customer experiences, researching the policies, principles, credentials, and methodologies of manufacturers, and also citing “sleep authorities” on particular brands. In short, we have strived to put ourselves in the position of customers. The only difference is we’ve done the research for them.

Below are the criteria we looked for when compiling this list:

  • Health: Hypoallergenic, anti-toxic, flame retardant, and antimicrobial mattresses will be given favor.
  • Durability: You want a weighted blanket that can take years of abuse and cycles in the washing machine without tearing or fading.
  • Size: Weighted blankets that are available in more than one size will be given favor.
  • Weight: Weighted blanket that are available in more than one weight will be given favor.
  • Softness: Weight alone doesn’t cut it. Customers need to enjoy snuggling with their products.
  • Weight distribution: Weighted blankets that evenly distribute their weight and require zero to minimal fluffing or adjusting will be given favor.
  • Coolness: Weighted blankets have a reputation for trapping moisture and redistributing heat poorly, so favor will be given to products that overcome this flaw.
  • Fair price: Favor will be given to products which have a price proportionate to (or lower than) their quality.
  • Sleep trial: The longer the sleep trial, the more we will favor the product.
  • Eco-friendly: Companies that demonstrate environmentally conscious practices will be given favor.

The Best Weighted Blankets


Baloo’s Weighted Blanket

The Weighted Blanket by Baloo might seem like a surprise top pick. It’s not as established as YnM or Gravity brands, but Baloo holds its own. After the alluring price tag, the next thing to notice about the Baloo weighted blanket is the exceptionally high ratings and glowing consumer feedback.

But read carefully. You will see the most satisfied buyers tend to be those with depression and anxiety for whom a good sleep is a nightly challenge. That sets a high bar. And Baloo consistently meets it with a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing design. The blanket is weighed with tiny glass beads. The quilted design ensures the weight is distributed evenly and you won’t need to adjust during the night.

Unlike most weighted blankets, the Baloo is not too thick, so it doesn’t get too hot. It comes in 1 color (white) and equals the dimensions of a queen-size duvet (60” x 80”). Not only that, but it is machine washable and dryer safe, making this weighted blanket the most low-maintenance product on our list! It is available in 2 weights (15 lb and 20 lb).


  • Competitive price
  • Low maintenance
  • 30-day return policy


  • Only 2 weight options

The Napper

Most of the products on this list look like they’re from the space age. The designs are complex, the (allegedly lab-tested) promises enticing. But why do we assume something is better just because it happens to look cutting edge? If what you want is a decent weighted blanket, why does it need to be modeled on the future portrayed in The Jetsons?

Once you get past all the hyped-up marketing, tradition can make its case. The Napper is a hand-woven blanket made of nothing but organic cotton. That’s it. But despite its simplicity, The Napper weighted blanket manages by nature what other weighted blankets attempt to do by design. And it does it better.

The Napper is cotton-soft. The knitting makes it breathable and allows the blanket to drape across the body beautifully — resulting in an even distribution of weight which requires no adjusting. It is available in 3 weights (15 Ib, 20 Ib, and 25 lb) as well as 7 colors. The size (45” × 72”) makes it smaller than a twin-sized duvet (84” x 110”), but you won’t want to share it anyhow.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable


  • On the small side

The New Gravity Cooling Blanket

Occupational therapists were using weighted blankets for years to help treat patients with sensory processing disorders or autism. Yet this product, manufactured by Gravity, broke the weighted blanket into the mainstream as a general treatment for stress and anxiety. It is, for all intents and purposes, the “classic” weighted blanket.

The New Cooling Blanket is a modified version of the original. It comes with three new features: glass beads instead of plastic poly-pellets, a faux tencel duvet cover instead of the original polyester/spandex blend, and the option of purchasing it in white or navy, not only gray. These changes overcome many of the faults of (and any complaints about) the original.

Gravity is a time-honored brand with an enthusiastic following. It’s not easy being the first, yet Gravity’s willingness to adapt ensures their place among the best weighted blankets. The New Cooling Blanket is a bit smaller than a twin (72″ x 48″) and is available in three weights (15 lb, 20 lb, and 25 lb).


  • Classic brand
  • Machine washable duvet cover
  • 30-day return policy


  • Pricey

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

No manufacturer sells more weighted blankets on Amazon than YnM. Yet, out of their many types of weighted blankets, this particular product is perfect for kids.

The duvet cover is made of 600-thread count bamboo viscose. This is not only better for the environment, but it is entirely non-toxic and antimicrobial. This makes the blanket a healthy choice, especially for sensitive sleepers or children with allergies. Plus, it’s machine washable. And it’s silky-soft, able to regulate temperature much better than cotton. Rest assured, your child’s rest is assured.

Remember our rule of thumb: A weighted blanket should be around 10% of the sleeper’s body weight. This is why the VnM is such a great choice for kids, because it is available in up to 10 different weights (starting at 7 lb) and comes in multiple sizes. However, we do not recommend a weighted blanket for individuals under 50 lb.


  • Competitively priced
  • Machine washable
  • Healthy and cool


  • Few color options
  • Reports of odd smell

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket

Premium Weighted Blanket

A customer favorite, this product by Quility comes with extremely high Amazon reviews and expert approval. It is comprised of 7 layers which (as the name suggests) are quilted so that the hypoallergenic glass beads are evenly dispersed. Buyers have multiple options for size, color, and weight (from 5 lb to 25 lb).

Whether you’re looking for something to drape on a couch or across a queen-sized bed, the Quility is a great choice if you are looking into weighted blankets for the first time. The Quility includes an ultra-soft “minky” duvet cover which can be removed for washing or to cool off on hot nights.

While prices vary depending on size and weight, the Quility seldom costs a fraction of other weighted blankets with the same quality. In fact, Joe Auer, founder of Mattress Clarity, says, “The stitching makes it one of the more durable weighted blankets.” For sleepers on a budget, this is the most affordable choice.


  • Competitively priced
  • Highly reviewed
  • Excellent quality


  • No warranty info
  • Reports of bead redistribution

Chilla Deluxe Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have a reputation for sleeping hot. This is especially the case for products which use plastic poly-pellets instead of cooler materials like glass. Manufactured by Chilla, the Deluxe Weighted Blanket proves the exception to this rule like a dream.

First of all, the Chilla is insanely durable. Buyers who share a home with pets and kids testify to how well it stands up under duress. As if to prove the point, both the external (and removable) duvet cover and the weighted inner layer are machine washable.

The specially designed minky duvet cover is not only downy soft, but it allows air to flow through the fabric. This wicks away moisture and promotes a cool sleep without giving you any chills. The Chilla is one of the most popular and highly reviewed weighted blankets on Amazon. At an affordable price, the Chilla comes in 2 weights (15 lbs and 20 lbs), 3 colors, and 1 size (60” x 80”).


  • Competitively priced
  • Highly durable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Few weight options
  • Few size options

Reviv Weighted Blanket

Reviv is a Kickstarter project. This is good news and bad news. It’s good news because the design and quality reflects the thoughtfulness and passion of a few ambitious individuals. It’s bad news because you won’t receive your product until months after purchasing — and there’s already a waiting list.

That said, the Reviv might be worth the “weight.” As they state on their website, the Reviv is the first weighted blanket to be made entirely of Lyocell Bamboo. Not only does this mean that the fabric feels silkier and sleeps cooler, but it is also the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to manufacture textiles.

Bamboo is naturally thermoregulated and hypoallergenic. It also looks magnificent on a bed, even without a duvet cover. The Reviv comes in 5 colors, 4 weight options (12 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs), and 1 size (60” x 80”).


  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cool and healthy


  • Limited supply
  • No duvet cover
  • Late delivery for purchases

H&H Weighted Blanket

How do weighted blankets achieve their weight? Some use beads of glass. Cheaper versions use plastic poly-pellets. Others like the Napper trust in natural high-density materials. The weighted blanket by Holden & Hay might be the most unusual on this list. It is weighed with shredded, recycled, machine-washable denim.

Not only does this reduce textile waste, but it results in a more soft, plush, quiet, and equally-distributed weighted blanket. The external duvet cover is a Merino wool blend. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, flame retardant, and thermoregulating. Plus, the duvet comes with a wide selection of (15) colors and prints ranging from stripes to Pendleton-esque geometric patterns.

The H&H comes in 2 sizes (54″ x 72″ and 43″ x 56″). The larger size is available in 2 weights (15 lbs and 20 lbs) and the smaller in 1 weight (8 lbs). Every item is hand-made in the USA.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Multiple design options
  • Antimicrobial


  • Sleeps warm
  • A bit pricey
  • Few weight options

The Mela Comfort Weighted Blanket

The Mela is what I like to call a “lowest-common denominator product.” Basically, it studies trends and then limits its production to only best-selling categories. Available in 3 weights (15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb) and 3 sizes (twin, queen, king) in 1 purple-gray color, the Mela offers the least while hitting the widest consumer base.

That’s not a bad thing. If anything, it means you are more likely to appreciate this product. The Mela puts a big premium on softness. In fact, that seems to be its key selling point. Made entirely of cotton, the blanket is breathable and contains a luxurious polyfill cushioning. This silences the motion of the hypoallergenic glass beads and promotes airflow.

But it’s not all about the blanket. Mela Comfort partners with Mental Health America. They donate a portion of each purchase to research in mental health and therapy. Now that would help anyone sleep better at night!


  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Machine washable
  • Free shipping (in U.S.)


  • A bit pricey
  • Few weight options
  • Reported problems with shipping

CuteKing Weighted Blanket

CuteKing Weighted Blanket

The CuteKing blankets are a top pick for sleepers on a budget. To help bring the price down, the CuteKing does not include a duvet cover. However, this could dramatically shorten the overall cleanliness and lifespan of your blanket. You should consider purchasing your own separately.

That said, the CuteKing is available in a wide range of sizes (from individual throw to king-sized beds) and weights (from 10 lb to 25 lb). This is a bare-bones blanket with a price tag to match. And if you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days, no questions asked. And for the first three years after purchase, the manufacturer will provide free mending!

This policy seems to lend credibility to the most common complaints from buyers. It’s a common story, that after a few weeks post-purchase customers awake with tiny glass beads strewn across their beds. While most customers seem happy with their purchases, the CuteKing does not rank as well as others in durability.


  • 30-night sleep trial
  • Competitively prices
  • Many weight options


  • Not very durable
  • Sleeps a bit hot
  • No duvet cover

1. Can weighted blankets cure ADHD, autism, anxiety, and more?

No. When weighted blankets were first invented, they were a single element in a broader treatment program for individuals with ADHD and autism. They were known to relax patients, which helped them sleep better. Despite how effective they might be at treating patients, weighted blankets have never been known to cure these illnesses and disorders.

As if to prove that weighted blankets cure nothing, they are now used to treat a broad range of conditions. Beyond ADHD and autism, they are currently recommended to individuals with anxiety, depression, sensory processing disorders, insomnia, and even PTSD. Weighted blankets are less a miracle cure than a sort of ibuprofen for the brain.

2. Are weighted blankets only for individuals with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and PTSD?

No. While they have their origins as a form of treatment for individuals with ADHD and autism, this doesn’t mean weighted blankets are useless for the general population. Weighted blankets are not prescriptive. Like ibuprofen, they are available for anyone who can find comfort in them.

Before the weighted blanket, Temple Grandin, an animal scientist, invented the “hug box” for autistic people like herself. She got the idea when she noticed the cattle on her cousin’s ranch relaxed when they walked through a narrow chute. The hug box was designed to imitate the “deep pressure stimulation” of a hug, which comforted and relaxed patients. 

But the cattle, which Grandin observed relaxing in narrow chutes, were not autistic — in fact, psychologically healthy people might have enjoyed the hug box as much as autistic patients! What Grandin discovered — the calming effects of deep pressure stimulation — was not something unique to autism, but something human beings generally enjoy, and that has special applications for the treatment of autistic individuals.

3. How do I choose the correct weight?

The most popular weight for any weighted blanket is 20 lbs. But you should select a blanket that is about 10-15% of your bodyweight. Still, this is just a rule of thumb. The real measure is your comfort level. You might be more comfortable with a blanket that is 20-25% your bodyweight, or lower in the 5-10% range. Experiment a bit and find your cozy place.

When selecting the weight for your blanket, remember to account for the weight/size ratio. A 20 lb queen-size blanket is going to distribute the weight more widely than a 20 lb twin-size blanket. Meanwhile, the latter will condense the weight over less square-footage, so it will feel heavier when you crawl under it. Make sure you take this ratio into account when making your purchase.

4. What are the best weighted blankets?

Every individual has their own idea of comfort. While we can suggest rules which tend to apply generally, it is up to you to know what helps you relax and feel safe. The best weighted blankets apply deep pressure stimulation and create a calming sense of grounding. For most, these blankets weight around 10-15% of their body-weight, but exceptions to this abound.

The best weighted blankets distribute their weight evenly. If they are weighed with glass beads or plastic poly-pellets, the blankets is designed to prevent these somehow from moving around or collecting in bunches. This seeps the weight of the blanket off the front of the body and along the sides, which reduces deep pressure stimulation. If this happens, the blanket may require adjusting during the night.

The best weighted blankets sleep cool, drape beautifully (not stiffly), and can be paired with a duvet cover. Hopefully, it’s included! A duvet cover dramatically promotes cleanliness and prolongs the lifespan of your blanket. The size of the blanket will vary, depending on your needs. 

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Think of a weighted blanket as just one, essential part of a much larger sleep-enhancing picture. It’s irreplaceable, but a substantial sleep package requires more than just a blanket. Maximize the number of undisturbed nights by looking at these other sleep-related products.

  • Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Boost the softness (or firmness) of your mattress by adding a topper. It’s like a mini-mattress, but it’s usually more affordable.
  • Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow: What good is a mattress without pillows that match in quality? These are the most cooling you are likely to find!
  • Mr. Beams Nightlight: An essential for every child’s bedroom, Mr. Beam’s Nightlight can be stuck anywhere. Its glow will be enough to comfort your child without keeping them awake!
  • Ergonomic Sleep Mask: This light-blocking sleeping mask is made for both women and men. Its 3D contoured “super soft,” comfortable, and adjustable nighttime mask uses Best Blinder memory foam and comes with a blindfold for travel with purchase. 
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