If you’re looking for a huge upgrade from the mattress you’re currently using, then go with our overall best mattress choice: Nest Bedding. They ranked among the top 3 mattresses in the majority of our categories, scoring the #1 spots in for joint and back pain. Nest Bedding produces natural, high-quality mattresses that’ll get you sleeping the moment you dive into bed.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we, as human beings, should strive for each and every day of our lives. If you’re not sleeping well, chances are your mattress is to blame, and it’s high time to find a new one.

We’re going to cut the crap here: a good mattress is going to be expensive.

But, as Gramps used to say, “Spend good money on your shoes and your bed…because you’re going to be in one or the other all day long.”

And, frankly, there is nothing better to pay a little extra for than a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

Knowing that you’re going to spend some dough on your new mattress, there are still so many choices out there.

But, rest easy! Our easy to navigate categories and thorough rankings will help you find the perfect mattress for you.

The Best Mattress for Every Situation

Best Mattress Brand: Nest Bedding

Best Organic Mattress: WinkBeds Soft WinkBed

Best Adjustable Mattress: Astrabed HarmonyBed

Best Cheap Mattress: Amerisleep AS3

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Nolah

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: Amerisleep AS3

Best Mattress for Sex: Amerisleep AS3

Best Mattress for Heavy People: Amerisleep AS3

Best Mattress for Back Pain: Alexander Signature by Nest Bedding

Best Mattress for Joint Pain: Alexander Signature by Nest Bedding

Best Mattress for Kids: Astrabed Harmony

With dozens of brands to choose from and a seemingly infinite number of options for each mattress, how do you decide which one will be best for you?

Just check out our categories below to see which one best describes what you’re looking for, then learn about the specific features that sets each one apart from the other. It’s as easy as counting sheep!

While the mattress industry is filled with a lot of industry-specific jargon that can make mattress hunting a bit confusing, we’ll cut through all of that mumbo-jumbo and lay it all out for you clear as day (er, or dark as night).

In our list of categories below, you’ll find detailed reviews and consistent scoring to guide your way through the different options out there. In no time, you’ll be able to easily arrive at the perfect mattresses for you and yours.


Our methodology is based on a weighted score of a variety of factors that include:

  • owner satisfaction
  • mattress lifespan
  • comfort
  • value
  • price
  • quality of materials used
  • reputation of the company

We trudged online for hours, reading reviews upon reviews from everyday consumers who actually slept on these mattresses. Now, you don’t have to spend all of your time doing that!

From these reviews, we created a scoring system to rate each mattress based on this genuine feedback. Using a scoring scale of 0-100, we formulated an average across different categories for a final tally and built our ranking from there.

There is no doubt that our list of rankings for Best Mattress for 2019, with our clear explanations and transparent scoring system, will make choosing a new mattress an enjoyable process that’ll get you the most from your investment.

(FYI: Keep an eye out for those companies who will deliver a mattress right into your bedroom and even let you test it out for a few weeks (or months) before you commit. If your first choice doesn’t work out, they’ll pick it up and give you a refund.)

And, just remember: an investment in sleep is an investment in you!


1. Nest Bedding

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Rave Meter: 100

Nest Bedding rises to the top as one of the Top Ranked Mattress Companies Online and also the Highest Rated Mattress Companies Overall by Independent Reviews.

Featuring American made and organic, natural products, Nest Bedding prides itself in quality merchandise, “helpful, non-pushy” customer care and keeping prices as low as possible. Featuring online ordering and showrooms in California, New York and Illinois, Nest Bedding is a fantastic place to go for those looking for eco-conscious, high-quality bedding, and mattresses.

With their Alexander Signature Series model highlighted in several Rave categories as a top contender, Nest Bedding’s brand performance should be easy to see. Established in 2011 and a family owned company, Nest Bedding has built a reputation for exceptional customers care and going beyond to help them choose the perfect bed and get the most luxurious sleep.

With their low-overhead business model, customers are able to get their mattresses at the most affordable price possible. With 100 Day No Risk Trials, financing options, and free shipping they make mattress selection struggle free.

2. Zenhaven

Image Source

Rave Meter: 97.65

The Zenhaven by Saatva is a high luxury, all-natural latex mattress. Backed by Saatva’s standards of “luxury, value, and convenience” the Zenhaven expounds on high-end details, but by selling direct to the customer, maintains low prices.

Saatva’s strong brand recognition as a reputable company should add to consumer confidence in the Zenhaven. The Zenhaven boasts its unique American made Talalay latex which gives the mattress a bouncy, spring like feel.

An all-natural product, it makes the Zenhaven one of the most eco-conscious and healthy mattresses available. It top quilt boasts organic, GMO free cotton for its covering, and the non-toxic flame retardant layer has 100% organic wool sourced from New Zealand.

The Zenhaven is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mites and mold. With a 5-Zoned support which directly responds to the needs of your body, finding a comfortable sleeping position is easy. Highly breathable, the mattress is also flippable, creating multiple options for sleep preferences with one mattress purchase. An added value to be sure.

3. Astrabeds

Image Source

Rave Meter: 93.64

Astrabeds is a brand committed to making the highest quality 100% organic latex mattresses. Searching the world for the best materials, Astrabeds source latex from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree and pride themselves in leaving the product in its purest form possible.

When sleeping on their mattress, customers can breathe easy knowing it is one of the healthiest and most eco-friendly mattresses on the market today. Astrabeds goes even further by sourcing organic wool and organic cotton to create their extra luxe covers.

Astrabeds unique customization element features two levels of latex that are able to be arranged to suit each sleepers needs. Astrabeds HarmonyBed is recognized in several categories for its quality attributes.

With non-toxic elements, it meets highest standards of production for the environment including USDA Organic Certification, Eco Institut Certification, Global Organic Latex Standard and many others. An equally high degree of customer satisfaction, Astrabeds is a brand worthy of recognition.

4. Amerisleep

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Rave Meter: 91.70

Amerisleep is an innovating brand in the memory foam market. Amerisleep is known for creating an ultra comfortable memory foam out of plant-based product, therefore bringing eco-friendly memory foam to the consumers.

Bio-Pur breathable technology in their mattresses allows for supreme air motion and a cool night’s sleep, which solves a common complaint of memory foam retaining heat. With their new innovations, it is easy to see why so many turn to Amerisleep for their mattress.

Amerisleep is also one of the very few in the mattress industry to utilize Celliant technology. Commonly seen in athletic gear, Celliant in mattress fabrics convert body heat into infrared energy. It increases blood circulation, acts as a cooling agent, and also can aid the body in healing ailments.

With AS1 – AS5 models, Amerisleep offers incremental firmness variations, thus a mattress for any time of sleeping preference. With their memory foam innovations and their direct e-commerce business model, they have changed the mattress industry for the better.

5. Loom & Leaf

Image Source

Rave Meter: 90.38

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva is combines pure luxury, but at an affordable price point. With an organic cotton covering made with a natural thistle extract as a flame retardant and the Loom & Leaf signature eco-friendly memory foam, a healthier and more comfortable night sleep combo is made possible.

The Spinal Zone Gel brings a refreshing coolness to sleepers, keeping out the uncomfortable heat that leads to tossing, turning, and agitation. Special focus on spine health and well being differentiates the Loom & Leaf from its competitors. The breathable, airflow foam channels take the mattress to the next level, giving a soothing sleep to users.

All materials made and sourced in the United States and Canada with strict quality assurances should give peace of mind. A healthy, eco-conscious, memory foam mattress is sometimes a hard combination to find.

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva prides itself in its green business initiatives and in providing high quality, natural mattresses at a price people can invest in.

6. Saatva

Image Source

Rave Meter: 88.38

Saatva prides itself in being the perfect combination of luxury and affordability. Made in America with American product, the Saatva mattress uses their signatures “coil on coil” technology.

Coils are tempered three times and baked in an oven to ensure longevity. An advanced Euro pillow top over the coils is standard to Saatva, but usually only found in mattresses with a much higher price point.

This luxe organic cover gives rich padding and an extremely soft cushion. Because Saatva sells direct to the customer, high-end features are able to be delivered without the retail mark up.

The Saatva comes in three levels of firmness: Saatva Plush Soft, Saatva Luxury Firm, or Saatva Firm, giving consumers clear, simple, and honest ordering options. With organic and natural elements, combined with the luxury of coils and the cush Euro pillowtop, the Saatva mattress has many enticing features that draw customers interest.

7. Layla

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Rave Meter: 85.99

Not many mattress brands dare to offer a Lifetime Warranty for their product – but the Layla does – and without any real hesitation. This should buoy consumer confidence in the superior craftsmanship of the Layla mattress.

With its distinct copper infused memory foam, sleeping on the Layla mattress will deliver something unique. Touting the benefits of sleeping on copper ranging from joint pain relief to better blood circulation, getting a healthy and good night’s rest on a Layla will be easy. Its thermo-gel infused cover provides a cool, comfortable, and refreshing sleep.

Even better, the mattress is also fully flippable, giving users a choice of a firm or soft side. Whether you are intrigued by the copper-infused memory foam, the cooling properties of the unique thermo-gel infused cover or its Lifetime Warranty, the Layla mattress is a brand to get to know.

Non-toxic, non-gassing, and safe to breathe in deeply, the Layla has a lot of things to pay attention to.

8. Novosbed

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Rave Meter: 83.29

Launched in 2009, Novosbed was created as “ the first totally risk-free mattress buying experience.” Wanting to be a direct contradiction to the mattress industry’s gimmicky, confusing, and impersonal sales tricks, Novosbed has taken off.

With three straightforward firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm, clarity and simplicity are important factors to the brand. They don’t mind delivering unexpected bonus feeling features to consumers in their mattress though.

The Novosbed is loaded with elements that impress. It has a removable and washable top cover and flexible, supportive furniture-grade upholstery siding surrounding the mattress. With the Comfort+ Guarantee, if you find your mattress to be not quite as you expected, a kit can be mailed free of charge which will help alter the firmness level to just what suits you best.

Buying direct from the site, savings are tangible. Winning in all categories of being different than the old mattress industry status quo, the Novosbed is the breath of fresh air that helped turn the industry tide toward a hassle-free mattress buying experience.

9. WinkBeds

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Rave Meter: 80.29

WinkBeds is a brand that wants to make mattress shopping a little less stressful, a little more transparent, and a little more attuned to consumer satisfaction. Based in small Watertown, Wisconsin, WinkBeds utilizes coolControl technology.

This concept, similar to the ways you can adjust the temperature of your seat in a car, gives each side of the bed its own optimal temperature regulation, easily adjusted using an app or remote control. Filtered air flows through the mattress and can be adjusted down ten degrees or up thirty degrees.

Simple to use, simple to install, and truly transformative especially for those who sleep hot. Now users who need to cool themselves down throughout the night with ease. Offering a free trial period of 101 nights, WinkBeds feels confident that once you are able to connect to coolControl technology, you will never look back.

An e-commerce sales model allows for significantly lower price points, and WinkBeds unique concept differentiates them from other brands available in the market today.

10. Helix

Image Source

Rave Meter: 79.20

One of the most unique mattress companies in the market, Helix creates a 100% custom mattresses for their consumers.

After taking a short Sleep Quiz on their website, where consumers answer questions ranging from what their primary sleeping position is to what pain issues they have, Helix analyzes the data and returns purchasers a mattress solution. Each mattress is made to order for the consumer, based on the results of their Sleep Quiz.

For those who aren’t quite sure what mattress best suits them or for those who have specific ailments that they need their mattress to remedy, the Helix mattress may be the best solution.

With differing combinations of Helix Dynamic Foam, poly and base foam, and micro coils built based on the results of the Sleep Quiz, Helix gives comfortable custom sleep to its buyer at an affordable rate. With a fast turnaround of 6-10 days from order to delivery, Helix’s may be the company that you have been waiting for.


1. WinkBeds Soft WinkBed

Image Source

Rave Meter: 100

A healthy, naturally made mattress is essential to a restoring night’s sleep. For those searching for a mattress with eco-friendly attributes, WinkBeds Soft 100 can deliver.

All WinkBeds are made with foams that are CertiPUR certified and contain no toxic, ozone harming materials such as formaldehyde, phthalates, or mercury. WinkBeds signature TENCEL cover is made from a unique blend of botanical materials.

TENCEL is also a sustainable material, made from plants that are responsibly harvested, and has certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. WinkBeds takes environmentally conscious mattress construction to the next level.

Each bed is made by hand using American sourced materials, and built in the United States in a single facility. Recycled steel springs, latex free, and hypoallergenic details add to the company’s environmental savvy. Centralized manufacturing reduces transportation emissions from shipping and during construction.

WinkBeds are also made to order, which significantly reduces waste in production and subsequent storage. By ordering direct from WinkBeds, the consumer helps in making the transaction from sales to home even more green, and with a lighter carbon footprint.

2. Simmons Beautyrest Legend Garrison 14.7″ Extra Firm Mattress

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Rave Meter: 98.08

The Simmons Beautyrest Legend Garrison 14.7″ Extra Firm Mattress has features that appeal to those looking for a healthy, more natural mattress. Foremost, it boasts CertiPUR-US technology in its foam. CertiPUR-US foams are “Foams that feel good and you can feel good about.”

The specialized, highly tested foams that fill this mattress are free of formaldehyde and free of mercury. They also contain no heavy metals or lead. The foam is made without flame retardants like PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP.

With the CertiPUR-US seal, you can feel more confident in the quality of sleep you are receiving. The Simmons Beautyrest Legend Garrison Extra Firm mattress boasts Dualcool Technology Memory Foam which has natural silver.

This unique inclusion promotes heat to be drawn away from the mattresses surface and keeps users cool and refreshed. Natural silver also has antimicrobial properties, which keep mold, bacteria and mildew from forming in the foam and limit odors. A firm, yet comfortable mattress, the Simmons Beautyrest Legend Garrison Extra Firm can deliver a healthier night’s sleep.

3. Bed in a Box Tranquility Gel

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Rave Meter: 94.44

One Bed in a Box’s most popular mattresses, the Tranquility Gel, gets high marks for its natural, eco-friendly characteristics. Covered with the ultra luxe TENCEL cover, the Tranquility Gel provides a calm, non-abrasive night’s sleep for sensitive skin.

TENCEL meets USDA standards for sustainability and low environmental impact as it is made with eucalyptus trees, not artificial product. It has natural inhibitors to bacterial growth and provides a cool and healthier rest. The Tranquility Gel is is certified skin-friendly, responsible, and hypoallergenic by CertiPUR-US & Hohenstein Institutes.

The Tranquility Gel doesn’t contain substances known to hurt humans, like Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers or Phthalates. Bed in a Box’s Tranquility Gel is non-toxic, from the top cover and the flame retardant barrier cloth to the foam. Its foam is made from plant-based materials, adding to its environmentally conscious appeal.

When looking for a mattress that will help create the healthiest, most natural nights sleep and give the lightest impact to the environment, Bed in a Box and their Tranquility Gel are a strong contender for consideration.

4. Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Wellington 15.8″ Plush Pillow Top

Image Source

Rave Meter: 91.80

Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Wellington 15.8″ Plush Pillow Top Mattress specializes in creating a luxurious and refreshing sleep experience. Providing the CertiPUR-US foam technology that Simmons Beautyrest is known for, customers can sleep easy knowing that they are breathing in no harsh irritants.

The CertiPUR-US foams used in the bed are free of formaldehyde and free of mercury. They have no flame retardants like PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP.

The CertiPUR-US seal means that the “content, emissions, and durability” of the mattress meets their rigorous standards for excellence and that they mattress “has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.” There are also no ozone-depleting materials used in the foam that fills the bed.

Sleeping on the Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Wellington 15.8″ Plush Pillow Top Mattress has provided customers with a higher quality of sleep, alleviating aches and ailments. Resting on this mattress can give peace of mind and a healthier, more natural sleep experience.


1. Astrabed HarmonyBed

Image Source

Rave Meter: 100

Astrabeds HarmonyBed mattress is a certified 100% organic mattress made from latex. It offers a 10-inch profile and firmness available from firm to soft and is well suited to match any adjustable mattress frame.

Astrabeds are industry known for their high quality and naturally made beds at one of the best price points available. Made with sustainably harvested 100% organic latex and a fire protector made of certified organic wool, the HarmonyBed’s third layer of a soft certified organic cotton cover creates a luxurious, comfortable feel.

With two customizable layers, HarmonyBed allows sleepers to rearrange the latex to suit the needs of themselves or their sleep partner. Astrabed HarmonyBed comes with the company’s full support. With a 25 year warranty on craftsmanship and a 90-Night Comfort Guarantee, this mattress also has several certifications for its latex, wool, and durability.

From the Organic Content Standard’s approval to being Eco Institut Certified, customers can feel confident in their mattresses’ longevity, construction, and ease of use from the first night on.

2. Zinus 10’ Green Tea

Image Source

Rave Meter: 96.58

The Zinus 10’ Green Tea mattress is a memory foam mattress that fully functions as an adjustable mattress. With Memory Foam, Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam, and Airflow High-density Base Support Foam, your body will sink into the distinctive comfort and relaxation that only memory foam gives.

The Zinus Green Tea gets its green tea name reference from the fact that green tea extract is infused in the memory foam. This unique addition keeps the mattress at its freshest. Adding to its pleasant smell is the fact that it is CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning there are no toxins or unhealthy chemicals lurking inside, ensuring a healthy, peaceful sleep for its users.

Its use of BioFoam plant oils and ActivCharcoal odor absorption technologies make for a stellar sleep. The Zinus 10’ Green Tea mattress was created for the sleeper who enjoys a plush bed with the targeted support of memory foam. Shipped directly to the purchaser, Zinus is able to deliver exceptionally high-quality mattresses at a lower price, as they avoid retail markups.

3. Purple

Image Source

Rave Meter: 92.98

Purple Mattress is a one-of-a-kind in the mattress market. Coining itself “The World’s First No Pressure Mattress,” it is doing something new. It is not a memory foam nor is it a spring, it is its own unique category of hyper-elastic polymer. The three layers of polymer and foam create a feel that is distinct to Purple.

Working nicely as an adjustable mattress, Purple absorbs the more weighted parts of your body, giving ample support, relief, and overall comfort. The top layer has an instant response to body movement, faster than other styles, absorbing motion, and not disturbing to bed partners.

Purple Mattress has a thin, breathable cover. Its signature webbed design creates opportunities for airflow, making the mattress very cool to sleep on. As an adjustable mattress, it never shows a permanent body indent as a result of long use. Additionally, Purple Mattress is made of food-grade materials and is free of toxins, ensuring a healthy rest.


Image Source

Rave Meter: 90.73

The NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam mattress is a compatible and comfortable choice for those seeking an adjustable option. NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam has five layers of comfort. It gains points for maximum breathability and air circulation from its distinctive cooling system on the soft, quilted TENCEL top cover.

With good weight distribution from its bouncy, medium firm, quilted memory foam top, it delivers fantastic sleep and pressure relief. NECTAR’s LushFoam and Hi Core adaptive foam give support and stability to the bottom of the mattress. The NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam mattress utilizes CertiPUR-US® Certified standards, making for healthy, non-toxic sleep.

A NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam mattress comes right to your door, compactly shipped. It is easy to move because of it light weight (between 45-89 pounds). With a “Forever Warranty” for materials and construction and a 365 day money back guarantee if the product is not meeting customer expectation, NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam is a product to consider when looking for a high-quality adjustable mattress.


1. Amerisleep AS3

Image Source

Rave Meter: 100

The Amerisleep AS3, formerly known as the Liberty, is known for its versatility and affordability. Currently ranging in price from around $1099 for a twin and around $1699 for a California King, the AS3 doesn’t skimp on high-quality materials.

A plant-based memory foam mattress with a plush Affinity top layer, the AS3 has a high-end look. Its medium firm gives enough cushion to support side sleepers, heavy sleepers, and those who move often during their rest.

With three additional layers beneath the cover, from the Greenguard fire barrier to the high-density foam base, Amerisleep AS3 users get this surprisingly deluxe list of features at a price less than half of what competitors are asking, in large part because of Amerisleep offering direct ordering from their website.

The AS3 has the unique ability to suit different partners with different sleep needs. With its well-balanced foam, high-quality materials, and moderate price range, the Amerisleep AS3 delivers accolades across the board. Amerisleep has a risk free, 100 day trial and 20 year warranty, which also make it a smart buy for the money.

2. Zinus 10’ Green Tea

Image Source

Rave Meter: 98.3

The Zinus 10’ Green Tea mattress combines high quality, eco-friendly characteristics with rock-bottom low prices, making it a top mattress for the money. Sold direct to the buyer, with no retail overhead, buyers are able to sink into the signature green tea infused memory foam and feel the support of its three crafted layers.

CertiPUR-US Certified for its contents, as well as durability, and mattress performance ensures that users are getting a top of the line product. With cooling properties due to the air-flow system of the mattress, sweating or overheating is hardly an issue.

The Zinus 10’ Green Tea may seem like too good to be true with prices lingering near $500 for any size between a twin or California king, but Zinus enthusiasts will tell you otherwise.

A remarkable buy, high in comfort and user satisfaction, the Zinus 10’ Green Tea has transformed the quality of sleep for many.

3. Layla

Image Source

Rave Meter: 98.3

Layla mattress is a stellar choice for those looking for a mattress that is reasonably priced but filled with high-end and unique features. Layla offers a confident, lifetime warranty which should give customers an indication of the product’s quality.

Ranging in price from around $499 for a twin to around $999 for a California King, the Layla’s strong reputation is largely based off of its signature Copper Infused Memory Foam. One of the few beds to use copper as a material, Layla promotes coppers medicinal qualities, which are said to provide users with better blood circulation and relief from joint ailments.

Copper is also lauded for its cooling properties, which help this mattress to create a sweat-free sleep. Layla mattress is also a great value if you aren’t ready to commit to one of the basic mattress questions: whether you want a firm or soft cushion. It is fully flippable, with a soft side option and a firm option.

This gives users the ability to change firmness based on their own varying preferences and also customize it for the sleep preferences of guests. Layla is made in the United States and is available to try in select showrooms.

4. Ghost Bed by Nature’s Sleep

Image Source

Rave Meter: 91.18

The Ghost Bed by Nature’s Sleep delivers a solid hybrid mattress at a reasonable price point. Ranging from around $495 for a twin to around $995 for their California King, the Ghost Bed is a bed-in-a-box that comes directly to your door, saving the purchaser in retail markups.

100% American made, the Ghost Bed is comprised of three layers, each delivering support and comfort. From their aerated latex top level, middle cooling memory foam, and the high-density foam base, the Ghost Bed works whether you are a side, stomach, or back sleeper.

If you move around frequently or have a different sleep style from your bed partner, both will be able to get a good rest, as the memory foam absorbs motion and adapts to pressure without creating a sinking feeling for users.

The Ghost Bed offers a 101 night free trial, giving purchasers the opportunity to return it hassle-free if it doesn’t match their sleep preferences. For a moderately priced and straightforward mattress, try the Ghost Bed by Nature’s Sleep.


1. Nolah

Image Source

Rave Meter: 100

Side sleepers rejoice, as there are some great mattress options available for this specific sleep style. At the top of the list is the Nolah mattress. Lauded by side sleepers across the board, Nolah mattress has developed its own signature style of foam, the Nolah AirFoam.

Their innovative technology is very different than traditional memory foam. Containing millions of microscopic bubbles of air, the foam layer is known to instantaneously conform to the body with no delay, creating the immediate kind of support that side sleepers need for a good night’s rest.

Nolah AirFoam offers significantly less peak pressure on the hip and back area of users, giving consistent respite to those who suffer from pain and aches. In addition to the benefits of AirFoam, Nolah mattress contains no viscoelastic chemicals, which create heat and can lead to sweating for side sleepers.

This leads to a cool, comfortable sleep and a refreshed waking. When searching for a mattress specific to side sleeping, Nolah is a brand to look at.

2. Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

Image Source

Rave Meter: 97.75

Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding is a great choice for side sleepers who want to wake up renewed and energized, and not achy or sore.

With three levels of firmness in its memory foam, side sleepers have positive experiences, especially with the medium firmness. This mattress does a fantastic job relieving pressure points, which makes a significant difference in the quality of sleep for side sleepers, who commonly experience pain in the hip or shoulder areas.

The soft version also receives high praise from side sleepers, especially those who like sinking into the mattress and feeling a slight hug of the body. The Alexander Signature Series from Nest Bedding gives side sleepers the ability to personally choose their firmness levels and relax in the luxurious memory foam.

Its multiple layers of comfort will be dictated by whether you choose the soft, medium, or luxury firm options, but can include the quilted cover, gel memory foam, Visco foam, or SmartFlow Air Flow Foam. In whatever combination works best for your sleep preferences, one thing is sure, and that is the Alexander Signature delivers high-quality sleep.

3. Amerisleep AS4

Image Source

Rave Meter: 95.71

The Amerisleep AS4, formerly known as the Colonial, is a mattress that works well for side sleepers because of its medium and soft firmness. This gives side sleepers just the right amount of softness to their hips and shoulders, preventing the aches and soreness common in other firmer mattress choices.

The Amerisleep AS4’s signature highly breathable Bio-Pur foam and Affinity with SMT comfort foam layers gives users a cool feel during their sleep due to its open-cell design. The Amerisleep AS4 is hailed as being sag-free even after years of use, giving side sleepers the assurance that this mattress will absorb their pressure points fresh each night.

The bounce of the Amerisleep AS4 has a four-second response, meaning users won’t feel like they are sinking into the bed too deeply. Side sleepers applaud the Amerisleep AS4 as giving the right blend of balance and support, making it one of the top choices in the category.

4. Amerisleep AS3

Image Source

Rave Meter: 91.16

The Amerisleep AS3, formerly known as the Liberty, delivers on versatility and comfort. It is solely designated as a medium in the firmness category, giving a bit less cushion than the AS4, but still well accommodating to side sleepers.

The AS3’s Celliant top layer and extra breathable Bio-Pur foam layer draw the body in but don’t overheat it. The Affinity transition layer helps to evenly distribute weight and is where side sleepers can feel the comfort on their joints. This creates a feeling that dubs this level the “feels-like-you’re-floating” layer.

Amerisleep stands behind its mattresses and offers a 100 night trial period. Side sleepers looking for a supportive, but medium firm mattress will find a lot to like about the Amerisleep AS3.

With many anecdotes of pain and achiness being resolved and a significant improvement in rest from side sleepers, the AS3 should be a choice for consideration when mattress shopping.


1. Amerisleep AS3

Image Source

Rave Meter: 100

The Amerisleep AS3, recently renamed from the Liberty, wins high praise for those who are prefer sleeping mainly on their stomach. Its medium firm cushion allows stomach sleepers just the right amount of sink into its 4 tiered memory foam levels.

The mattresses has a 12 inch profile height and is made of materials that are plant-based. This helps to ensure that the materials users are breathing in so closely as they sleep are healthy and enable a better rest.

Further, Amerisleep AS3 user’s report very little noticeable scent or gassing from the mattress, a common mattress complaint, which can be an initial irritant to stomach sleepers. The Amerisleep’s AS3 is well known as being an all around versatile mattress option.

The Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) process used for making the AS3’s foam is sustainable and eco-friendly, which benefits the health of the mattress overall. For a stomach sleeper, the Amerisleep AS3 is a top of the line choice.

2. Loom & Leaf

Image Source

Rave Meter: 97.74

The Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva is a fantastic memory foam option for stomach sleepers. With its luxurious, quilted covering made from organic cotton and with a flame retardant made of natural thistle, the materials closest to your face are healthier to breathe in.

Its eco-friendly foam comes in two options. The Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm is their “flagship comfort level” and strikes a nice balance of soft and firm, giving support as to not sink into the mattress, but also providing stability.

Also available is the Loom & Leaf Firm, which works especially well for stomach sleepers who want a limited cushion. The Loom & Leaf has a specialized Spinal-Zone Gel layer under its luxe covering. This is medical grade cooling gel on top of the high-quality foam.

This unique gel is able to completely eliminate the problem of many memory foams, which is they create too much heat and are uncomfortable to sleep on. For stomach sleepers who love memory foam options, this is a great solution.

3. Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

Image Source

Rave Meter: 95.40

Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding is a great choice for stomach sleepers. With three levels of firmness (soft, medium, or luxury firm) in its memory foam stomach sleepers are able to choose their perfect comfort level, with the luxury firm being the most highly recommended for stomach sleepers.

The Alexander Signature Series has multiple layers of comfort. The luxury firm has four layers. Starting with a quilted cover top, next is a Gel Memory Foam, followed by their Firm SmartFlow Air Flow Foam, and ending with the 1.8 Density Solid Edge Support Base Layer.

The Alexander Signature Series is certified by CertiPUR-US for their gel foam and support base foams. It is also odorless, which is great for stomach sleepers who are easily irritated by the sometimes strong mattress smells.

With high-quality features, but at a moderate price range, the Alexander Signature Series is a strong contender for stomach sleepers.

4. Astrabed Solace

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Rave Meter: 92.92

Astrabed specializes in all natural organic latex mattresses, created in the United States and made by hand. For stomach sleepers, this is great news, as the materials that they breathe in so deeply at night will be non-toxic, naturally hypoallergenic, and as healthy as possible.

Free of chemicals, synthetic blends, and anti-fungicides, stomach sleepers will avoid the irritants that can be disruptive to sleep and overall health. Astrabeds unique customization system features multiple levels of Talalay latex that are able to be arranged to suit each sleepers needs.

This gives stomach sleepers options with the Astrabed and the ability to find the perfect configuration for a great night’s sleep. With a zippered organic cotton cover and an all natural wool filling, organic sleep is achievable with the Astrabed.

Astrabed meets the highest standards of production for the environment including USDA Organic Certification, Eco Institut Certification, Global Organic Latex Standard, assuring the customer that they are receiving the very best.


1. Amerisleep AS3

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Rave Meter: 100

When looking for the best mattress for sex, the Amerisleep AS3 should be at the top of the list. As a medium firm mattress, it contains an even, level amount of cushion, making movement easy and not cumbersome.

The Amerisleep AS3’s memory foam is extremely responsive to motion, only taking four seconds to fully retain its shape. For sex, this means sinking into the mattress too much is not a worry in the least.

The Amerisleep AS3 only used the highest quality of materials in construction and are especially credited for their mattress longevity. This means it won’t sag or create unevenness as the mattress ages.

Its BioPur open-cell foam technology is extremely cooling, making the mattress never uncomfortably hot. With its ultra responsive memory foam that doesn’t allow you to sink, cooling technology, and high-quality mattress materials which don’t fail over time, the Amerisleep AS3 is a strong choice for consideration when thinking about the best mattress for sex.

2. Loom & Leaf

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Rave Meter: 98.74

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva has features that make it a great bed for sex. Critics will say high-density memory foam is not the best type of bed for sex, but the Loom & Leaf remedies that complaint by having a relaxed firm and firm options, both of which provide enough support that you never feel like you are irritatingly sinking into the mattress.

Full movement is therefore not a problem. The Loom & Leaf also has solid edge support, meaning the sides of the bed don’t sag significantly or jostle. The Loom & Leaf also has a luxe top layer and immediately following its Spinal-Zone Gel. This ultra cooling layer allows the mattress to not feel overly warm and uncomfortable.

The mattress also absorbs noise and because it is not springed, won’t creak or squeak which can be a distraction—or wake up the neighbors or kids. When looking for a mattress that is best for sex, the Loom & Leaf delivers on providing the overall comfort of memory foam, but at a firmness level that doesn’t create cumbersome movement.

The Loom & Leaf’s quiet foam, cooling properties, and complete support from edge to center make it a bed to consider.

3. Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

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Rave Meter: 96.40

When looking at which mattresses work best for sex, memory foam isn’t typically at the top of the list. Common complaints are that it is too soft and makes people feel like they are sinking. In terms of sex, this reduces movement, distracts and overall irritates.

The Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding is a memory foam that fixes this, giving users a great night’s sleep on a high density memory foam and also doesn’t inhibit sex. The edge support on the Alexander Signature Series also is strong, making movement around the bed relatively stable.

Because it is memory foam and not springs, sound from the mattress is not an issue, which can be a nuisance and distraction. The Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding has many of things people who are looking for a good mattress for sex need. It is quiet, allows movement from edge to center, and it also allows for a comfortable rest.

When looking for a mattress for sex, the Alexander Signature Series is a contender.

4. Zinus

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Rave Meter: 94.40

Highly acclaimed for its low price point and high quality, the Zinus mattress also ranks well as a good mattress for sex. This may be the perfect trifecta.

The Zinus mattress is made with high-density Theratouch memory foam that is instantly responsive and easy to move around on. It works with the contours of users, giving support when needed, and never creating a feeling of sinking.

The Zinus is highly breathable and doesn’t retain heat, which creates an uncomfortable feel. Another great feature is the memory foam is naturally antimicrobial. Finally, being a memory foam, the mattress is very quiet and doesn’t create distractions from noise or movement.

When looking for a mattress that is affordable, made of high-quality materials and gets top marks for sex, the Zinus is an option to consider. Shipped directly to your door and seeming to have few flaws, the Zinus is a best seller for a reason.


1. Amerisleep AS3

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Rave Meter: 100

The Amerisleep AS3, formerly known as the Liberty, has quite a few characteristics that make it a good choice for heavy people. Its 4 lbs of plant-based memory foam give incredible support to heavier weights, allowing hips, spine, and shoulders to receive cushion.

It is decidedly medium firmness and its Celliant-infused cover is highly breathable, drawing away body heat and providing those who are heavier with a cool sleep situation.

Celliant is also known to aid in pain relief and promote better circulation. Its ultra stretchy cover assists the memory foam below to full engage with all of the contours of the body. In addition, the high-density foam that comprises the base layer helps promote proper alignment and gives the entire body a comfortable rest.

The Amerisleep AS3 has a declared weight limit of 450 pounds. Another benefit is its ability to absorb motion, meaning the movements of bed partners are almost non-existent to each other. For those looking for a mattress that works well for heavy people, the Amerisleep AS3 should be at the top of your list.

2. Loom & Leaf Firm

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Rave Meter: 97.74

The Loom & Leaf Firm by Saatva works as a wonderful option for heavy people because of its full body support and much more firm, but yet still comfortable high-density memory foam.

The Loom & Leaf Firm Spinal-Zone Gel really differentiates it from other mattresses and accomplishes a lot of things that will be beneficial to heavy people. Its Spinal-Zone Gel is incredibly cooling to lay on, as it is a medical grade gel, often seen in hospital burn units.

Being a true firm mattress, heavy people won’t find problems sinking into the mattress and will have full range of movement and a high degree of motion isolation leading to a more comfortable night’s rest.

With a 600-pound weight capacity for the Loom & Leaf Firm allowing 300 pounds for each partner, it should be considered for those looking for a mattress that is particularly suited to heavy people. A 15 year warranty and 120 day home trial add to consumers peace of mind in the product.

3. Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

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Rave Meter: 95.40

The Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding provides a combination of support and high quality, deluxe features which make it a fantastic option for heavy people. The Alexander Signature Series’ three different firmness levels (luxury firm, medium, and soft) give customization to the mattress.

With features like gel memory foam, Visco foam, or SmartFlow Air Flow Foam, heavy people will feel pressure points relieved, as their whole body is absorbed into the memory foam, which has a pleasant pillow-top feel. Incredible edge support means sitting on the edge of the bed won’t feel like sinking or unsteadiness for heavy people.

The Alexander Signature Series lauds many benefits for heavy people. With a 100% money back guarantee during the 101 night trial period and a 2 year warranty, buyers can rest assured that the Alexander Signature Series won’t fail or start to sag, and give them a case of buyer’s remorse.

Instead, from its edge to center support to its exceptional pressure relief, The Alexander Signature Series delivers a great mattress at a reasonable price point, right to your door.

4. Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm

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Rave Meter: 94.30

The Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm by Saatva is another option for heavy people in search of a supportive mattress that will last. True to its name, it is the more cushioned (and relaxed) version of the Loom & Leaf, a very popular brand sold only online.

With the Loom & Leaf’s soft organic cover, convoluted and contouring high-density memory foam, transition pad and high-density foam core, heavy people are given multiple layers of high-quality support not found in other mattresses.

In addition, the unique cooling Spinal Gel Zone supports spine health by filling in any gaps that aren’t supported, while at the same time providing a breathable, cool night’s sleep.

The Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm is for heavy people to who want the full range of support, cooling technology, and organic materials, but with a slightly softer firmness level to do so. With support for up to 600 pounds, the Loom & Leaf Relaxed firm is a great choice.


1. Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

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Rave Meter: 100

When looking for a fantastic mattress for back pain, look no further than the Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding. This high-density memory foam works particularly well for those with back pain due to its gel memory foam layer, convoluted foam, and base foam.

The convoluted foam allows for consistent airflow and a high level of breathability. Keeping the mattress cool and the sleeper from getting uncomfortably hot allows for less shifting, adjusting, and movement during the night, which can irritate and cause back issues.

The Alexander Signature Series’ top, quilted layer is incredibly accommodating and soothing to the back, absorbing the body and filling in any gaps that lack support. The Alexander Signature Series is a winning solution for those with back pain because of its cool, breathable foam and its supportive, conforming memory foam.

With many users reporting back pain greatly reduced after switching to the Alexander Signature Series, it is worth serious consideration for those shopping in this category.

2. Astrabed Solace

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Rave Meter: 97.51

Astrabed, known as an industry leader in all-natural and organic latex bedding provides options for those suffering from back pain as well. This is in large part due to their unique customizable mattress system.

Each side of their beds allows for the all-natural latex layers to be rearranged to best suit the sleeping needs of the individual. The Solace has three levels of interchangeable Talalay, which allow those with back issues to adjust (and even re-adjust) as often as necessary to match the perfect comfort level with the back ailments.

Easy to zip in and out, the non-toxic, organic layers are user-friendly and give peace of mind that a high quality, healthy sleep is occurring.

For those who are concerned about remedying back pain and giving their bodies optimal health in overall sleep quality, the non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and organic standards that are inherent to Astrabed should be strong rationale to consider this model as a top choice for contention.

3. Astrabed Serenity

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Rave Meter: 95.51

Astrabed is the mattress innovator that leads the way in all-natural, organic mattresses. Created with the highest quality materials, sourced from around the world and left in their most natural state possible, Astrabed gives consumers the confidence they are receiving the healthiest night’s sleep possible.

For those who are trying to remedy back pain and discomfort, the Astrabed is a phenomenal choice, especially their Serenity model. With the Astrabed signature zipper interchangeable levels, sleepers can customize their side of the bed with the perfect balance of firmness with the Astrabed layers of latex.

The Serenity has a six inch Dunlop core base and includes a Talalay layer as well. The ultra-comfortable Talalay gives those suffering from back pain a high degree of relief from the triggers of pressure points. It also maintains its shape and delivers straightforward support with no gaps or unevenness.

With its non-toxic and all natural elements in combination with the unique interchangeability, the Astrabed Serenity may be the perfect choice for those who suffer chronic back pain and need a mattress to help alleviate that pain.

4. Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm

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Rave Meter: 93.06

The Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm by Saatva touts many benefits for those with back pain. Its multi-layered, high-density memory foam does an exceptional job of filling in gaps and fully supporting the back.

Its combination of materials have been specifically designed with spinal health in mind and promote spinal alignment. The memory foam on the Loom & Leaf is self-adjusting, always creating a custom level of support and weight distribution to the body, giving the perfect level of regulation.

Its energizing cooling features, like the Spinal Gel Panels, allow the body to self-repair by entering into a deep REM sleep. By relieving stressed areas in the back, the Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm can greatly reduce tossing and turning. Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain, athletic injuries or simple back pains, the Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm can help.

Chiropractors and experts of physiotherapy in Mayfair have endorsed the Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm and should be taken into serious consideration by those looking for optimal back support.


1. Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

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Rave Meter: 100

Those suffering from joint pain can find a lot of solutions in the Alexander Signature Series. With three different firmness levels (soft, medium, luxury firm) the Alexander Signature Series’ convoluted foam, gel foam and base foam, sleepers can be assured that all of their pressure points are being absorbed into the support of the mattress.

Being able to rest more soundly due to this level of support, the body shifts less in the night and doesn’t further stress achy, painful joints. Further, the Alexander Signature Series is known to sleep very cool, in large part due to the SmartFlow Air Flow Foam.

Not being irritated and disturbed by sweating and feeling overly hot on the mattress allows for a more constant state of rest and no further joint stress due to unnecessary movement. When looking for a mattress that is best for joint pain, the Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding has features which deliver.

From its cooling, breathable foam technologies to its ultra-accommodating layers of comfort and support, the Alexander Signature Series is a top choice.

2. Helix

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Rave Meter: 98.27

Helix is a mattress company that delivers 100% personalized and customized, poly foam/micro coil combination mattresses. These mattresses are explicitly designed based on the preferences of the individual purchaser.

For those suffering from specific ails like joint pain, Helix’s unique customization could be the perfect solution. Helix starts the mattress customization process by having purchasers take a short Sleep Quiz.

The quiz asks questions about pressure points, pain, tossing and turning, and about the users satisfaction with the mattress currently being slept on. These are all analyzed by Helix and then a perfect mattress is created for your specific needs. Joint pain issues are addressed directly and targeted solutions made.

With options to create a ‘blended’ or ‘split’ mattress for two sleeping partners, either combining their Sleep Quiz results or having two separate sides addressing different issues, the Helix may be the mattress company that deals with specific pain issues most intently.

3. Amerisleep AS4

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Rave Meter: 95.87

The Amerisleep AS4, previously known as the Colonial, is a quality choice for those suffering from joint pain. It is a medium soft, high-density memory foam mattress which has the Amerisleep signature Bio-Pur foam and Affinity with SMT layers.

These layers work especially well at reducing pressure points. The AS4 uniquely offers Celliant technology. Celliant material is often used to help athletes’ bodies recover.

Improved circulation, an increase in oxygenation, quick healing from injuries and overall pain relief are all benefits reported from Celliant. When dealing with joint pain, either from athletic stress or because of other issues, the inclusion of Celliant in this mattress may provide significant health benefits.

The Amerisleep brand is one of the few in the industry to provide Celliant technology in their products. When looking for a mattress that helps to address joint pain, the Amerisleep AS4 has some standout features. From its multi-layered memory foam to its Celliant technology, the AS4 is a top contender.

4. Astrabed Solace

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Rave Meter: 93.51

Astrabed may have received most attention as being one of the most recognized brands in creating natural and organic mattresses, but Astrabed has also created a product that works well for those suffering from joint pain.

The Solace from Astrabed offers users the ability to custom arrange its layers, accessing through and easy to use zipper. Arranging (or rearranging) layers to create a perfectly supportive combination for joint pain and inflammation is no problem.

The Solace utilizes three different layers of Talalay latex and a Dunlop core. This three-layer customization option, in combination with the high quality, eco-standard cottons, and wool used in the other parts of the mattress make Astrabed Solace a serious consideration for those looking to find a healthy solution to joint pain and overall health of body.

Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, USDA Organic Certified and interchangeable. For those who suffer from joint pain, Astrabed provides an extremely comfortable nights sleep and the peace of mind that it is a healthy sleep as well.


1. Astrabed Harmony

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Rave Meter: 100

When looking for a healthier mattress your child, the HarmonyBed by Astrabed leads the way. The HarmonyBed is a 100% organic latex mattress with two customizable latex layers that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the sleeper.

The latex nature of the bed doesn’t fully absorb the body’s weight the way memory foam does, but instead contours to the body, which may be more comfortable for some children. With its organic knit cotton cover, a nice bounce and tons of flexibility in firmness, the HarmonyBed delivers on comfort and customization.

It is Eco Institut Certified, Global Organic Latex Standard, and Organic Content Standard among others, reassuring parents that the mattress contents are eco-friendly for their children.

The HarmonyBed is a top choice for parents who may use the mattress for multiple children, as it is highly customizable and easy to adapt. It is also a great choice for those who are concerned with the highest quality and healthiest materials being used in construction.

2. Amerisleep AS4

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Rave Meter: 97.81

Parents want to provide their child with an optimal environment for sleeping. The Amerisleep AS4, a medium firm mattress is a high-end luxury mattress with plenty of quality construction inclusions to give small sleepers a great night’s sleep.

The medium firm plant-based memory foam level provides a balanced level of cushion that may strike just the right note, one that is not overly soft nor overly rigid. The AS4 is made in the United States and has a 20 year warranty with 10 years of full replacement.

They also offer a 100 night sleep trial, allowing for adjustments if necessary. Its inclusion of Celliant technology included in the mattress cover is an advantage to children, giving their growing bodies increased oxygen levels, pain relief benefits, and better body temperature regulation.

For those looking for a mattress with optimal luxury and innovative technologies, the AS4 by Amerisleep should be added to the list. Amerisleep leads with customer satisfaction guarantees and a great warranty offer, which may put parent’s minds at ease.

3. Astrabed Solace

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Rave Meter: 95.17

When thinking about what type of mattress is best for a child, a healthy one doesn’t always register as a top priority. This is often because consumers don’t realize what some of the fillers commonly used by mattress companies contain and what harsh chemicals children can be exposed to through their mattresses.

When looking for a mattress that is perfectly suited to children and healthy, Astrabed should rise to the top of the list. The Astrabed Solace is an all-natural mattress, highlighting organic wools and cottons in its cover and plant-based latex.

It is VOC free, hypoallergenic, with no chemical retardants, no petroleum fillers, and no carcinogens. All the things you want far from children breathing in each night. The Astrabed Solace offers three levels of Talalay latex, giving customization to the mattress via an easy to use zipper.

The Astrabed mattress comes with a 25 year warranty and a 90-Night Comfort Guarantee. For those searching for a mattress that puts healthy, all-natural, organic, and chemical free principles at the foremost of importance, look to the Astrabed Solace.

4. Amerisleep AS1

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Rave Meter: 93.98

The Amerisleep AS1 (formerly known as the Americana) is another quality choice for those shopping for children’s mattresses. It is the firmest bed that Amerisleep makes, which some parents might prefer over softer styles.

With the Amerisleep Bio-Pur’s plant-based, highly breathable memory foam and Bio-Core foam layers, heat and moisture are pulled away from children’s bodies, helping them achieve a longer sleep with fewer agitated awakenings because of heat or restless stirrings.

Children also benefit from Amerisleep’s unique Celliant technology. Celliant has attributes like increased oxygenation and blood circulation and is used by athletes to help their bodies optimally recover. Highly responsive, the AS1’s memory foam returns to its original shape in four seconds, not creating the uncomfortable kinds of welts and sagging found in other memory foam options.

With its reasonable price point and ability to be used on any type of frame, the Amerisleep AS1 it is an overall great option for kids and family life.