Where to Buy Massage Chair

Where to Buy a Massage Chair for the Best Prices and Value

Purchasing a massage chair is a great way to bring all the relaxation and health benefits of a massage parlor to the comfort for of your own home.

But massage chairs are by no means cheap! And what’s worse, many low quality massage chair brands start to break down and lose functionalities with continued use.

This means that half the battle of finding a good massage chair is knowing where to look.

Key Point: In this guide, we explore where to buy a massage chair in order to get the best price and the most value.

The Health Benefits of Massage

Where to Buy a Massage Chair for the Best Prices and Value

Need a refresher on all the health benefits of regular massage?

Before we give you a ranked list of the five best places to buy a massage chair, we’ll first review all the advantages of having your own very own massage chair—besides, of course, saving money on massage therapy appointments.

Health benefits of regular massage include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Less back pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Accelerated recovery from injury

And these are only a few of the reasons your body will thank you for investing in one of the best massage chairs on the market

Types of Massage Chairs and Their Features

Next, there are lots of different kinds of massage, and there are massage chairs for each one. Here are some examples:

  • Four-way roller massage chairs
  • Massage recliner chairs
  • Far infrared heat therapy chairs
  • Knocking-style massage chairs
  • Shiatsu massage chairs
  • Tapping-style massage chairs

Furthermore, massage chairs offer the following massage features and techniques:

  • Acupressure
  • Air compression
  • Finger pressure massaging
  • Grip and kneading motions
  • Rolling motions
  • Swedish style massage
  • Vibration massage

And with a massager of your own, you can enjoy any one of these massage modes in the comfort of your own living room. For this reason, we think massage chairs make a great addition to any smart home.

If you see any of these styles of massage missing from the selection of a particular retailer or website, it’s best to move on.

Takeaway: When evaluating a massage chair seller, be sure to check whether the chairs on offer provide the best massaging technologies that we mention above.

The Price of Massage Chairs

Which brings us to price.

Deals and specials notwithstanding, a massage chair can run you from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Knowing which type of massage chair to buy can be complicated.

Massage chairs aren’t small, even when disassembled, so if you choose to buy online you’ll pay up in shipping fees. We gave extra love to retailers offering free shipping.

Where to Buy a Massage Chair Online for the Best Prices and Value

The first step when you consider price is to set your budget. For the purposes of our ranking, RAVE searched for massage chairs on the websites of both brick and mortar stores and online retailers. 

Based on the number of different massage chairs presented on the first page, we found the average price. The retailers with the lowest average price scored higher in our ranking.

Customer Support is Important

Massage chairs have a lot of moving parts and digital components, and many operate by remote control. How well will you be supported if something goes wrong in terms of refunds, free return shipping, or warranties?

A note about independent retailers: RAVE knows shopping local is important. Independent retailers also sell massage chairs, but since there might not be any in your area, we didn’t include any in our ranking. 

Like any kind of product, independent retailers sometimes can’t match the prices of big retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, or websites like Amazon and Wayfair. 

But independent massage chair retailers do offer a level of expertise not found in those same retailers and websites, as well as top-notch customer support. If you have an indie massage chair store in your area, do check in with them first.

Takeaway: When looking for the best place to buy a massage chair, be sure to properly evaluate the seller’s transparency and customer service. Sometimes smaller independent companies excel in these departments.


When preparing this ranked list, we began with a simple internet search for the most popular massage chair retailers. We carefully examined the top five results on the following:

  • Number of massage chair brands available to view on the retailer’s website
  • Availability of chairs offering different styles of massage
  • The average price of the available massage chairs
  • Shipping costs with an added emphasis on free shipping
  • After-purchase customer support 

We then scored each retailer based on these factors, beginning with 100 for the top spot. Some of the results may surprise you, so let’s get started.

Here are the five best places to buy a massage chair.

Where to Buy Massage Chairs




Online retailer Wayfair offers a robust selection of massage chairs with a price range that is comparable to other retailers, beginning at around $300—though that was a temporary sale price—on up to the Synca Wellness 4D Ultra Premium Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair with Ottoman for just under $9,000. 

Chairs available from Wayfair average between $3,000 and $4,000 with free shipping and payment plans available—definite advantages. The Synca Wellness 4D Ultra offers adjustable massage strength by region, including foot, back, shoulder, arm, and pelvis, as well as 81 massage techniques and 21 auto courses. The chair also features the 4D Ultra premium massage robot with foot roller and adjustable footrest. 

Other benefits of Wayfair include an easy-to-use, sortable guide, stepping through options like the full range of massage styles available, price, upholstery material, and color, among other features. You can also favorite your top choices with the heart icon, allowing you to comparison-shop other retailers or do further research before coming back to make your purchase. 

Consumer reviews on Wayfair’s site are also easy to navigate, and customer service from Wayfair is thorough. Wayfair’s help center steps you through issues like replacing a damaged item, starting a return, and tracking your package, among others. 

Wayfair’s return policy varies depending on the product, which could create some confusion. For large appliances like massage chairs, Wayfair allows returns and refunds within 30 days of delivery as long as the product has not yet been installed and is returned in the original packaging.

RAVE Meter: 100


Home Depot

Home Depot

The next retailer in our ranking is Home Depot. With prices very much in line with other brick and mortar retailers, Home Depot offers a mix of the best massage chairs, like the faux leather Pro Series reclining massage chair with Bluetooth speakers and 4D massage, along with more affordable options like the deluxe black padded PU leather massage recliner from Relaxzen. 

For shipping, Home Depot offers a mix of in-store pickup, local delivery, free shipping, and standard delivery. Home Depot also offers their own Home Depot store credit card. There’s a “like” option available on the site to narrow down your options, allowing you to see how many other consumers also prefer the product you’re interested in. Sorting products to your specifications—like color, brand, price, and a full range of massage types—is also easy to navigate through Home Depot’s website. 

Home Depot also earns high marks for customer support with, according to their website, “new, unopened merchandise sold by The Home Depot can be returned within 180 days of purchase, unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions.” Home Depot also promises free, fast, and easy returns on all products if you’re not 100% satisfied, and that goes for purchases made both online and in-store. 

And like Walmart and other hybrid online and brick and mortar retailers, Home Depot stores are common in many communities, giving you the option to go in store for help. For traditional retail, Home Depot ranked close to Walmart, edging Walmart out primarily due to a more generous and easy-to-navigate customer support system.

RAVE Meter: 99.8




The next retailer we checked in with was Walmart. With a varied selection, Walmart’s prices beat the competition with a Shiatsu full-body, zero gravity massage chair and recliner available for just under $1,200 dollars, putting the average price for a massage chair from Walmart at right around $600 to $800 dollars. Much cheaper than the rest.

The Shiatsu chair comes complete with built-in heat therapy, airbag massage system, foot roller, and HIFI speaker, among other features. 

Consumer reviews are easy to navigate on Walmart’s site, with a quick reference starring system to determine how well the product performs in the opinions of those who have tried it. 

Walmart does lack Wayfair’s easy-to-use system for searching preferences like massage modes. It seems at first search that functionality is limited to price and delivery timeframe, with other search options like color hidden a bit further down the page. 

Something else to be aware of about Walmart is that many independent, third parties fulfill orders through Walmart’s “marketplace,” including massage chairs. The marketplace could create some confusion in terms of customer support, refunds and returns. 

But shipping and delivery are free, and since there are so many Walmart stores all over the country, in-person customer support is also readily available.

RAVE Meter: 98.7




Next up in our ranking is Overstock.com, a great place to shop if you’re interested in saving money. One quirk about Overstock.com, however, is you can’t see the price on some products until you add it to the cart. But once you do, it becomes apparent that you really can get good deals on the site. 

The site also offers “Flash Deals” where the price is visible without first adding it to your cart, but those prices are only valid for a limited time. And for even more products, the price is plainly listed for all to see, as well as the average consumer review ranking represented by a star system. As you can tell, finding the average price of a massage chair on Overstock is easier said than done. 

In terms of selection, Overstock is pretty comparable to other retailers. On the higher end, there’s the Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair with foot rollers for just under $2,500, with a payment plan and free shipping. Overstock’s customer support system is a bit difficult to navigate, at first prompting you to create an account and log in. 

There is an FAQ section on the site where you can learn info such as their return policy: within 30 days of receiving your item in new, or unused condition with all original product inserts and accessories. Since Overstock is strictly an online business, there’s no way to check in with a person at a local store, like with Home Depot or Best Buy. 

RAVE Meter: 97.4


Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy, the next retailer in our ranking, displays 11 massage chairs on their website, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars for the Relaxzen Massage Recliner on up to the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair for just under $9,000. The average price for a massage chair from Best Buy is around $1,500. 

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro comes complete with features like 4D massage technology, L-track roller design, eight automatic massage programs, zero-gravity massage, heated back roller massage, built-in Bluetooth HD speaker and USB charger, and a space-saving reclining design—pretty much top of the line. 

Best Buy presents a mix of simple recliners and even office task chairs with massage functionality—not the kind of sophisticated massage chairs we’re seeking. And Best Buy doesn’t offer free shipping on their massage chairs, definitely adding to the price. The retailer does offer payment plans, however. 

With online-only retailers as robust as Amazon, Best Buy does present the best of both worlds, including in-store consultation, curbside pickup, free delivery (only if there’s a store in your area), and other in-home services like installation and repair.

RAVE Meter: 96.3 

Conclusion: Wayfair, Home Depot, Walmart, Overstock, and Best Buy ranked as the best places to buy a massage chair online or in-person. Though you might find a better selection of massage chairs online.