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Helpful Smart Home Devices That You Can Buy for Under $50

With the advent of helpful smart technology, more homeowners look to upgrade their homes to smart homes that offer unparalleled convenience and functionality.

Did you know that 69% of American households (or 83 million homes) own at least one smart home device?

Key Point: Smart home devices come in many different shapes and sizes. But in this article we’ll focus on the most helpful that are affordable on even the most stringent budgets.

We’re talking smart plugs for outlets, compact smart speaker sets, smart lights and light fixtures, smart table lamp products, smart coffee makers, completely wireless contact sensors, and numerous other smart home devices.

smart home devices that let you view statistics, do continuous recording, or set schedules on voice command

Affordable Smart Home Devices

Smart homes are becoming quite the craze in the housing market. If you’re unsure what a smart home is, check out our ultimate guide to smart homes.

While the best smart home gadgets can be quite pricey, certain components of your smart home system don’t come with hefty price tags! (Also see – How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to a Smart Bathroom?)

Today, you can find so many cheap smart home gadgets under $50.

If you’re in the market for affordable smart products that control your home’s lights, adjust your room’s temperature, play music automatically, or guard your home, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out our top picks for the best smart home devices under $50:


Google Nest Mini

With fun and colorful options, the Google Nest Mini is a great add on to your smart home devices.

If you own a Pixel smartphone, or you just love Google Assistant over Alexa of Amazon, this tiny speaker is cheap, and can compete with the Amazon’s Echo Dot.

Google Nest Mini’s starting point cost of $49 is a wise addition if you are still starting your smart home. It comes in charcoal gray, chalk, sky-blue, and coral orange variants, and its cloth covers different touch-screen controls that lets you play or pause your music, and even launch Google Assistant. It also features a microphone that easily picks up “hey Google” commands.


Belkin Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

At only $25, the Wemo WiFi Smart plug is a cheap addition to your smart home devices. Although it doesn’t feature energy monitoring like most products, this ultra-compact smart plug works with all the major smart assistants (Alexa, Google Home, and Homekit).

The Wemo WiFi smart plug has a physical switch, so if you don’t feel like giving voice commands or navigating through an app to turn an appliance on or off, you can simply use the conventional switch of the plug.

This plug is also smart enough to feature the “Away” mode, where it will seem like you are home even if you aren’t by turning a home lamp on intermittently.


Lifx Mini

When it comes to smart light bulbs, Lifx Mini is a great option for smaller fixtures. With 650-800 lumens, this A19 bulb can work with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

The $40 Lifx Mini smart bulb can directly connect to your wi-fi network, thus making it relatively easy to set it up. And since it only measures, 2.2 inches long, this mini bulb is perfect for desk lamps and other small light fixtures.

The Lifx lights can be controlled using Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. You can also set the light’s brightness and schedule. If you like it fun and colorful, the bulb’s $45 color version features many cool lighting effects. It can even flicker like a candle, give a strobe effect, or flicker out for that spooky effect. The color can also change with the beat of your music.


Wyze Cam v3

The number one best-selling home security camera in the country also happens to be one of the cheapest. Wyze Cam v3 lets you record 1080 resolution videos, sharp enough to give you clear and high definition images. Although there is no subscription service for this home security camera, Wyze Cam 3 comes with a 14-day free cloud storage.

The camera also has color night viewing technology and is IP65-rated for outdoor and indoor use.

This version also features motion and sound detection wherein the cam sends your phone an alert and starts to record when something is detected. You can also link the cam to smart bulbs, too.


Wyze Smart Body Weight Scale

For a mere $20, the Wyze smart body weight scale is one great addition to your smart gadget collection. This scale supports 12 health metrics, including heart rate, weight, body mass index (BMI), body water percentage, muscle mass, lean body mass, visceral fat, bone fat, and many more.

The scale also features a crisp LED display and can be connected to various fitness apps so you can easily track your progress. Through its four independent sensors and a network of electrode sensors built into the glass, you can achieve easy and accurate measurements regardless which side you step on.


Evilto Projection Alarm Clock

This 180-degree adjustable projector alarm clocks boasts of its 3 levels of projection brightness, with the farthest project distance of 5 meters (16.4ft). At only $25.99, this alarm clock also features a radio that reads in Mhz (76.0Mhz-108Mhz).

The radio not only searches automatically, locks and stores stations, but also it can save a lot of frequencies.

The Evilto Projection Alarm clock has a 5-volt USB output interface that lets you charge your electronic devices simultaneously while charging this LED alarm clock. To keep the clock time working normally and keep its original alarm/time/snooze/radio settings, it comes with a backup memory, so you won’t have to reset in case of power failures.


Wasserstein WiFi Water Leak Sensor

Put this $40 water leak sensor in any place that you think is prone to flooding—next to your water heater, under your sink, near your washing machine—and it automatically alert your phone once it detects water excess. This smart wireless water sensor helps keep your home safe and prevent you from spending on costly water damages.

The bottom part of the sensor has three highly-sensitive probes that sets off an alarm once these probes come in contact with water. What’s more convenient about this smart home gadget is that it requires no subscription service or hubs.

Simply connect the gadget to your current Wi-Fi network, download the app, and link the sensor with the app. You can then receive water leakage alerts or check the battery level of the device just by using your phone.


Sierra Modern Home Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a great addition to your growing smart home. At only $39.95, this smart essential oil diffuser works just like your normal diffuser, and a lot more. Download the companion app so you can have control on multiple features like intensity, LED color, timer settings, and scheduling directly from your phone.

This smart diffuser is also Google Home and Alexa compatible. With a 400ml water tank, you can enjoy steady and continuous mist for 12 straight hours. One of the most interesting features is scheduling.

You can make regular schedules via the application so make the diffuser work at your time each day or in any other days you choose.


Sensorpush Thermometer and Hygrometer

Everyone understands the importance of maintaining the right humidity and temperature of key areas in the house like attics, basements, fridges, and the like. But monitoring them round the clock seems impossible. Thankfully, SensorPush was born.

The SensorPush thermometer and hygrometer are compact and easy to use smart devices that track the condition of places usually prone to humidity.

Priced at $49, you can use the sensor using your phone’s Bluetooth for alerts and data. What’s great about this device is its tiny size and long battery life (which lasts for more than 2 years).


Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Through the MyQ app, you can seamlessly open and close your garage door using this smart garage control. This universal control is a great upgrade to your current garage door opener since it works with all major brands of door openers made after 1993.

While it needs basic installation, the easy step by step instructions found in the MyQ app, even the non-techies can easily use the control in a matter of minutes.

This control also features a smart collaboration (for free) between your MyQ account and Google Assistant. For only $29, worrying whether you have left your garage door open when you leave the house is no longer an issue.


Govee Smart Plug

This $30 smart wifi plug works with Google Assistant and Alexa. It features a smart app control that lets you easily power your home appliances with just a few taps on the Govee home app. Or better yet, control your devices using voice commands with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Because of the smart plug’s tiny and compact design, you can easily secure it in any wall socket. There is also a grouping function feature where you can program multiple devices using multiple of these plugs to control (switch on/off) simultaneously. It also features a timer setting that sets schedules for your devices to automatically turn off or on.


Maxonar Smart LED Strip Lights

This 5-meter smart LED strip lights costs only $19.99 and features wireless light strips that you can conveniently control on your phone or via voice commands. Turn on or off your lights, change the color or modes, brighten or dim the lights—all these can be achieved with these smart led strip lights.

This strip light has 300 lights and has premium bright 5050 LED lights. Although it is mist waterproof, these lights cannot be secured in environments with water droplets for longer periods of time.

Other features include support timer function and ambient lighting, making it great addition to your kitchen, dining room, under your cabinet, garden, bedroom, balcony, patio, and even for a party.

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