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How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to a Smart Bathroom?

Smart bathrooms are becoming a popular choice for home renovation. Particularly as younger generations enter the housing market, upgrading a home bathroom to a smart bathroom can help to sell a house quickly and at a higher price, since younger, tech-savvy generations will pay for convenience and utility. But how much does it cost to upgrade to a smart bathroom?

Analysts report that home renovators can recoup most of their investment spent on upgrading a bathroom. So whether homeowners plan to sell in the future, or they just want to enjoy the convenience of new smart bathroom technology, upgrading is a great option.

In fact, many homeowners will choose to upgrade their bathroom because they have become discontent with their old design.

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But despite its widespread popularity, homeowners exhibit an apparent hesitation when it comes to upgrading to a smart bathroom. And rightly so, as upgrading to a smart bathroom isn’t exactly cheap. But by deciding which smart bathroom devices are most important to you, you can evaluate costs and set a budget.

Let’s explore today’s most popular smart bathroom devices, their average price range, and estimated costs of installation. We also discuss other important factors that impact costs of remodeling your bathroom with smart technology.

Also, check out our ultimate smart home guide for everything you need to know about emerging smart technology.

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What is a Smart Bathroom?

A smart bathroom is a form of modern home improvement that lets you interact with your bathroom by interfacing with smart devices.

A smart bathroom utilizes technologies that, above all else, enable you to tailor the features of your bathroom to your liking, from the opacity of your shower glass to the lighting in it.

It’s also about convenience. Smart bathrooms often allow you to control your favorite bathroom devices using voice commands, such as Alexa and Good. This allows you to conveniently customize your smart bathroom to your tastes and needs at the touch of your finger, or sound of your voice.

Key Point: A smart bathroom leverages the latest smart technologies to improve functionality and convenience.

Why Upgrade to a Smart Bathroom?

There are some clear advantages to upgrading to a smart bathroom.

The first major advantage comes down to sustainability and convenience.

Smart bathrooms help you monitor and regulate water usage, temperature, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and even toiletries (such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap). These smart home technologies make management and cleaning of your bathroom a breeze.

Some of the best smart bathroom devices will report technical difficulties, some may even automatically call for assistance–scheduling a repairman to get them fixed or resolved in no time.

The second major advantage comes down to the cost-efficiency of the investment.

Adding a new bathroom can provide a return on investment of 86%? If you upgrade your bathroom so that persons with disabilities can use it with ease, you can call it a bathroom disability remodeling cost to raise your home resale value exponentially.

Main Takeaways: The advantages of upgrading to a smart bathroom come down to these main factors:

Cost efficiency
Return on investment
Better functionality

12 Smart Bathroom Devices and Their Installation Costs

We searched for the best products for each device and evaluated the average price. And to help you get a better picture, we also included installation costs and other expenses that might occur during the installation process. You can DIY some of these smart bathroom devices, and call for professional help for the more complex fixtures.

Pro tip: Completely gut your old bathroom before the bathroom renovation starts so you can save a ton of money on disposal fees. And you’ll save money by getting everything done at once, rather than paying workers to return on different occasions.

Smart Toilets

modern toilet and cost of smart toilets

Smart toilets are probably the first thing that comes to mind whenever you hear about smart bathrooms–probably because this was the first smart bathroom technology introduced. 

Smart toilets incorporate smart technology, allowing users to connect and interact with the device. Although this might seem uncomfortable, it’s surprisingly not. In fact, you probably won’t have a dull minute if you have a smart toilet. These are self-cleaning toilets with magnificent overflow protection.

The best smart toilets come fully packed with bidet toilet seats with customizable temperatures and water pressure, speakers, air dry nozzles, self-cleaning wands, and many more. If you plan on buying an expensive smart toilet, we’d recommend choosing the one with a bidet toilet seat and an air-dry nozzle since these are more hygienic than using traditional toilets with toilet paper.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

Smart toilets range in price from $2,000 to $5,000. The price will be determined by the features you desire. Extra automation, for example, would cost more. The average cost of most smart toilets with a built-in bidet toilet seat is around $3,000.

However, there are some excellent smart toilets in the range of $500 to $1,500. The trade-off in purchasing a more affordable smart toilet is that it may not have ALL of the features that you might expect.

Installing a smart toilet is similar to installing a standard toilet. The cost of installing a toilet ranges from $224 to $531, with $372 being the national average. Plumbers can charge anywhere from $60 to $250 per hour for labor, depending on the installation scope. However, some smart toilets may require wiring from an electrician. As such, a bathroom remodel including the electrical work may cost $750.

Check out our guide on whether smart toilets are worth the money.

Smart Toilet Upgrade Average Cost: $2,000 to 3,000

Smart Mirrors

smart mirror in modern bathroom

Smart mirrors are two-way mirrors with an LED display embedded into the glass powered by a computer. These mirrors can display anything from time and date to weather reports. Some smart mirrors can even tell you about your skin’s condition or fitness.

These smart home devices are available in various sizes, ranging from small table mirrors to full-length bathroom mirrors. Some can even be customized to become a double vanity mirror. These mirrors feature a defogger button, which works like a charm after using steam showers.

While smart mirrors are considered a small bathroom remodel, they can be costly. But the good news is that you and your interior designer will surely love this smart device. Consider buying one with a medicine cabinet if you have a small bathroom. 

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

Depending on the size and features, a smart mirror costs anywhere from $100 to $1,500. On average, smart mirrors with basic features, such as time and date and weather display, only cost an average of $150. Smaller smart mirrors, or tabletop mirrors, cost less than a hundred dollars. 

Average installation costs for smart mirrors range from $75 to $200 but will cost more if wiring, remodeling, or construction is involved. Labor costs vary depending on the extent of the installation and will increase accordingly. Some smart mirrors need extensive wiring, increasing the average bathroom remodel cost.

Smart Mirror Upgrade Average Cost: $1,100

Heated Bathroom Floor / Smart Floor

heated smart floor installation concept

You’ve most likely walked out of your tub and felt the cold on the bathroom floor. Remember that our feet have rich blood vessels that drastically affect our body temperature. The only way to not experience cold feet again is by installing a heated floor/smart bathroom floor.

A heated floor/smart floor is a form of heating system installed beneath your home’s flooring. Instead of heat circulating in the air, heat radiation distributes the temperature evenly from below using tubes with heated water or electrical heating. In addition, the room temperature is consistent from top to bottom rather than hot air rising from forced-air systems, which tends to unevenly distribute warmth to a room.

This bathroom remodel is usually done for master bathrooms.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

There are two bathroom remodeling types of heated floor: Hydronic and Electric. 

Hydronic solutions are a more cost-effective option for your bathroom remodels in the long run. Professional installation of hydronic heating systems ranges from $6 to $20 per square foot. Electric bathroom floor costs $8-$15 per square foot on average. But the real costs lies in the labor and remodeling needed to install the heated floor technology.

The total bathroom remodel cost for this is expensive since it will require an extensive bathroom floor plan before opening the floorboards. Wood flooring, however, will be more expensive. If you have some experience installing, wiring, and plumbing, DIY heating/smart floor installation can save you money or decrease the average bathroom remodel cost. 

A bathroom remodeling contractor will provide a smooth-sailing installation process for your heated bathroom floors. These professionals charge an average of $5,000, depending on your goals, bathroom size, and location. NY, for instance, has a high cost of living, so expect to pay higher material costs.

Furthermore, this is not a one-day bathroom remodel process, so expect to pay more for more involved and time-consuming floor remodeling.

Heated Floors/Smart Floors Upgrade Average Cost: $7,000

Smart Faucets

smart faucet concept

Smart faucets, unlike traditional faucets, are much more hygienic. And because of this, more and more people include smart faucets in their bathroom remodel plans. 

Smart faucets need a power source to function properly. Some run on batteries, and others require a power outlet. You may have to replace or recharge the batteries on occasion.

Smart faucets will also lose their smart features when there’s no power source, and you’ll be stuck with a conventional faucet. We find that the better option is to go with a model that’s wired directly to a power source.

But if you can’t afford the electrical work, going with a battery-powered model will be the better option for those on a budget.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

Smart faucets cost between $300 and $400 on average. You’ll also have to factor in labor costs because they usually require professional installation.

Installing a smart bathroom faucet costs between $260 and $480, assuming you don’t need any changes (like new plumbing). Though out of all though the smart devices for your bathroom, this is one of the more straightforward options for installing yourself.

So consider that route if you have the patience and you’re on a budget.

Smart Faucets Upgrade Average Cost: $700

Smart Showers

modern shower concept with smart technology

Most homeowners have experienced stepping into the shower and expecting to bathe in warm water but end up with a rude awakening shower. Fortunately, this all-too-common morning wake-up call may soon be suggest that traditional showers are obsolete.

The smart shower, the latest craze in bathroom design, uses digital technology to make showering and bathing more enjoyable.

Upgrading to a smart shower is a smart move, because they can control water temperature with much better regularity–and some models even allow for user presets. So that each family member gets to enjoy their ideal water temperature without any pesky guess work or waiting around.

Smart showers also automate and track water control, which will help you to monitor water usage. Electronic controls regulate such tasks in a smart shower and provide new capabilities. You can use a digital touchpad, voice command, phone, or smart speaker to control your smart shower–to turn on music, adjust temperature, water pressure, and more.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

Smart Shower Systems for Beginners: $1,200 to $2,000. Smart Shower Systems for the Middle Class will be about $3,000 or more. Smart Shower Systems for those with money to spend: $10,000 to $25,000 or more.

An electrician, a plumber, and someone to finish the wall area are usually required for labor when you begin this bathroom remodel. Wall finishing costs $75 to $125, and labor costs $350 to $375. A plumber typically charges between $75 and $130 per hour. It takes around 2 hours to rough in new plumbing, then another 3 to 4 hours to install the surround and trim, for a total of 5 to 6 hours of work.

Installing a prefab unit might cost anywhere from $370 to $780.

Smart Showers Upgrade Average Cost: $2,500 to $4,500

Smart Water Assistant

water flowing from faucet using smart water assistant

As the world’s population grows, conserving water supplies responsibly becomes a higher priority for many home owners. It’s only reasonable to include smart water assistants in your bathroom remodel plans to safeguard and preserve water.

We are responsible for learning everything about water conservation and how to keep our supplies clean and secure for future generations because we all rely on it to live.

Pipe bursts, toilet flapper leaks, and leakage in supply-line hoses to clothes and dishwashers will all be detected by a smart water assistant. This updated bathroom technology will also notify you if your water has been running for longer than usual, saving you money on electricity bills and helping you save more water.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

Smart water assistants for a bathroom range from $200 to $1,000, depending on the installed system.

Some homeowners may require the services of a plumber to complete the installation. This can add $200-$500 to the installation costs, depending on the installation length and the plumber’s hourly fee.

Smart Water Assistant Upgrade Average Cost: $950

Smart Glass / Adjustable Privacy Glass

modern bathroom glass walls

Long gone are the days of shower curtains. Today’s bathroom designers are no longer limited to brick and mortar walls or wooden doors, as smart glass can function as either an opaque wall or a clear window.

The invention of smart glass/adjustable privacy glass is really a game-changer in bathroom renovation and home improvement. These smart home devices provide a luxurious feel and help lessen the use of plastic and fabric needed in traditional windows and curtains.

Smart glass is active and multipurpose, transforming a typically static material into a modular one. Natural lighting, UV lighting, and infrared lighting can all be controlled with this technique. Adjustable privacy glass in the bathroom makes the space feel larger while complementing the minimalist interior design, perfect for people with small bathrooms.

Average Installation Cost and Installation Cost

Installing smart glass in your bathroom windows ranges from $35 to $150 per square foot. It will cost $50 to $150 per square foot to replace the glass in your windows with pre-film glass. The total cost of installing a smart glass in your traditional bathroom should be between $25 and $50 per square foot.

Smart Glass/Adjustable Privacy Glass Upgrade Average Cost: $90/square foot

Smart Scales

smart scale

You’ve probably thought about adding a smart scale to your bathroom if you’re a health-conscious person. Smart scales are electronic scales with additional functions. These features may make it easier for people to achieve their fitness and wellness goals than traditional bathroom scales.

The best smart scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), these devices can also record biometric information such as body fat, bone density, resting heart rate, and water percentage. Smart scales can track and store data and communicate with other smart devices such as fitness trackers and smartphones.

Users can also set goals, track progress, and share statistics. These smart devices are an excellent option for adding smart tech to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

The best smart scales cost between $20 and $180.

Because these are portable smart home devices, there’s no need for labor or installation expenses. The total bathroom remodel cost for this one should only be the product cost and shipping fee.

Smart Scales Average Cost: $80

Chromatherapy Lights

remote-controlled smart light

Homeowners are often including innovative lighting technology that’s designed to positive influence moods. You can add this as a chromatherapy lights as an overhead light to your smart shower to have a more relaxing feel.

Chromotherapy is a type of therapy based on the healing properties of color. It is defined as a technique aimed at stimulating the senses, redressing any imbalances caused by daily stresses, and creating a more positive state of mind.

Most people install these lights above their showerheads or soaking tubs. According to experts, just 30 minutes of color therapy per day is enough to reap the benefits, which include:

  • It aids in recharging energies, reducing both physical and mental fatigue.
  • It aids in the reduction of sleep disorders.
  • It alleviates symptoms of pain 
  • It stimulates the nervous system.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

Chromatherapy lights are inexpensive, ranging from $13 to $20. You might think that installing lights is so straightforward that you can do it yourself. Amateurs should avoid DIY-ing smart home lights unless they are just hooking a bulb into the wall. Making a mistake can be dangerous.

The installation/total cost for luxurious chromatherapy lights can cost anywhere between $90 and $350. 

Chromatherapy Lights Average Cost: $500

Water Recycler

modern plumbing work

Think about how you’ll be able to take a long, hot shower and then take a bath in separate tub without wasting additional water or electricity. If you’re planning to upgrade to a smart bathroom, consider a water recycler.

In fact, this is one upgrade that benefits your entire house–instead of your bathroom alone. Or for more affordable models, they can be attached directly a shower or bath to recycle its water.

A recirculating shower, which filters, sterilizes, and reuses water that would otherwise go down the bathroom drain, makes longs showers guilt-free. This smart home system saves up to 90% water and 80% energy compared to a traditional shower.

It is feasible to set up a water recycling system on your own, but it will take a lot of time and effort. It not only necessitates considerable plumbing work, but the process itself is time-consuming. Even do-it-yourselfers frequently hire a plumber for at least a portion of the task.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

A water recycling system typically costs between $1,000 and $4,000, with an average of $2,500. Costs range from $700 for a simple system running from your laundry room to your yard to $20,000 or more for a more complex, whole-house system.

Water Recycler Upgrade Average Cost: $2,500

Smart Soap Dispensers

smart soap dispenser

After planning and thinking about bathroom remodel costs, you might as well add a smart soap dispenser to your bathroom, because they’ve become surprisingly affordable.

Automatic soap dispensers come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and designs, and the ones for your home don’t necessarily need to look like the ones you might find in public restrooms. Automatic soap dispensers are becoming increasingly popular due to their design varieties, affordability, and overall convenience.

Instead of using the more usual and traditional bar soap, which can be dirty, inconvenient, and spread germs. These smart soap dispensers provide a liquid or foam solution that cuts down on messes, and keeps your washroom appearing smooth and professional.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

After scouring the web for price comparisons, smart soap dispensers’ total costs are only between $14 and $50, with an average of $25. Also, there’s no need for any installation since most of these smart home devices are not mounted.

Smart Soap Dispensers Average Cost: $25

Smart Toilet Paper Dispensers

close up of toilet paper in a modern bathroom

A smart toilet paper dispenser monitors your usage and alerts you when it runs out of toiletries. Some of these smart devices can automatically order more from your Amazon account when you’re about to run out of something.

This device will keep people from hoarding rolls because its algorithm can predict when you’ll need more, which cuts out the need for over-ordering.

It also orders on your behalf ahead of time, unlike some alternatives, which buy replacements on a set schedule.

Average Price Range and Installation Cost

This smart device only costs between $20 and $150, with an average of $90. You don’t need to hire someone to install this smart home device. You can do this project yourself.

And because of its affordability, you can buy one for the primary bathroom and the guest bath.

Smart Toilet Paper Dispensers Average Cost: $90

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to a Smart Bathroom?

After thorough research and calculations, we’ve concluded that homeowners spend at least $20,000 for a smart bathroom upgrade.

But then again, bathroom remodel costs will decrease or increase based on your bathroom’s size, needs, product choice, material prices, length of labor, and location. Luckily, some bathroom remodeling contractors are more than willing to give you free estimates.

On the other hand, if you can completely gut your bathroom in one fell swoop, and install some of the upgrades yourself, the total bathroom remodel cost could decrease by upwards of 30%.

Conclusion: Many homeowners will find that they do not need ALL of these smart bathroom devices that we talk about above. By limiting your remodel to the more affordable devices, you can drastically lower the estimated cost of upgrading to a smart bathroom.

But if you desire the a top-of-the-line smart bathroom with all of the bells and whistles, we recommend renovating your existing bathroom all at once; or to construct an entirely new bathroom with a floor plan designed to accommodate your fancy smart tech.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading to a Smart Bathroom

Of course, there’s more to knowing how much it will cost to upgrade to a smart bathroom. Planning and careful consideration are key elements of any successful home renovation.

So let’s finish by answering some of the most important questions relating to this process.

Which smart bathroom devices should I upgrade first? 

Bathroom remodeling is expensive, and so it’s important to set goals before investing in a remodel.

Determine if you’re remodeling to increase home value, functionality, or aesthetics. Without careful consideration, homeowners may find themselves over-leveraged in super expensive renovation projects.

We would suggest opting for value.

First, upgrade to a smart toilet and add a smart shower. After adding a new shower, you can add a affordable smart devices like a smart mirror, smart scale, and smart soap dispensers. The bathroom remodel costs for these upgrades are lower than other construction jobs, such as the luxurious heated floor.

For this renovation plan, the total budget average would amount to about $6,000 or less purchasing mid-tier products. But with these additions, anyone who visits your bathroom will notice how high tech and enjoyable it is–but you want need to spend a crazy amount or hire a contractor, since all of these devices can be installed by DIY style.

Should I upgrade my bathroom piece by piece or all at once?

Once you start with your high-end bathroom remodel, it would be best if you do it all at once.

There are various advantages to completing your renovation project all at once. It allows you to design more widely and determine how plans will flow together without issues.

You can rearrange the floor plan, remove a space, or repurpose it. It also allows you to arrange the overall layout of subsystems like plumbing, electrical, and framing.

Another benefit of a complete remodel is that you may receive a discount or “package” price from your bathroom remodeling contractor because the entire project will be completed at once.

Is it better to renovate an old bathroom or build a new smart bathroom?

When it comes to deciding whether to build new or refurbish, it frequently boils down to which bathroom remodel cost is more cost-effective.

Most of the time, homeowners renovate their bathrooms simply because they don’t have the means to build a new one. However, this idea might not always work. It may take longer and leave you spending much more on labor and material costs.

Most old and outdated bathrooms don’t have the necessary components and space a smart bathroom needs. Building from scratch allows you the most influence over the final appearance and functionality of the smart bathroom.

With a new structure, you may customize everything to match your desired size and style. And while costly, it will be prudent to hire a contractor to plan out this entire process for your start to finish. The end result will be a highly attractive and convenient state-of-the-art smart bathroom that’s worth showing off!

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