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10 of the Best Smart Hair Dryers on the Market

If you love hair dryers, then you should check out the recent innovations of smart technology.

The newest generation of smart hair dryers provide an array of amazing features to dry your hair more efficiently without the risks associated with older models.

By implementing smart sensor technology, the new generation of hair dryers can sense the moisture and temperature of your hair. They then adjust accordingly to preserve the health of your hair, while drying at an optimal rate.

Key Point: If you want a new hair dryer, consider one with smart technology. The value of the available features justifies the cost, especially when it comes to the best smart hair dryers on the market.

Best Smart Hair Dryers on the Market

1 - Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
2 - Conair 1875W Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer
Conair 1875W Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer
3 - Remington Proluxe HydraCare Dryer
Remington Proluxe HydraCare Dryer
4 - Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer
Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer
5 - Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer
Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer
6 - Panasonic Nanoe 1875W EH-NA65-K Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer
Panasonic Nanoe 1875W EH-NA65-K Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer
7 - Jinri Negative Ionic Blow Dryer
Jinri Negative Ionic Blow Dryer
9 - Xpoliman Negative Ionic Hair Dryer
Xpoliman Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

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Are High End Hair Dryers Worth the Money?

10 of the Best Smart Hair Dryers on the Market

A hair dryer since is a considered a daily essential.

It lets you dry your hair quickly after taking a long, hot shower, dipping in the pool, or hitting the ocean.

Whether you want to add more volume to your hair or keep straight and flowy, a hair dryer can help you achieve the perfect look with the new blow drying technological innovation.

The sheer number of hair dryers in the market can make the selection quite a struggle for many.

The fact is, hair dryers come in different types, materials, and power motors. There are hair dryers for straight hair, thin or thick hair, short or long hair, frizzy hair, and curly or straight hair. 

Although hair dryers work wonders, knowing how to blow dry and apply the right heat settings are equally important. Standards dictate that if you have fine hair, you need a hair dryer with multiple heat and speed settings.

These features allow you to have better control of the tool, which can help reduce hair breakage.

The key to purchasing the right hair dryer begins with the understanding your hair type, your hair drying habits, and the technology used in the tool. But today, shoppers can pick a hair dryer that does more than you might have imagined.

Bottom Line: While previously one might argue that high-end hair dryers offered little to justify their cost, recent innovations in available technology changed everything! The best hair dryers are now certainly worth the money if you benefit from their features.

How Has Smart Technology Improved Hair Dryers?

Today’s hair dryers are designed with built-in state-of-the-art technologies that do more than just drying!

The most innovative products are designed to help prevent the heat from damaging your hair. The latest blow dryers or hair dryer brushes come with heat protectant and negative ions to keep the hair healthy and smooth.

Also, gone are the days when hair dryers did one thing and one thing only: to dry your wet hair, that is.

Today, hair dryers often provide specialty functions and come in many forms:

  • Professional hair dryers
  • Anti frizz hair dryers
  • Travel hair dryers
  • Ionic hair dryers
  • Ceramic hair dryers
  • Diffuser hair dryers

It doesn’t matter if you have curly, frizzy, straight, dry, long, thin, thick, smooth, and oily or shiny hair; there is a product for your hair type!

If you want to upgrade your bathroom to a full smart bathroom, consider our smart home guides:

Bottom Line: Thanks to innovative smart technology, hair dryers these days have gone from the big, awkward types without a built-in heat source to take-anywhere-with-you versions with multiple heat settings. 

Best Smart Hair Dryers on the Market

Are you in the market for the best hair dryer?

Here are the latest smart hair dryer brands and models that stand out, and could be your next favorite!


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Who Should Buy It: Ideal for people with curly, frizzy, or wavy hair

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: Shoppers on a budget or prefer a cheaper brand of hair dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, one of today’s priciest blow dryers on the market, boasts three magnetic attachments that you can easily and quickly adjust. Through the magnetic attachments, you can use a styling concentrator, a smoothing nozzle, and a diffuser in one device.

With intelligent heat control, the Supersonic measures air temperature more than 40 times per second and regulates the heat while blow drying. This innovative feature prevents extreme damage to the hair, helping you achieve the perfect shine and volume.

Unlike traditional hair dryers, the Supersonic has no motor behind its nozzle. It is placed on the handle, with the motor sucking in air through the filter located in the base. The unique design makes the Supersonic lightweight and portable enough for travel.

When it comes to multiple heat and speed settings, the Supersonic has four precise heat settings, three precise speed settings, and an 82°F cold shot for setting your hair after styling it.


Conair 1875W Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Who Should Buy It: Ideal for people with curly and frizzy hair, and people on a budget.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People with straight hair since it doesn’t provide hair’s maximum volume look.

The Conair 1875W Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer is an inexpensive yet high-quality hair dryer that is recognized for being lightweight and compact. It is integrated with tourmaline ceramic technology and a high torque DC motor for faster hair drying. Thanks to its infrared heat, this Conair blow dryer is capable of gently and quickly drying your hair while reducing heat damage.

With an ergonomic design, the no-slip grip offers more comfortable hairstyling. Apart from its tourmaline ceramic technology, this Conair hair dryer has ionic technology for reducing frizz by eliminating static electricity from your hair. 

This ionic ceramic hair dryer provides maximum hair styling function, and comes with a cool shot button that locks your hair according to your preference and style. It also has 3-heat and 2-speed customer dryer settings for different types of hair.


Remington Proluxe HydraCare Dryer

Who Should Buy It: People who like a variety of attachments

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who are always on the go due to its bulky and unusual design

When it comes to a balance between quick drying time and heat performance, the Remington Proluxe HydraCare Dryer is a high-quality blow dryer that is integrated with a heat sensor.

Its HydraCare Sensor protects hair from ultimate heat damage, continuously regulating the temperature of air concentrated on your hair. 

The Proluxe HydraCare features a Moisture Lock Conditioning Technology for preserving hair’s moisture balance by releasing micro-conditioners. This blow dryer also has multiple heat and speed settings so you can adjust airflow performance according to styling and preference. The HydraCare also includes a cold shot setting for locking your hairstyle in place.

With ionic conditioning, the blow dryer evenly distributes millions of ions for a smoother, shinier finish.

It also features a powerful digital monitor for delivering a maximum of 80mph of airspeed, allowing 50% faster blow drying of your hair. If you are in a hurry for an early meeting or appointment, the Remington Proluxe HydraCare Dryer is an excellent option for your hairstyling must-haves.


Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer

Who Should Buy It: People who want to have an introduction to using a blow dryer, ideal for people on a budget

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who prefer a premium blow drying experience or those who are more comfortable with longer cables

If you are new to the hair dryer arena, the Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer is a great option. Falling within the $40 price range, it is one of the cheapest blow dryers you can invest in for your hairstyling must-haves.

This hair dryer from Hot Tools is built with smart ionic technology that reduces static and frizz for a more voluminous, healthy-looking, and shinier hair. It has a durable motor designed for turbo drying with maximum airflow, providing you with 40% faster-drying results.

Ideal for curly, straight, long, short, thin, or thick hair, the Pro Signature Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer comes with a six-heat and two-speed combinations for your styling needs. Apart from multiple heat and speed settings, this hair dryer has a cool shot button to help keep your hairstyle in place.

A must-have for custom styling, this blow dryer comes with a diffuser and concentrator as bonus attachments for more enhanced hairstyling. Its removable lint filter makes it easier for you to clean the device, prolonging its lifespan. 


Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Who Should Buy It: People with frizzy and curly hair; people who love noise-free hair dryers

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who are picky and sensitive to heat in the attachments; people with a sensitive scalp and those who already have brittle or dry hair

The Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer features a lightweight 2200W DC motor with HeatPro Technology. With constant temperature and more concentrated airflow, you can quickly dry your hair while reducing noise by 42% compared to traditional blow dryers.

Its wide bowl diffuser can evenly distribute heat from root to tip. This professional hair dryer also features staggered prongs for gently catching curls for an anti-frizz finish regardless of hair type.

It is one of the best curl-enhancing blow dryers integrated with two concentrators and one diffuser. The diffuser attachment creates more defined waves and curls while preserving hair moisture for softer, shinier hair.

It is built on ceramic tourmaline technology that produces infrared heat, allowing to dry hair from the inside out. Its integrated ionic system also boosts hydration for more frizz-free hair, reducing extreme damage while keeping hair 36% smoother, shinier, and softer compared to standard hair dryers.

 Trezoro’s ergonomic design on its Ionic Salon Hair Dryer makes it lightweight and portable, with a firmly attached diffuser, removable filter, and hanging loop.


Panasonic Nanoe 1875W EH-NA65-K Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer

Who Should Buy It: People who prefer a variety of attachments, people who want to have a super shiny and smooth finish

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who are always traveling or on-the-go

The Panasonic Nanoe 1875W EH-NA65-K hair dryer is one of the most powerful hairdryers available on the market. It is an ionic blow dryer built with nanoe technology that allows moisture from the air, releasing moisture-rich ions.

The super-fine ions penetrate every hair strand for healthier, less damaged hair due to everyday brushing and heat exposure.

The blow dryer consists of three attachments for drying and styling, including the full-size diffuser for curly or wavy hair, the concentrator nozzle for precision styling, and the quick-dry nozzle for even styling. Hairstylists can customize the intensity of airflow and heat temperature using its 3-temperature and 2-fan settings.

It also has a cool-shot button for keeping your hairstyles in place and lasts longer throughout the day.

The Panasonic Nanoe includes a 9ft., 360-degree rotating power cord for more flexible hairstyling, a hanging loop for safe-keeping, and an easy-to-clean removable filter to help keep the hair dryer’s peak performance and prolong its lifespan.


Jinri Negative Ionic Blow Dryer

Who Should Buy It: People who use a hair dryer daily, ideal for those who want a complete attachment package; people with thin to medium hair that’s more prone to fly away and frizz.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People with longer and thicker hair since it takes time to dry hair, not ideal for people with mobility issues as the hair dryer is heavy when using attachments.

Are you having a hard time with flyaways and frizz? The Jinri Negative Ionic Blow Dryer is one of the best hair dryers for this hair type. It is powered by a 1875W AC motor, releasing powerful wind in a noise-free device. The blow dryer features negative ion technology that helps decrease drying time. With its ionic technology, it breaks down moisture in the air and allows water particles to evaporate quickly.

The infrared heat technology allows the heat to penetrate deeper at a lower temperature, drying hair from the inside out. While the heat temperature isn’t as robust as other heavy-duty blow dryers, the good news is that it can be for daily use without damaging your hair.

The blow dryer features 3-heat and 2-speed settings, allowing hairstylists to adjust according to preference. Through the cool shot button, it directs a burst of cold air to lock in your style for long-lasting hold and shine.

Jinri’s Ionic Blow Dryer also comes with three attachments, namely a diffuser for defining curly hair while reducing frizz, a concentrator nozzle for precision styling on smooth and straight hair, and a Hair Pik for detangling hair.

The Hair Pik is an excellent feature for individuals with Afro hair, helping them lift the roots and create voluminous hair after drying.


GHD Helios

Who Should Buy It: People who want to have super-fast drying performance; people who love a variety of colors to choose from or people who prefer a brushless hair dryer

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who are on a budget

Do you have a hectic morning schedule? The GHD Helios is a go-to hair dryer for those who want a super quick and easy way of blow-drying. It is one of the lightest and fastest-performing professional hairdryers in its product line. The Helios features an ultra-powerful brushless DC motor producing airflow of up to 75mph for optimal drying performance.

GHD Helios has an Aeroprecis technology integrated into its contoured nozzle for a more concentrated airflow and temperature. With advanced ionic technology, this hairdryer eliminates flyaways and frizz for longer-lasting and 30% more shine and smoothness.

This blow dryer is portable enough to be brought on any occasion, including on the beach, during hair and make-up sessions, long haul and short-haul travel, and even in the office. It has a longer AC cable and is significantly noise-free compared to other standard hairdryers.

For added versatility, GHD has a variety of styling products that offer state-of-the-art hairstyling technology to help you achieve salon-like results.


Xpoliman Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

Who Should Buy It: Ideal for people with curly/frizzy hair, damaged hair, or sensitive scalp

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who are particular with attachments, people who are always on the go or travel often

The Xpoliman Negative Ionic Hair Dryer is one of the best options on this list for people with frizzy or curly hair. It operates on a 2000W AC motor, featuring a strong airflow that makes it easier and quicker to dry hair within minutes. This product has pure copper movement and high-speed turbine movement, producing 10,000rps of powerful winds and airflow.

One of its unique safety features is the US ALCI safety plug with leakage protection and overheat protection. The feature automatically activates when there’s leakage of electricity or a short circuit. Apart from that, it also has a removable air filter to help clean the product and provide optimum performance in every hair drying session.

Similar to most hair dryers on this list, Xpoliman negative ionic hair dryer has a three heat, two speed, and one cool shot button. Bonus attachments, including a diffuser, comb, and concentrator nozzle are already included in the package.

With a 2-meter or 6.6 ft wire, hairstylists won’t have a hard time moving around using this product during hair and make-up sessions. This blow dryer also has a hanging loop so you can safely store it anywhere conveniently.


Shark HyperAIR HD112BRN

Who Should Buy It: Perfect for people with super curly hair; people who prefer a high-quality diffuser

Who Shouldn’t Buy It: People who are on a tight budget or prefers a cheaper option; people who prefer a removable filter

The Shark HyperAIR HD112BRN includes a comprehensive attachment package of choice. It features a HyperAIR IQ technology that combines ionized air and high-velocity heated air for super-quick drying without extreme heat damage. The HyperAIR also features auto-optimized heat and speed settings, and dual optical sensors for automatically recognizing styles and intuitively adjusting airflow and heat.

HyperAIR’s intelligent control system can measure heat temperature of a maximum of 1,000x per second. Through this feature, there will be even air distribution and consistent temperature to keep hair safe from extreme heat damage. Depending on preference and hair type, the adjustable heat and airflow settings can be increased or decreased manually to low, medium, and high levels.

HyperAIR includes the IQ curl-defining diffuser that offers even drying from root to tip and is suitable for coily, curly, and wavy hair. The blow dryer can also be complemented with the IQ 2-in-1 concentrator for quick dry and style setup and is suitable for straight hair. However, both the IQ 2-in-1 concentrator and IQ diffuser can be bought together for the ultimate hairstyling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To know what smart hair dryer will be ideal for you, we may need to answer some more questions for you first.

In this section, we’ll answer the most common questions surrounding hair dryer smart technology and their attachments.

Just click the question in blue for a drop down answer!

Is a Heat Gun better than a Hair Dryer?

The main difference between a heat gun vs. a hair dryer is its maximum temperature range. A heat gun can heat up to 1300°F, while a hair dryer can only heat 145°F as the highest temperature.

Given the heating capacity of heat guns, these devices are for industrial or home improvement purposes only, including paint drying, commercial defrosting, and removing paints and floor coverings.

Therefore, a heat gun is not suitable for drying hair as it causes extreme heat damage to the hair.

What is a Brushless Hair Dryer?

Brushless hair dryers use the latest technology built on hair dryers, integrated with electronics and magnets to operate the brushless motor.

Unlike traditional AC motor-powered hair dryers, brushless hair dryers have air outlets for increasing the airflow distributed by the motor. They have a 40% higher airflow speed, making brushless hair dryers some of the fastest hairdryers available on the market.

While brushless hair dryers are some of the most expensive hair dryers available, the lifetime is between five to ten years compared to traditional hairdryers with a one to two years lifespan.

Since brushless hair dryers have stronger airflow, are lightweight, and quiet, they are a worthy investment.

What does a Hair Dryer Concentrator Do?

A hair dryer concentrator or concentrator nozzle is one of the most commonly used accessories for blow dryers.

It is a flat, duckbill-looking device made of plastic that is attached to the hair dryer. It directs heat to specific areas of hair, allowing hair styling more concentrated, easier, and controllable.

This accessory also helps prevent hair from getting burnt from the metal piece on the hair dryer itself. Dry hair is ideal before using hair dryer concentrators since blow drying for a long time can result in extremely hot accidental patches.

What is the Best Overall Smart Hair Dryer?

While preferences and styles vary when choosing the best option for a smart hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is our #1 choice of smart hair dryer.

Given its comprehensive features, lightweight, pleasing audible frequency, and magnetic attachments, it can easily be considered the Swiss Knife of hair/blow dryers.

Whether you’re catching up for an early appointment or travel often for work, the Supersonic is also an excellent companion for your styling must-haves on the go.

What is the Most Affordable Smart Hair Dryer?

Our choice for the most affordable smart hair dryer is the Hot Tools Pro Signature 1875W Turbo Ionic hair dryer.

New hairstylists or consumers who want to achieve salon-like styling and experience can make the most out of this hair dryer for less than $50. The package already comes with a diffuser and concentrator for more defined natural waves and enhanced blowouts.

For beginners, using the Pro Signature blow dryers provides simple and self-explanatory ways to adjust the six custom heat and speed settings. With an ergonomic and lightweight design, it’s easy to use and operate this blow dryer through its soft-touch comfort grip.

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