Best Heated Toilet Seat

The 10 Best Heated Toilet Seats

Suffering from ‘Cold Tush Disorder’? A trip to the loo shouldn’t make you squirm. Find the relief you need in our ranking of the best heated toilet seats. 

We’ve all been there: It’s the middle of the night, you’re half asleep, you wander into the bathroom to do your business wanting to quickly go back to bed only to be jolted awake once you sit down on that icy old toilet seat. Don’t let this happen to you. Pick from the best heated toilet seats in our ranking, and you’ll go in comfort, no matter what time of the day or night nature happens to call.

It may seem at first like a heated toilet seat is a frivolous expense you can do without. But in addition to comfort, there are some real, sensible reasons to upgrade, and if there’s one place to treat yourself right, it’s in the bathroom, isn’t it? Much of the rest of the world is already using the bidet functions common among heated toilet seats. So why aren’t you?

Getting to the heat of the matter, the MORDEER C600 heated toilet seat took top spot in our ranking for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to find out everything we liked about MORDEER, but in brief: MORDEER is the SIAA-approved product in our list. Having the seal of approval from Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles ensures product safety, reliability, and cleanliness, with automatically adjusting temperature control that never overheats. 

The Heated Toilet Seat We RAVE About

Best Overall
Kohler PureWarmth
Best Runner-Up
Kohler PureWarmth
FlexiHome Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat
Best Customizable
FlexiHome Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat
Best for Kids

In this ranking, we’ll tell you all the heated toilet seat features you’ve been missing, a bit about how to choose a heated toilet seat, and, of course, we present 10 of the very best heated toilet seats available. 

So whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, or you’re simply tired of that old wooden seat you’ve been using, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the best heated toilet seats in the following four categories: best overall, best runner-up, most customizable, and best for kids. 

It’s time to quit crossing your legs, because after choosing a heated toilet seat, you’ll be more than ready to go with the flow.

Besides heat, what other features set the toilet seats in our ranking apart from the competition? Before going into greater detail about why we included each product in our ranking, let’s first talk a bit about why heated toilet seats really are worth the extra expense. 

How Does a Heated Toilet Seat Work?

Besides the heating element, many products in our ranking include the following features: an integrated nozzle for the bidet functionality, night-lights for safety (so as not to disturb the rest of your household), an air dryer for when you’re finished, an air deodorizer—and they save paper. Each seat works a bit differently (some even come with a remote control), but one thing that remains pretty much consistent among all heated toilet seats: They’re just as easy to install as any other kind of toilet, with nothing more than a screwdriver.

Are Toilet Seats Worth it?

Heated toilet seats are more expensive than the conventional kind, no question. But if you’re still not convinced they’re worth the upgrade, here are some additional points to consider:

Warm toilet seats are therapeutic. The muscle relaxation and improved blood flow from heated toilet seats can have tangible health benefits.

The luxury settings are worth it. Those who try the kind of features included in many heated toilet seats, like massage jets and a warm dryer, and hot-water bidet, swear they’ll never go back.

They’re easy to install and very energy efficient. Yes, heated toilet seats do require energy, but most of the very best brands also have an energy-saving mode to help conserve energy. Plus, like we said earlier, all that’s required to install the seat is a screwdriver and a place to plug it in. Even the least handy among us can handle that much home improvement.

They’re comfortable! From middle-of-the-night bathroom visits, to scrolling on your phone, and from reading a book to simply carving out a little “me time,” we spend more time than we think on the toilet. Why not enjoy it?

How to Choose a Heated Toilet Seat

In addition features already mentioned, here’s what to look for in your first heated toilet seat:

The Shape of the Seat

Heated toilet seats come in the following shapes: 

  • Elongated
  • Round
  • Semi-elongated

No matter what shape seat you choose, just make sure it fits your toilet.

The Power Source

Most heated toilet seats run on 115 volts, and it’s best to plug them into a GFI wall outlet, shutting off the electricity whenever there’s a power imbalance. This is particularly important when using electric appliances around water, because the only thing worse than a cold toilet seat is an electric shock! What’s most important though is to consider whether or not there’s a safe and available power source for the seat before you make your purchase.

Available Features and How They Are Controlled

In addition which features and functions you need and which ones you can do without, you should also consider how those features and functions are controlled. Typically, heated toilet seats have a remote or they run through a digital control panel on the side of the seat. Furthermore many seats not only heat up, they have multiple heat settings, depending on the season or on the preference of the person using the toilet. These controls also typically operate the air dryer, the night-light, and the bidet. 

The Number of Nozzles and How They Operate

There’s more to know about the nozzles included with a heated toilet seat than might be expected. Bidet-style seats usually have either one or two nozzles, and they can also perform the following functions:

  • Both posterior and feminine washes are available from many dual-nozzle seats.
  • Many nozzles also oscillate to cover more real estate and help ensure cleanliness.
  • Some nozzles are made from stainless steel, making them more durable and more hygienic.
  • Choose a self-cleaning nozzle for extra convenience.

In our effort to bring you the 10 best heated toilet seats, RAVE Reviews conducted our own research, examined piles of user reviews, and triangulated similar rankings from trusted and reputable sources from all across the internet. Each toilet seat included had to earn high marks on the following characteristics:

  • Available features and functions
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Shape and fit
  • Price and quality construction
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Positive user reviews

In some sense, heated toilet seats are relatively simple while some are very complex and there’s a lot to know. If you’re new to heated toilet seats, you’ve come to the right place. When you gotta go, you gotta go. So let’s get started.

The Best Heated Toilet Seats



The Mordeer C600 earned top spot in our ranking for the quality of the heated seat itself — which is why we’re all here anyway, right? With Mordeer, all you have to do is sit down on the SIAA seat — SIAA being the mark of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles, ensuring product safety and reliability — and the temperature automatically adjusts without ever overheating.

The rate at which warm water is delivered is also exceptional, at less than six seconds, which is faster than most any heated toilet seat on the market. What’s more, the water reaches prime temp in less than a second! And top of all that, the advanced heating technology saves energy while also keeping your water as fresh as possible. 

There are also multiple cleaning modes offered by the C600, including an oscillating wash among many others. And for convenience, the seat will memorize your settings. Furthermore, the nozzle is self-cleaning, though you can choose to clean it by hand if that’s what you prefer. Don’t miss the bubble-infused water for a comfortable clean, and the four-temperature-level air dryer.


  • Controlled from a side panel
  • Slim design
  • More spacious


  • Confusing base-plate installation

Kohler PureWarmth

Runner-up for best heated toilet seat in our ranking is the Kohler PureWarmth. In addition to easily adjustable seat warmth, this Kohler offers everything you desire from a smart toilet seat, including three adjustable temperature settings (high, medium, and low), a night-light when the seat is down, and a task light once the seat is lifted. 

Additional features worth mentioning include a Quiet-Close lid and Quick-Release hinges for easy installation and convenient cleaning. It can all be controlled through an app that is compatible with smart devices and tablets. Heat and light levels can also be adjusted through the app, getting the toilet nice ‘n’ toasty before you arrive, and the 60-inch power cord stays hidden, helping keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy. 

The seat is oval in shape, made from plastic, and available only in white — and it also requires a dedicated GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet. Those who’ve tried the seat call it comfortable and easy to install. Many comment on the optional light illuminating the bowl, and multiple heat settings. Some say the buttons controlling heat and light levels are a bit difficult to use, however, and that they prefer making those adjustments through the app.


  • Installation tools included
  • Don’t need outlet near toilet
  • Lighting color changeable


  • Difficult to push buttons

FlexiHome Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat

The most customizable heated toilet seat in our ranking is the FlexiHome. Not only can you control the temperature of the seat, FlexiHome’s smart controls help you manage air and water temps as well as nozzle position and air pressure. There’s also a self-cleaning nozzle and innovative air isolation technology, helping to prevent sewage backflow, and a steel mesh filter, minimizing rust and other impurities. 

The FlexiHome is also remarkably hygienic. The nozzle is self-cleaning, before and after flushing, and —unlike many other seats —  there’s air isolation technology and steel mesh filtering. Additional details set FlexiHome even further apart from the competition, like soft-close damping, a night-light, and the seat is also completely waterproof.

Also notable, the FlexiHome is much sleeker and less assuming than other bidet seats, and users call it absolutely wonderful and easy to install. It is elongated, however, so it won’t work on round toilets.


  • Cuts down on toilet paper use
  • Low water consumption
  • Manual night-light settings


  • Toilet pre-clean sounds like leak
  • Air dryer weak, some say
  • Too big for some toilets


Looking for the best heated toilet seat to train a little tyke? Our next pick’s for you. The only heated toilet seat in our ranking with a kids mode is the VOVO STYLEMENT VB-5000SE. The VOVO is also highly customizable with five different nozzle positions, five levels of water pressure, three heat levels with bidet functions, and a host of other controls easily operated by the conveniently located side panel. 

The product is also remarkably energy efficient, according to reports, with an automatic power-save mode cutting energy usage. Don’t miss the soft-shine night-light, which is another great feature for kids, and the full stainless-steel nozzle for feminine, posterior, and even turbo wash. There’s also easy DIY installation with an easy-to-read guide included with purchase. Don’t miss the one-touch self-cleaning

We were particularly encouraged by reports that the automatic cleaning functions are thorough. There is no warm air dryer, however, but operating without a filter means one less thing you have to replace.


  • Subtle LED lighting
  • Retractable nozzle
  • Big weight capacity


  • Tough fit on some round toilets
  • No remote
  • Pressure too weak, for some


The oval shaped TOTO C100 is fifth in our ranking of the best heated toilet seats. In addition to a contoured heated seat with adjustable temperature settings, the C100 also offers an automatic air deodorizer with powerful filters, and an adjustable warm-air filer, reducing toilet paper use. There’s also PREMIST cleansing to cut down on cleaning, and a self-cleaning wand designed to prevent back splash.

This seat runs on two AA batteries, included with purchase, creating about 120 volts of energy. The electronic bidet seat, tee-connector, and mounting bracket also are all included in the kit. The seat is elongated in shape, made from plastic, and available in cotton white. Those who’ve had good luck with the seat comment that it is easy to install with only a Phillips head screwdriver and an adjustable-end wrench.

Additional comments describe the soft-mist cleansing that cleanses and a fan circulating air through a charcoal filter. When finished just select the stream you prefer, and let the water do it’s magic, helping you feel clean and refreshed. Some who use the dryer function, however, still find they need to use a little bit of toilet paper.


  • Smart Power-Saver feature
  • Easy to clean under the seat
  • Effective deodorizer


  • Seat too small for larger folks
  • Not enough pressure for some
  • Dryer not strong, some say

Trevi Bidet Toilet Seat

The next heated toilet seat we have to tell you about comes from Trevi. This elongated white toilet seat also offers rear and front wash from a stainless steel nozzle, and five — count ’em, five — different levels of water pressure. And not only is the Trevi seat heated, there’s both oscillating and massaging wash modes — luxurious! 

There’s also a self-cleaning feature, both before and after every flush, and a self-cleaning nozzle. What’s more, the nozzle-cleaning function is very easy to operate with the Trevi: Just press a button and a solid stream of water cleans the nozzle for two whole minutes! Installation is also very DIY with Trevi, and don’t miss the power-saving mode feature.

Those who’ve used Trevi say it installs in about 20 minutes, and most of that time is spent removing the old seat. In addition to the warm seat, many add that with Trevi, the warm water never runs out. But the nozzle positioning is a bit inconvenient, according to some.


  • Great value for price
  • Seat is comfortable
  • Replacement parts at Home Depot


  • Lights flicker during use for some
  • Controls hard to read for some

Brondell LumaWarm

Next up in our ranking is the Brondell LumaWarm. The features that caught our attention about LumaWarm include the night-light and a gently closing seat and lid. The highly ergonomic toilet seat is round in shape, and the controls are intuitive. We also like the four heat settings, and it’s all easy to install—no professional help required, according to reports.

The seat is powered through a standard GFI wall outlet. Unlike some seats, you can turn the heat off, if that’s what you prefer, or turn the light off with a simple on/off switch. Reports from those using the LumaWarm at home say the seat installs in less than 10 minutes and that it’s an especially good choice in an unheated bathroom in an unfinished basement, for example.

One consumer did have an issue with the side from which the cord extends (the left), but that problem is easily solved by running the power cord under the tank of the toilet. The low heat setting is pretty much body heat and difficult to notice, some say.


  • Solid build quality
  • Good choice for an RV
  • Blue light subtle


  • High too hot for some
  • Cord a bit short
  • Attachment bolts unusually spaced


One of the most customizable toilet seats in our ranking is the DB-1104 from Daelim Dobidos. This customization comes from settings to control water pressure, seat and water temps, and air-dry temperatures. In total, there are five customizable settings. Also worth mentioning, there’s an eco-mode that lets you save energy without compromising performance. The self-cleaning nozzle is also convenient, and there’s a pulsating massage setting, which we recommend.

The DB-110R could also be the best choice for seniors, since it’s so easy to install, with a quick-release system, making the attachment and the removal of the seat possible without any tools at all. The seat is corded-electric, so having an available outlet is an important consideration, and it’s round rather than elongated. 

Those who’ve used Dobidos say the installation instructions are particularly easy to follow, and the sleek and clean finish looks great with all sorts of bathroom decor. It does run on pretty high wattage, however — 864 to be exact, and it doesn’t have a remote control. Both factors knocked Daelim a bit further down our ranking.


  • Leading Korean brand
  • No batteries required
  • Great quality for price


  • Dries a bit slowly
  • Leans you forward while sitting
  • More elongated than round

CT Copper Tailor Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

The remote control-operated CT Copper Tailor is the next heated bidet toilet seat in our ranking. What sets the Tailor apart from other heated toilet seats is the number five: five levels of water volume and five stream adjustments. There are six levels of seat and air temperature, and four levels of water temperature. All this combined makes the CT Tailor among the most customizable seats on the market.

What’s more, the Tailor is self-cleaning, both before and after use, with a night function for safety. There’s also an energy-saving mode and easy installation. And an additional safety feature is leakage protection on the plug (the cord is only 5-feet long and perhaps not suitable for all bathroom layouts). There’s also a self-closing lid. 


  • Operates with remote and buttons
  • Remote and manual control
  • Good pick for elongated toilets


  • A bit pricey
  • Short cord
  • Limited user profiles

SmartBidet SB-2000

Available in three different styles, including round, elongated, and with unlimited hot water, the SmartBidet SB-2000 takes the 10th spot in our ranking. There are multiple wash functions along with a self-cleaning and oscillating nozzle. The seat is also highly customizable to your preferences in terms of temperature and water pressure, with five levels of water pressure, three levels of water temperature, and five nozzle positions.

As far as the seat itself, there are three heat-level options. Don’t miss the auto on/off skin sensor, meaning the bidet only activates when someone is seated. Additional features include an energy-saving mode, a soft-closing lid, and by all reports, the SB-2000 is very easy to install. We were also encouraged by consumer accounts stating the seat is comfortable and that the bidet slides and snaps into the mounting plate, releasing easily with the push of a button.


  • All parts included
  • Repeat spray with button push
  • Nice and strong rear wash


  • Low settings too strong for some
  • Controls awkwardly positioned
  • Not comfortable for “edge sitters”

Still considering which heated toilet seat might be best for your bathroom? Let the answers to these commonly asked questions from first-time buyers help you decide.

Are heated toilet seats safe?

After watching so many cartoons illustrating the imminent danger of dropping an electrical device in the bathtub, it’s perhaps natural to wonder if electric toilet seats are really all that safe—because cartoons aside, it really is important to be careful with electricity and water. 

The truth of the matter is the best heated toilet seats are perfectly safe. Heated seats are so safe, in fact, many parents use them to potty train their children. Most heated toilet seats are pretty low wattage — contributing to the safety — producing anywhere from 12 to 28 watts of electricity, or about 120 volts. That can be dangerous in some circumstances, but with sealed designs and a UL-listed transformer, there’s very little risk of electric shock from using a heated toilet seat. 

Also allaying safety concerns, many heated toilet seats are guaranteed safe through testing that meets both UL and CSA standards. Those especially concerned about safety should also consider seats with built-in GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, adding an additional level of defense against electrical shorts. Something else to consider is that the night-light feature, common to many heated toilet seats, makes them even safer for late night-trips to the bathroom than standard toilet seats. 

It could be said, then, that not only are heated toilet seats safe, they are in fact safer than the toilet seat you may already be using.

How much electricity does a heated toilet seat use?

You may have noticed by now that heated toilet seats are a lot more expensive than toilet seats. Since heated bidet seats run on electricity, you may also be wondering how much that electricity cost will add to your monthly bill or if there are any other hidden costs once smart toilet seats are installed.

Total costs associated with an electric toilet seat vary, of course, on the brand and the model, but here are some rough estimates:

The extra electricity costs associated with a heated toilet depend a lot on whether or not you choose a seat with a lot of extra features. Generally speaking, though, our research shows that heated toilet seats can add anywhere from $1 to $5 to your monthly bill. 

It’s important to remember that every added function in a smart bidet seat will run on electricity — from warming the water in the bidet wand to warming the seat itself. Many smart toilet seats also feature an energy-saving mode, however, which can help defray some of the additional cost on your electric bill. 

What’s more, some heated toilet seats run on batteries, adding nothing to the cost of your power — or just a matter of pennies that may be spent drawing power while recharging.

The additional cost of water is also minimal when using a heated toilet seat. Smart toilets are, in fact, more water efficient than standard toilets. Bidet wands do use some extra water, about 0.13 gallons per minute, according to estimates, or a little less than 3 gallons of water daily, adding an additional 0.15 cents to the average water bill.

Most heated toilet seats are easy to install with nothing more than a screwdriver and an average wall socket, saving additional costs for labor. If you do, however, choose to hire someone to install the seat, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $400 an hour, depending on where you live. For that reason, it really is best to try installing it yourself or hire a friend to do it.

What is the best heated toilet seat?

How complex could a heated toilet seat really be? You simply sit on them, and they warm your buns. Taking a deep dive into the products (no pun intended) reveals there’s a lot to know and a lot to consider when shopping for the best heated toilet seat. You came here with questions, and hopefully, we’ve provided some answers. Here are our picks for the best heated toilet seats in the following categories.

We had a hard time settling on just one product to recommend above all other heated toilet seats, so we picked two: the MORDEER C600 and the runner-up for best overall toilet seat, the Kohler PureWarmth. With the SIAA mark of approval, from the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles, MORDEER is safe, reliable, and easy to clean, with advanced advanced heating technology and a self-cleaning nozzle.

Our runner-up for best heated toilet seat is the Kohler PureWarmth, with three adjustable temperature settings, a Quiet-Close lid and Quick-Release hinges for cleaning, and it’s controlled through an app that is compatible with smart devices and tablets. For the most customization, we recommend choosing the FlexiHome Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat, with smart controls managing air and water temperature, nozzle position, and air pressure. There’s also a steel mesh filter, minimizing rust.

Heated toilet seats aren’t just for your comfort, either. Many parents use them to potty train their toddlers, and the only seat in our article with an actual kid’s mode is the VOVO STYLEMENT VB-5000SE, but that’s not all. The VOVO is also highly customizable for grownups, with five nozzle positions and water pressure settings as well as a variety of other features controlled easily through an app. 

Now that you’ve chosen the best heated toilet seat, it’s time to consider some accessories. Up next, we’ll tell you just what you need to complete your high-tech bathroom makeover.