Best Cooling Sheets

The 10 Best Cooling Sheets: Cotton, Bamboo, and Silk

After bringing the heat all day everyday, you need to cool down when it’s time to sleep.

To do so, look no further than Threadmill’s cotton sheet set, RAVE’s pick for best overall cooling sheets.

We love the sky-high thread count of 800, as well as the down-to-earth price point. We also appreciate that the sheets are luxuriously woven from the finest extra-long staple cotton, and not a synthetic material.

You’ll have to keep reading to hear all the other reasons we rave about these sheets. But for now, just know that if you need a new set of cooling sheets, head straight for the very best: Threadmill.

Cooling sheets aren’t just for balmy summer nights — though they’re good for those, too. Thing is, some people just sleep hot, even in the wintertime.

This can be uncomfortable, and an issue if you’re sleeping with a partner whose body temperature stays more stable than yours.

Or maybe you’re just looking to outfit your summer house with a nice set of cooling sheets, to help you and your guest get some rest after a long day in the sun.

Regardless of the reason you’re shopping for cooling sheets, RAVE Reviews has the information you need to pick out the very best cooling sheets.

By the end of this ranking you’ll know what the best material is for sheets to keep you cool, whether that’s cotton, bamboo, or microfiber.

Most of all, you’ll know that without a doubt — cooling sheets do work!

The Cooling Sheets We RAVE About

Threadmill Cotton Sheet Set
Best Overall Cooling Sheets
Threadmill Cotton Sheet Set
SHEEX Original Performance Sheets
Best New Cooling Sheets Brand
SHEEX Original Performance Sheets
Nestl 4 Piece Sheet Set
Best Cheap Cooling Sheets
Nestl 4 Piece Sheet Set

Here’s a new best pick-up line for you: Hey, you’re so hot you need a new set of cooling sheets from RAVE Reviews’ ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets.

Alright, maybe that’s the worst pick-up line ever.

But what’s definitely true is that cooling sheets are made from breathable fabric. That’s how they work. And there should be no doubt in your mind — cooling sheets do work.

Here’s how: breathable fabric helps even the hottest sleepers — or really anyone sleeping in a stuffy environment — wake up feeling fresh and ready to face their day.

Sometimes that means the sheets are made from a natural fiber like cotton, flax, or bamboo — we gave a little extra love to those natural fabrics in our ranking.

But lots of quality cooling sheets are made from man-made materials like microfiber, polyester, or spandex. We included those sheets in our ranking, as well.

Types of Cooling Sheet Materials

Here are the top 5 reasons a nice set of cooling sheets might be right for you:

  • You live in a warm place, all year long
  • You easily overheat in the night
  • You’re looking to cut energy costs
  • You get the best of both worlds — some sheets will keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

So how do you choose the best material for sheets to keep you cool? Here’s a quick rundown on the pros and cons of different fabrics.

Egyptian Cotton


  • Strong
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Cotton Blend


  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • The ecological impact of mixing cotton with synthetic materials



  • Durable
  • Stain, moisture, and wrinkle-resistant
  • Affordable


  • Environmental impact of synthetic materials

Jersey Knit


  • Stretchy
  • Soft
  • Flexible


  • Not as cooling



  • Antimicrobial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft


  • Can be expensive



  • Water/stain resistant
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Durable


  • “Slippery” feel



  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good for warm and cool seasons
  • Moisture wicking


  • Very expensive

And if you’re here to shop for cooling sheets, we’re going to just go ahead and say stay away from most linen and flannel, because loads of quality sheets are made from these materials, but they’re likely going to be too hot for you.

What is Weave?

Next, it’s time to talk about weave. What’s the difference between percale and sateen, anyway? Here’s what you need to know to find the best weave for your cooling sheets.

  • Percale

Known for a crisp matte finish, percale-weave fabrics are pill-resistant as well as lightweight and breathable. A great choice for the best cooling sheets.

  • Sateen

Sateen is similar in appearance to satin, with one key difference: sateen fabric is made from cotton, while satin-weaved sheets are made from silk. Overall heavier than percale, sateen is cool to the touch, making it a solid choice for the best cooling sheets.

  • Satin

Shiny and luxurious, satin sheets are, in a word, silky. Also a good and classic choice for the best cooling sheets.

  • Jersey

Like sleeping in a comfy and worn-in old t-shirt, jersey will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its versatility is what sets it apart as a cooling sheet.

Natural or Synthetic Fibers?

The next consideration when purchasing a new set of sheets is whether or not to go with natural or synthetic fiber. What about organic? Is microfiber better than cotton? Is cotton or polyester better for sheets? Here’s what you need to know:

Natural materials are just that: natural. They come from, and return more easily to, the natural environment. This is the best choice in fabric if you’re looking to minimize the ecological impact of your purchase.  

Taking natural materials one step further are organic materials, made with little or no synthetics pesticides, or fertilizers. But, a little like your organic produce at Whole Foods, this means your organic cooling sheets will cost a little bit more.

Synthetic materials are just that: synthetic or man-made. Cooling sheets made from synthetic material can be just as comfortable as sheets made from natural materials, but since they’re made from man-made materials, they won’t breakdown as well in the landfill.

A final word about thread count: if you pick cotton sheets, you’re going to hear a lot about thread count. Put simply, thread count simply means the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.

Does thread count really matter? Here are some differences a high thread count can make:

  • Certain thread counts can equal softer sheets
  • Thread count can affect the durability of your sheets, helping them last longer and wear more evenly
  • High thread can mean more luxurious feeling sheets, but some manufacturers cheat by cramming low-quality threads into their sheets at a high volume — so beware!

For these reasons and a whole lot more, RAVE says rather than prioritizing high thread count, instead figure out the thread count that’s right for you.

With this information at your disposal, you’re all set to pick the best cooling sheets. A comfy night’s sleep awaits.


When evaluating the 10 best cooling sheets, RAVE Reviews first consulted similar lists from trusted and reputable sources from across the internet. We paid extra special attention to lists originating from sleep professionals and consultants.

We also kept in mind our personal preferences when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

We ranked each set of sheets on the following factors:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Thread count (where applicable)
  • Manufacturer
  • Return policies/warranties
  • Number of color options
  • Variety of sizes available

We feel certain cooling sheets judged by this criteria will produce the very best results. So turn off the fans and put on some pants. Your hot and uncomfortable nights are coming to an end.

The Best Cooling Sheets


Threadmill Cotton Sheet Set

Threadmill Cotton Sheet Set

Threadmill’s cotton sheet set takes top honors in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets.

We love a lot of things about this product, but we’ll start with the fact they’re made from 100% extra-long staple cotton, at a thread count of 800.

The fabric is woven to produce the feel of luxury, as well as breathability and durability, while a special finishing process brings out the softness of the fabric.

We also appreciate Threadmill’s commitment to sustainability, making these sheets in a state of the art, vertically integrated factory entirely powered by solar and wind energy.

There’s also no plastic in the packaging, as the sheet sets are packed in a reusable tote bag made from 100% cotton.

With the set you’ll get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The elastic fitted sheets with 15-inch-deep pockets are sized to fit extra deep as well as pillow-top mattresses.

Available in 8 color options and in a full range of sizes, including twin XL and California king, these sheets can be conveniently machine washed and dried.


  • 100% extra-long staple cotton
  • Sustainable production
  • Good color/size options


  • Ripping reported

Linenwalas Bamboo Sheets

Linenwalas Bamboo Sheets

Second place in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets are the bamboo sheets from Linenwalas.

These 300 thread count sheets are 100% bamboo with a sateen weave, softer than cotton or cashmere.

We especially like that these sheets are 60% more absorbent than cotton, and moisture wicking for a cooling effect, as well as naturally antibacterial with deodorizing properties.

Buy the set and get one fitted bed sheet, one flat bed sheet, and two pillow cases. In addition, these sheets have 16 inch deep pockets with all around elastic.

The sheets come  in 11 different color choices with a full range of sizes, including split king.

Linenwalas backs their product with a 90 days free replacement and a 100% warranty, and the sheets can be machine washed and dried.

The only thing keeping Linenwalas out of the top spot in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets was Threadmill’s higher thread count at a very comparable price.


  • 100% bamboo
  • Sateen weave
  • 100% warranty


  • Wrinkle prone
  • Peeling reported

Huut Organic Sateen Sheets

Third in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets is the organic sateen sheet set from Huut.

These 310 thread count sheets caught our eye because they’re made from ultra-soft, fine, long stapled, certified organic cotton with a sateen weave.

We especially like how Huut only uses GOTS certified organic cotton with low impact organic dyes.

The sheets come in six color options, and the standard range of sizes. Buy the set and you’ll get one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Another offering in Huut’s favor is the 30 day free trial, as well as free shipping and returns.

Huut is a fair-bit more expensive than Linenwalas’ bamboo sheets, however. This combined with fewer color options contributed to Huut ranking third in our list.


  • 30 day free trial
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 310 thread count


  • Limited color options
  • Cheaper sheets available
  • Sateen too “silky” for some

Nestl 4 Piece Sheet Set

Fourth in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets comes from Nestl. Their four piece sheet set is also our pick for best cheap cooling sheets.

What we love about Nestl (besides the price!) are the field-leading 43 color options, and deep pockets, deep enough to fit up to a 16 inch mattresses — perfect for memory foam mattress toppers and mattress pads.

The set also comes in a full range of sizes, and since they’re made from microfiber, there is no thread count. But they are double brushed for ultimate softness. and comfort. They’re also lightweight, hypoallergenic, breathable and cool to the touch.

We also appreciate the 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Buying a set from Nestl gets you one deep pocket fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillow cases. It’s all machine washable.

What concerned us about Nestl were reports of pilling and durability issues after washing. But overall, consumers report Nestl sheets being soft and wrinkle-resistant — great cooling sheets at a great price.


  • Affordable
  • Lots of color options
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Pilling reported
  • Poor durability after washing
  • Man-made fabric

CGK Unlimited Sheet Set

Closing out the top 5 in our ranking of the best cooling sheet sets is the CGK unlimited sheet set.

What caught our eye about this sheet set is that they’re made from the highest quality double brushed microfiber yarns, and that they’ll fit mattresses up to 16 inches.

The sheet are also hypoallergenic and very breathable. Woven tightly, they’re strong and durable, as well as stain and wrinkle-resistant, luxurious in appearance, and easy to clean.

We also appreciate CGK’s bulk discounts, offering up to 15% off purchases of four sets of sheets. We also love that it’s a 6-piece set: four pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. The sheets are available in 13 color options as well as the full range of sizes.

What concerned us about CGK’s Unlimited Sheet Set were reports of ripping after the first wash, as well as pilling. Otherwise, if CGK has more color options, they’d given Nestl some serious competition for best cheap cooling sheets.


  • 13 color options
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bulk discounts


  • Ripping issues
  • Pilling
  • Stitching issues

Sonoro Kate Bed Sheet Set

Next in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets is the Sonoro Kate Bed Sheet Set.

Made from 1800 series ultra-soft, double brushed, luxury microfiber, this product is hypoallergenic as well as stain, fade, and wrinkle resistant.

Available in 9 color options and a full of range of sizes, these sheets are easy to take care of  and are machine washable. But what we particularly appreciated about Sonoro Kate was the price!

In addition, purchasing a set gets you one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, but only one pillowcase. On the plus side, the pockets are deep enough to fit mattresses up to 16 inches.

Other things preventing us from ranking Sonoro Kate higher were reports of stitching and fit issues with their sheets, as well as reports of the elastic breaking. Many other consumers, however, love the softness and had no issues with the durability.

Either way, you can buy with confidence under Sonoro Kate’s 30 day, full-refund return policy.


  • 30 day return policy
  • Fit mattresses up to 16 inches
  • 9 color options


  • Elastic issues
  • Stitching issues
  • Fit issues

Empyrean Premium Sheet Set

Seventh in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets comes from Empyrean. What we really love about their premium sheet set are the thick smart solution elastic straps.

Located on all four corners of the fitted sheet, these straps will hold your sheet in place for comfortable night’s sleep. And the deep pockets fit all types of mattresses.

In addition, the bedding is woven from premium, high-quality microfiber material, double brushed on both sides for ultimate softness and comfort

Purchasing a set from Empyrean gets you one fitted sheet, one top sheet, and two standard pillow cases. They’re available in a pretty respectable 21 color options, and the standard range of sizes.

The product is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, environmentally friendly and impervious to dust mites, as well as resistant snagging. Empyrean is also a great choice if you have pets.

What we didn’t like about the Empyrean product is, while they’re very reasonably priced, there are more affordable sheets on the market for a similar value.

Empyrean does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, though they don’t indicate a time frame for exactly how long that offer lasts.


  • Smart Solution Elastic Straps
  • 21 color options
  • Anti-bacterial


  • Elastic durability issues
  • Ripping issues
  • Fit issues

SHEEX Original Performance Sheets

Eighth in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets is also our pick for best new brand in the cooling sheets market.

Founded in 2007 by two basketball coaches hoping to capture the breathability of their athletic wear in their bedding, SHEEX product is made from 87% polyester and 13% spandex

They also feature ventilation designed to maximize air flow and moisture release, keeping your body cool all night long.

There’s also thermoregulating quick-drying temperature control, and lightweight performance fabric to wick away moisture.

Buying a set from SHEEX means you get an elastic-lined fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases in one purchased set. You can also expect durability from SHEEX since they’re engineered not to shrink, fade, or pill.

The set is available in a decent assortment of 12 colors, with all the expected size options.

So why did we rank these quality sheets so low in our ranking? One word answer is price. Not just anyone can spend over $200 on a set of sheets, but if you can, SHEEX are the very best.


  • 87% polyester, 13% spandex
  • Thermoregulating
  • Air flow ventilation


  • Expensive
  • Loose fabric
  • Snags

COOLEX Ultra-Soft Bed Sheet Set

Second to last in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets comes from COOLEX.

Like SHEEX, COOLEX Ultra-Soft Bed Sheet set is made from 87% microfiber polyester and 13% spandex, transferring body heat twice as effectively as cotton, keeping you cool all night long.

The fabric is also ultra smooth to the touch, moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic, wrinkle free, shrink free, stain resistant, anti-pill, and anti-slide.

The set will get you one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two standard pillowcases. The set is a little limited in color options (only 8) and in sizes, missing twin and twin XL options — both contributing factors in COOLEX placing where it did in our ranking.

They’re also pretty expensive, but consumers report they’re smooth, cooling, durable, and easy to take care of, which seems well worth the price!


  • Heat transfers better than cotton
  • Anti-slide
  • Good for hot flashes


  • Spendy
  • Snags
  • Smaller fit

Parachute Linen Sheets

Last in our ranking of the 10 best cooling sheets are the linen sheets from Parachute.

What we noticed right away is that they’re made from 100% European flax, and the product is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals and synthetics.

These sheets are durable and highly breathable, however — starting soft and getting softer over time.

What we didn’t like is that they’re only available in eight relatively muted color options, but they come in the full range of sizes.

What primarily concerned us about Parachute sheets was the price versus available color options. It’s hard to beat European flax cooling sheets, but there are cheaper sheets on the market.

Still, these are an excellent choice for cooling sheets — especially if you’re looking for the feel of flax!


  • European flax
  • Oeko-Tex Standard
  • Full range of sizes


  • Expensive
  • Muted colors
  • “Weathered” feel

Related Rankings

In addition to telling you all about the best cooling sheets, we thought we’d answer some frequently asked questions from hot sleepers seeking relief.

With these answers, you’ll be sleeping cool and comfortable in no time.

What is the best mattress to keep you cool at night?

In addition to cooling sheets, the right mattress will help regulate your body temperature.

Here’s how to find the right mattress if you’re a hot sleeper, or if you’re shopping in a bedroom in a warm climate…

Avoid soft mattresses:

Hot sleepers should avoid most soft mattresses because you tend to sink into them while you sleep. The more you sink, the hotter you’ll get.

Try a medium-firm mattress:

With a medium-firm mattress you’ll sleep more “on top” of the mattress. The less you sink, the cooler you’ll stay. Though depending on if two people are sharing a bed versus one, sometimes a firm mattress is a better way to go. 

In addition to the mattress, your mattress cover goes along way to regulate body temperature at night. If you’re a hot sleeper, RAVE recommends sticking with a non-quilted cover because they tend to be thinner and more breathable.

Softness isn’t the only consideration when choosing a cooling mattress. You’ll want to consider the material your mattress is made from. RAVE says stick with celliant, tencel, or lycra because all three are known to stay breathable while also wicking moisture away while you sleep.

What’s the best cooling pillow?

Now that you have the best cooling sheets and the best cooling mattress, do cooling pillows really work? The answer is, yes!

Here’s what you want to look for in the best cooling pillow:

  • Breathability

Breathable pillows allow air to move freely throughout the pillow, preventing warm air for building up while you sleep.

  • Water or gel pillows

Pillows containing water or gel transfer heat from your body to the water or gel.

  • Pillows with phase-change materials

Phase-change materials, or PCMs, use the power of science to help you stay cool at night.

When PCMs absorb or release heat, they change from liquid to solid and back again, helping to regulate your body temperature.

But don’t take our word for it, trust its big-name inventor. Apparently PCM technology was originally developed by NASA.

However, those who have tested various pillow coolness say the best cooling pillow is filled with good, old-fashioned, buckwheat.

Yep, you read that right — buckwheat.

Turns out the Japanese have been filling their pillows with the hulls of buckwheat seeds for a long time. The results are firmness, with contour support for proper head and neck positioning.

Best of all, buckwheat pillows are breathable!

How do I stop myself from overheating at night?

If a cooling pillow, mattress, and sheets aren’t enough to keep your hotness in check while you’re in blissful repose, take these simple steps to help check your temp while you slumber.

  • Keep the space free of direct sunlight

Keeping windows, blinds, curtains, and doors shut (or mostly shut, without cutting out all ventilation) goes along way in keeping a space cool at night.

  • Open up the space at night

Once the sun sets and can do no more heat harm, open the space to let the fresh air in.

  • Use a fan

From a simple fan, to a ceiling fan or a BedJet, using any kind of fan will keep the air circulating over your body while you sleep.

  • Take a shower

The evaporation from even a warm shower taken right before bed will help your body cool down.

  • Don’t exercise or eat right before bed

Both intense exercise and digesting a big meal heat up your body’s internal motor.

  • Freeze your sheets

Here’s a fun one: stuff your sheets in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for 20 minutes.

  • Stay hydrated!

Day or night, one of the best ways to regulate your body temperature is to drink plenty of water. Keep some by your bed for a late night sip.

What are the best cooling sheets?

You sleep hot. You need relief and you need it now. After extensive deliberation, RAVE Reviews is ready to present three of the very best cooling sheet sets in the following categories: best overall, best new brand, and best cheap cooling sheets set.

The best overall cooling sheets are without a doubt the Threadmill cotton sheet set. First off, they’re cotton, which makes them very breathable!

Next, Threadmill will have you resting in luxury, with first-rate craftsmanship, produced at the highest standard of sustainability. And somehow, Threadmill manages to do all this and keep their sheets very reasonably priced!

RAVE’s pick for best new brand in cooling sheets is SHEEX Original Performance Sheets.

Founded by two basketball coaches at the University of South Carolina, their goal was to create bedding that was as breathable as their athletic wear, and they succeeded!

SHEEX sheets and pillowcases are made from a unique, breathable fabric creating superior ventilation and heat release.

But if you’re shopping for cooling sheets on a budget, your best bet is to go with the 4 Piece Sheet Set from Nestl. Why? Because they’re high quality and affordable, made from premium microfiber that’s double brushed for softness and comfort.

RAVE Recommends

As well as cooling sheets, here are a few more products to help keep you staying cool as a cucumber all night long:

  • PineTales Buckwheat Hulls Pillow with Premium Bamboo Cover: Keep a cool head with this buckwheat hulls pillow, made from only the highest quality buckwheat hulls.
  • AmazonBasics Air-Circulator Floor Fan: Keep your bedroom air circulating with this 14-inch air-circulating floor fan.
  • LEISURE TOWN Cooling Mattress Topper: Stay comfortable all night long with this breathable and ultra-soft mattress topper from LEISURE TOWN.
  • BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds: Sleep better with this on-demand cooling and heating comfort system for your bed.