Best Bamboo Sheets

The 10 Best Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets have exploded in popularity recently.

So whether you’re a long-time bamboo lover looking to upgrade your bedding or you’re experimenting with bamboo for the first time, we recommend Bamboo Supply Co.’s Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets. They offer everything you want from bamboo: They’re hypoallergenic, extremely soft and silky, breathable, temperature regulating — and competitively priced to boot!

The Bamboo Sheets We RAVE About

Bamboo Supply Co. Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets
Best Overall
Bamboo Supply Co. Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets
eLuxurySupply Bamboo Bed Sheets
Best New Brand
eLuxurySupply Bamboo Bed Sheets
Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets
Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

A poor night’s sleep is equivalent to starting the day on the wrong foot. To live productively and healthfully, a lot depends on a good night’s sleep. You need to prioritize sleep in your life: It has the power to make or break every moment you’re awake! That said, we often hesitate to try new things that may potentially benefit us, which isn’t entirely irrational. We want to avoid gimmicks and resist self-interested marketing forces.

Bamboo bedding is unique. It should be treated as an alternative to cotton, microfiber, cashmere, and other textiles. It isn’t like any of these materials and has its own feel and personality. Bamboo is in its own category, and it may not be the highest quality or appeal to everyone. But if sleeping on weightless silk sounds appealing, keep reading.

Bamboo has a lot going for it. Most versions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, breathable, soft, silky, and lightweight. But not all of them have the same qualities and there are loads of options to choose from! Each product in this list has been carefully analyzed. The prices shown represent the queen size, which tends to be the best selling. Naturally, different sizes have different prices. Also, we gave “blended” sheets that aren’t 100% bamboo a lower ranking.

What is bamboo viscose/rayon?

When you hear “bamboo sheets” you likely don’t picture anything soft, and you might wonder if they will give you splinters — or if a panda will eat them off your bed.

To understand bamboo sheets, you need to understand viscose or rayon, which are the same thing. Viscose does not describe a material but a process. The viscose process turns a material that isn’t naturally made of threads or fibers into a fabric.

In the case of bamboo, this process is done by cutting the stalks, breaking them into smaller pieces, and dissolving them in a chemical solution. Once dissolved, the solution is streamed into fibers and cooled. These fibers are then spun into threads and woven into fabric. Not only can sheets be made of bamboo viscose, but so can shirts, underwear, etc.

The benefits of bamboo sheets

Bamboo has a lot to offer. Whether your agenda is comfort or going green, bamboo sheets have many benefits.

1. Environmentally friendly

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet — up to three feet per day! When harvested, bamboo is cut at the base rather than pulled up from the root, allowing new stalks to grow from existing roots. Bamboo is a naturally renewable resource, excellent for soil conservation, and does not require protection with pesticides. It also requires merely a third as much water as cotton and consumes five times as many greenhouse gases as similar trees. There aren’t many resources more eco-responsible than bamboo!

2. Antibacterial

Bamboo sheets wick excess moisture at twice the rate of cotton, making them ideal for a dry sleep. Less moisture means bacteria can’t grow as easily. When compared to cotton or cashmere, bamboo is the healthier choice.

3. Soft

Bamboo is much softer than cotton or cashmere. So much so that the thread count seldom needs to exceed 300. A bamboo sheet with a thread count of 300 is softer than an Egyptian cotton sheet with a thread count of 500 or higher. While bamboo sheets tend to be pricier, they are much more comfortable than a cotton alternative in the same price range.

4. Temperature regulating

Because they are so effective at wicking away moisture, bamboo sheets greatly reduce humidity, which is the leading culprit for extreme temperatures. By eliminating humidity, bamboo sheets do a better job of keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some tests show that in the summer, bamboo sheets are as much as three degrees cooler than cotton.

What to expect

If this is your first time purchasing bamboo sheets, there are some things you should know. Remember, bamboo sheets offer specific qualities, but that does not mean they are necessarily better. You might dislike the silky, weightless feeling of bamboo if you generally prefer weighted, textured bedding that creates a snug, “nested” feeling.

The purpose of this section is to clarify the distinction between a flaw and a characteristic. Many new buyers complain about the traits below because they have the wrong set of expectations. Here’s what you should expect:

1. Lightweight

Bamboo sheets have little weight to them and drape over your body like a fine mist. They have a lot of give, so think of it like sleeping under a parachute canvas.

2. Thin

While some brands of bamboo sheets are thinner than others, they are thinner than traditional bed sheets across the board. Don’t be surprised when your sheets arrive and you can see right through them. While it’s not necessarily a sign of low quality, it does make them less durable than other fabrics.

3. Silky

Bamboo sheets lack texture. They are smooth and slippery and some sleepers have difficulty keeping them around their bodies. A chronic flaw with bamboo sheets is keeping them from crawling off the mattress. Look for fitted sheets with deep pockets or oversized dimensions.

4. High-maintenance

Owning bamboo sheets requires some extra work and special care, particularly when washing and drying. Stray from the care instructions, and your sheets will immediately begin pilling, fraying, or shrinking. Bamboo sheets blended with other fabrics (usually microfiber) tend to be lower maintenance but also lower in quality.

5. Wrinkly

Bamboo sheets wrinkle quickly, particularly if you don’t put them on your bed immediately after taking them out of the dryer. But they wrinkle after you sleep in them, anyhow. If aesthetics are important to you, keep this issue in mind.

6. Pricey

Bamboo sheets are almost always pricier than other sheets of similar quality. Cheaper versions tend to be blends of bamboo and another material, usually microfiber. If you want the pure stuff, be willing to lay down a bit of cash.


Bamboo cannot be compared to or judged like other textiles, so we place a premium on qualities that really make bamboo distinct. Below is our criteria for judging bamboo:

  • Soft: Is the textile gentle to the touch?
  • Silky: Is the textile smooth, liquid, with a slippery sheen?
  • Light: Is the textile heavy, or does it drape like a cloud?
  • Temperature regulation: Does the textile effectively distribute body heat, promoting cooler sleep in warm weather and warmer sleep in cold weather?
  • Beauty: Does the product have a distinctive sheen, multiple color options, wrinkle resistance, etc.?
  • Price: Is the product fairly or competitively priced?
  • Health: Is the material hypoallergenic? Antimicrobial?
  • Warranty: How long is the warranty, and what does it tell us about the product?
  • Reviews: How are the sleeping experiences of users? Are they positive?

The Best Bamboo Sheets


Bamboo Supply Co. Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

These sheets are marketed with the tag line “the world’s softest sheets.” It’s a big claim, but according to customer experience and testing, they seem to live up to it. If the softest sheets are bamboo, then it’s plausible these are the softest sheets you can buy, bamboo or not!

The folks at Bamboo Supply Co. understand bamboo. They have created a thoughtful product that draws out the best qualities of the material. Don’t be fooled by the modest thread count: Every square inch of this product aims to maximize comfort and durability. These sheets are 100% bamboo viscose, and a higher thread count would jeopardize softness.

These sheets are manufactured with an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system. Their mark assures the buyer that there are no harmful chemicals in these sheets. So while claims of bamboo’s hypoallergenic properties are often exaggerated, they apply here!


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extremely soft
  • Temperature regulating


  • Tendency to wrinkle

Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Twill Sheet

A favorite for many sleep blogs like Tuck, this product from Brooklyn Bedding scores a high ranking for its distinctive twill weave. Twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, like a checkerboard. This weave pattern produces a much stronger fabric that drapes beautifully, like a cape at the opera, and resists wrinkles.

The twill design also gives the sheets a distinctive sheen. In summary, they’re beautiful. But they are also among the most competitively priced sheets on this list. It would be difficult to find any sheet of similar quality in that price range. Brooklyn Bedding owns their own factory, which gives them total control over materials, costs, and assembly specifications.

Brooklyn Bedding offers a brief 30-day sleep trial (the 120-day sleep trial only applies to their mattresses). However, they give any returns a total refund and even pay for return shipping.


  • Temperature regulating
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Tendency to wrinkle

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

For those who crave the finer things in life, these sheets are the pièce de résistance of the bamboo world. A higher end version of their Classic bamboo sheets, the Resort sheets boast a thread count of 400. That thread count is high for bamboo sheets, and customers report these sheets outperform cotton sheets with thread counts up to 1,000.

The price tag is daunting, and customers report they are thinner than they expect, but it’s hard to argue with performance. Not only are they absurdly soft, but Cariloha claims they sleep three degrees cooler than cotton sheets in the same price range. While the details of how this claim was tested are obscure, customers swear these sheets give them the coolest nights they’ve ever had.


  • Lifetime quality guarantee
  • Temperature regulating
  • Extremely soft


  • Pricey
  • Thin

Malouf Woven Rayon from Bamboo Sheets

Despite its higher price tag, Malouf bamboo sheets are a favorite among bed and breakfast owners. Not only are they insanely comfortable, but they are extremely durable. Sheets at a busy bed and breakfast usually get washed up to four times a week, and these Malouf sheets can take that abuse without pilling, fading, or fraying.

A common flaw in bamboo sheets is that their slippery texture makes them difficult to keep on your mattress. Malouf gives their fitted sheets extra deep pockets and oversized dimensions to compensate, and according to customer reports, it seems to be effective!

Malouf offers a five-year limited warranty on all of their products, and they are quite precise on how to properly care for your sheets. Most complaints about pilling and fraying have to do with poor maintenance and failing to follow washing instructions to the letter.


  • Extremely soft
  • Extremely durable
  • Extra deep pockets


  • High maintenance
  • Wrinkles easily

eLuxurySupply Bamboo Bed Sheets

As a brand that began in a garage, eLuxurySupply is a trusted name in linens today. Run and owned by American veterans, it’s the result, as they put it, of “midwest tenacity and a bit of luck.” As the name suggests, the company operates entirely online. Naturally, a sleep trial is necessary, but eLuxury only offers a standard 30-day return policy — so keep the box!

That said, eLuxury boasts a satisfied clientele and it returns are seldom made. Most returns are not based on the quality or construction of the material (which is excellent). Rather, people tend to experiment with bamboo for the first time with eLuxury due to the reasonable price, only to learn they don’t like that silky, satin feel.

This brand is fantastic if you are buying bamboo sheets for the first time. It really represents the market. These sheets are 100% rayon from bamboo, breathable, and hypoallergenic. If you don’t like what eLuxury has to offer, you probably won’t like any other bamboo sheets either.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent material
  • Excellent construction


  • 30-day warranty
  • Thin

BedVoyage Rayon/Viscose Sheets

Not sure about bamboo? BedVoyage is convinced their sheets can convert you into a bamboo lover. After sleeping in their sheets, they claim “you’ll never want to sleep on anything but bamboo ever again!” Originally a manufacturer for bamboo bedding designed specifically for constant travelers (hence the name BedVoyage), increasing demand compelled them to expand into a full line of bamboo bed products.

BedVoyage understands bamboo. Their sheets are described as extremely silky — perhaps the silkiest on the market! They are so light, it’s like they’re not there. Some buyers describe them not so much as sheets but as a lotion applied in bed.

For some of you, that sounds gross. To others, it’s the ideal. Basically, in the creamy and silky spectrum, BedVoyage offers the extreme, which is delightful to some. Others prefer the “cozy” and “nested” feel of heavier fabric.


  • Extremely silky
  • Imported
  • Competitive price


  • High maintenance
  • Tendency to wrinkle

Linenwalas Natural Bamboo Silk Sheets

As far as affordability, you can’t go wrong with Linenwalas. You might think that price tag suggests a blend, but you’d be wrong. These sheets are 100% bamboo imported from Austria. Their favorite term on the Linenwalas website is “silky.” These things drape on your bed like liquid, complete with that classy sheen.

Linenwalas claims their sheets keep your bed three degrees cooler than traditional cotton. However, buyers report they tend to sleep warmer than other bamboo brands. So, Linenwalas is cooler than most cotton, but warmer than most bamboo. The fabric also tends to run a little thinner than other bamboo brands.

Linenwalas offers a 90-day trial period and a satisfaction guarantee. The biggest complaint by far is difficulty fitting to mattresses. The biggest praise? Extreme softness and comfort. Add that to the price tag, and you have a bamboo sheet that’s difficult to resist.


  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Extreme comfort
  • Affordable


  • Fitting problems
  • Tearing seams

Luxor Linens Bali Bamboo Luxury Sheets

Luxor Linens seems to be a favorite among veteran bamboo buyers, or people who know what to expect from bamboo sheets and like it. That’s saying something, considering the Bali sheets are only 40% bamboo; the other 60% is microfiber. To some purists, this is heresy: Why dilute perfectly good bamboo with a cheap synthetic material like microfiber?

Luxor Linens leverages this blend to bring out the best of both worlds. Sleep blogs like Tuck praise the Bali for being especially luxurious. The blend creates a rich softness that is only further enhanced by the aloe vera infusion. Plus, the microfiber and bamboo blend means the fabric is both wrinkle-resistant and lower maintenance. It doesn’t hurt the price tag, either.

Luxor Linens offers a standard 30-day trial period, and they also cover return shipping costs. What function the aloe vera plays has not been confirmed through any studies. However, microfiber has a reputation for not being breathable and creating a “hot sleep,” but few customers complain about it, so the aloe vera may offset this defect.


  • Extremely soft
  • Extremely silky
  • Affordable


  • 30-day trial period
  • Microfiber blend

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Cosy House is a blend of 60% bamboo and 40% microfiber. While blends may irk some purists, they have a lot to offer. They tend to require less maintenance and also share some of the same qualities as 100% bamboo sheets — temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, etc. — but at a much more affordable price!

Reviews for the Cosy House Collection are, for the most part, positive. Customers remark especially on their smooth softness — they are so slippery that lint and cat hair don’t stick! Complaints tend to run two ways: First, the material is of low quality and tends to rip or tear. Second, the sheets begin pilling after just one wash. However, Cosy House offers a lifetime warranty for all their products.

If you are exploring bamboo sheets for the first time, these could be a good “starter.” Give them a try. Whatever their lifespan, you can count on at least a few nights of soft, cool sleep!


  • Affordable
  • Extremely silky
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Low quality
  • Poor construction
  • Pilling after wash

Royal Hotel Silky Bamboo Sheets

As the name would suggest, Royal Hotel is devoted to manufacturing bedding products that belong in a luxury hotel. Regrettably, they don’t really live up to this picture. If you’re expecting the Ritz-Carlton, Royal Hotel will be underwhelming. But if you are looking for an affordable upgrade from cotton, Royal Hotel definitely offers softer bedding.

Royal Hotel has not revealed if their bamboo sheets are actually bamboo or if they are simply like bamboo. They state on their website “Our products are made of high-quality microfiber that has a wide range of designs and feels soft, silky, and smooth” suggesting no bamboo is present.

Particularly along seams and edges, these sheets are known to tear. While there are few complaints about the quality of the material itself, the assembly leaves much to be desired. Still, it’s hard to ignore that price tag, and they are certainly softer than traditional cotton.


  • Soft
  • Affordable
  • Wrinkle-resistant


  • Short lifespan
  • Microfiber blend
  • Easily rip or tear

Are bamboo sheets environmentally friendly?

There are two areas of issue with this question.

As we mentioned in the “Benefits of Bamboo Sheets” section above, bamboo is ideal for soil conservation. It grows quickly, requires little water, and is naturally renewable. It also purifies the air. Provided the correct harvesting practices are used, no crop is more sustainable and ecologically responsible.

However, the issue becomes complicated during processing. When dissolving the raw bamboo into the cellulose fibers, highly toxic chemicals are often used. While bamboo sheets themselves are non-toxic, the viscose process generates a great deal of toxic waste. During the processing stage, bamboo is about as good for the environment as any other textile.

How do I clean my bamboo sheets?

Each brand may have separate instructions on how to care for your sheets, so we recommend consulting the manufacturer website.

However, instructions tend to follow these rules: Wash your linens in cool water with gentle liquid detergent (not powder!) and dry on low heat. Remove immediately to minimize wrinkling. Do not use an iron to remove wrinkles. Also, be warned: Your bamboo sheets will shrink during the first washing. Most manufacturers compensate for shrinkage by deliberately over-sizing their product.

After it comes out of the washing machine, bamboo feels stiff, like canvas. This is normal. For best results, wash your sheets separately from other laundry items to prevent pilling and to lengthen the lifespan of your sheets.

Are bamboo sheets more expensive than regular sheets?

It depends. If you want high-end, 100% bamboo sheets, they likely cost more than a regular pair of cotton sheets. However, they are also much softer and higher quality than cotton sheets in the same price range.

Less expensive versions of bamboo are typically blended with some other textile, usually microfiber. These blends tend to be very soft and require less maintenance, but they are also lower in quality and less durable. Microfiber is not a breathable material, and its production is not good for the environment.

What are the best bamboo sheets?

The best bamboo sheets emphasize qualities you can’t find in other sheets. They are lightweight, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. You can find a few of these qualities in Egyptian cotton or wool, but not all of them together. That’s the bamboo difference.

The best bamboo sheets are also beautiful. They drape like liquid and they have a distinctive sheen. They should feel smooth and don’t have a lot of purchase on other surfaces. Instead, they should slip away like silk.

The best bamboo suppliers don’t worry about thread count — some don’t even bother to advertise it! While thread count is a strong indicator of quality for fabrics like cotton, it’s not necessarily the case with bamboo. Bamboo sheets with a 300 thread count will be softer than a 500 thread count in cotton. Instead, the indicators of quality for bamboo is purity (100% bamboo) and the right certifications, for example, the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

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