10 Best Probiotics for Women: Shopping and User Guide

Best Probiotics for Women
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Having issues with your digestive system?

If so, RAVE’s pick for the best probiotic for women is Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics. With 85 billion live cultures and 32 probiotic strains, Garden of Life does everything you want a probiotic to do: support your digestion, regulate your bowel movements, and improve the functioning of your immune system.

Gut microbes play an important part in many aspects of our overall health, including heart health, brain function, and a well-tuned immune system. But there is also a lot of bad bacteria in our gut. 

To maintain this delicate balance between good and bad, sometimes you need extra help, a “gut bacteria sheriff,” if you will. That’s where probiotics come in.

Probiotics are supplements that manage our gut microbiome–and yes, with names like lactobaccilus gasseri, they also sound a little bit like a spell from Harry Potter. 

What’s important to know is that different probiotic supplements can help with different, more specific issues–so you need to find a probiotic that’s right for you. 

To help take the pressure off, RAVE Reviews did the research for you. Here’s our ranking of the 10 best probiotics for women.

The Probiotics for Women We RAVE About

Best Overall Probiotic for Women
Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics
Best New Brand in Probiotics for Women
Boula – Saccharomyces BOULArdii
Boula - Saccharomyces BOULArdii
Best Probiotic for Yeast Infections
Culturelle Probiotics Women’s Healthy Balance
Culturelle Probiotics Women’s Healthy Balance

What Are Probiotics?

Before getting into the 10 best probiotics for women, let’s take a closer look at what probiotics even are. 

Like we said before, probiotics are live bacteria found in your digestive system. That sounds a little gross, but trust us–they’re good for you! 

They keep your gut healthy and assist in solving, or preventing, all sorts of digestive problems.

There are other benefits to taking a probiotic. Here are only a few:

  • Probiotics help improve some mental health issues
  • Probiotics promote heart health
  • Probiotics help lessen the severity of some allergy symptoms
  • Probiotics may help you lose weight

See, we told you probiotics are good for you

There are many ways to get probiotics into your system. The best way to get probiotics is in food, especially foods that have been fermented, such as yogurt, miso, and kombucha.

Here are some other foods that will keep the good bacteria in your tummy in ship-shape:

  • Pickles
  • Kimchi
  • Tempeh
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kefir

But what happens if you don’t eat enough foods with probiotics? Or you want to eat more? 

Fortunately, there are supplements that can help you get more probiotics in your diet and keep that gut nice and healthy. 

The only downside to this is that there are so many to choose from!

Which is the Best Probiotic for You?

Before answering this question, you need to decide why you want to take probiotics in the first place.

Different probiotic supplements are designed with different intentions in mind, so you can’t just choose any old probiotic off the shelf.

Here are some common kinds of probiotics, along with some health systems they’re known to help support and health issues they’re known to help treat or prevent.

  • L. Acidophilus: Vaginal health, diarrhea, acne
  • L. Ramnosus: GI Support, Eczema
  • L. Plantarum: Inflammation
  • L Casei: Brain function, diarrhea

Not seeing a probiotic for a specific issue that you’re facing? Talk to a healthcare provider for more information.

But this article is about buying the best probiotic for women. So you might be asking yourself, why should a woman take probiotics?

Here is a list of just a few of the many probiotics for and reasons why each one can be helpful for women specifically:

  • Lactobaccilus Rhamnosus: Lactobaccilus Rhamnosus colonizes the gut as well as the vaginal region, helping to treat and prevent yeast infections.
  • Lactobaccilus Reuteri: Issues with thyroid health, or need a little extra B12 in your diet? Consider lactobaccilus reuteri.
  • Lactobaccilus Fermentum: To help improve your mood and cognitive function, try lactobaccilus fermentum.
  • Lactobaccilus Gasseri: This probiotic can help you maintain a healthy body weight.

There’s a lot to know about finding the right probiotic for you. And we’re here to help. Coming up next is RAVE Reviews ranking of the 10 best probiotics for women.


When putting together this ranking of the 10 best probiotics for women, RAVE Reviews first considered probiotics that fit the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 1 billion colony forming units
  • Containing one or more of the most researched genus of bacteria: Lactobacillus, Bifidbacteriu or Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Designed specifically for women to help support vaginal health

In addition, we then took into consideration the following:

  • Price
  • Ease of use and delivery
  • Potency
  • Stability, or an adequate shelf life
  • Tolerability ( gluten, soy, and dairy-free)

With all this in mind, we feel we’ve brought you nothing but the very best in probiotics for women. The only thing left to do is pick the right probiotic for you!

The Best Probiotics for Women

Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics

Coming in 1st in our ranking of the 10 best probiotics is Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics.

What we liked about the Garden of Life is that it covers the full spectrum of what a daily probiotic supplement needs to do.

With 85 billion live cultures and 32 probiotic strains, Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics supports your digestion, regulates your bowel movements, and improves the health of your immune system.

It also relieves constipation, and makes sure that your body readily absorbs all the healthy nutrients that come its way. Most of all, Garden of Life promotes feminine health, contains no binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients, and it’s also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

A drawback to the probiotic we found was that it needs to be delivered with a cooling pack. But that’s a small price to pay for such a quality product.


  • No binders or fillers
  • No artificial ingredients
  • 85 billion live cultures


  • Ships with cooling pack
  • Non-recyclable bottle
  • Some bottles “shorted” pills

Culturelle Probiotics Women’s Healthy Balance

Culturelle Probiotics Women’s Healthy Balance

Culturelle says that their Women’s Healthy Balance probiotic–our 2nd pick for best probiotic for women–helps to protect women’s bodies from the inside out.

Which is exactly what it does.

In fact, every serving contains 15 billion active cultures, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus–remember, that’s the stuff that goes a long way in treating and helping to prevent yeast infections.

With this probiotic, you have the ultimate support for your digestive, vaginal and immune health. What’s best is that it’s vegetarian-friendly, and safe for pregnant women.

What concerned us were reports of mild bloating or gas after use.


  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • 15 billion active cultures


  • Bloating/gas reported
  • Some consumers report no effect
  • Not for sugar or alcohol sensitive individuals

Vitamin Bounty Women’s Pro-Daily

Vitamin Bounty Women’s Pro-Daily

3rd in our ranking of the best probiotic for women comes from Vitamin Bounty.

What sets the product apart is that it contains 5 probiotic strains and 10 billion active cultures.

What’s best is that it’s designed with women in mind, ensuring that not only your digestive and immune systems are in check, but also your vaginal microbiome and thyroid function as well.

This probiotic is also known to help with digestive issues such as lactose intolerance and IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

And the product comes in delayed-release capsules so that the probiotics are digested in your digestive tract a little bit at a time.

But if a vegan-friendly probiotic is important to you, we suggest staying away from Vitamin Bounty, since product information does not specify if this probiotic fits that requirement.


  • 5 probiotic strains
  • Help range of digestive issues
  • Delayed-release capsule


  • Not specified vegan-friendly
  • Some bottles shorted pills
  • Headaches reported

Jarrow Formula Saccharomyces Boulardii & MOS

Jarrow Formula Saccharomyces Boulardii & MOS

Diarrhea got you down? If so, check out 4th place in our ranking of the 10 best probiotics for women, a great choice if you’re suffering from the occasional bout.

The reason why is that the product contains a yeast called Saccharomyces boulardii.

This yeast can get through stomach acids all the way until it reaches the intestinal tract, while also restoring any other kinds of imbalances in the microbiome of the gut.

When combined with MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharides), an oligosaccharide from the cell walls of S. cerevisiae, this probiotic will also help to prevent bad bacteria from growing.

Conveniently, it doesn’t require refrigeration, and the probiotic can be stored at room temperature.

With 5 billion organisms per serving, it’s vegetarian-friendly, but does not specify if it’s also vegan-friendly, a definite downside.


  • Relieves diarrhea
  • 5 billion organisms per serving
  • No refrigeration required


  • Unclear if vegan-friendly
  • Issues working in warm climate
  • Shipping issues reported

Bronson S. Bouldarii

Bronson S. Bouldarii

Rounding out the top 5 in our ranking of the best probiotic for women is Bronson S. Bouldarii.

If you’re looking for a fix to any bathroom issues you might be encountering, head straight for this product.

Containing 20 billion live cells per serving–a significant amount compared to other supplements–Bronson S. Bouldarii can survive your stomach acids while re-establishing necessary microflora in the intestines.

It’s also vegetarian-friendly, GMO and soy-free, and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

A drawback, however, is that it’s quite a bit more expensive than other products in our ranking, a contributing factor to ranking a little lower on the list.


  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • GMO and soy free
  • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated


  • Pricier than other supplements
  • Yeast infections reported
  • Shipping issues reported

Boula – Saccharomyces BOULArdii

Boula - Saccharomyces BOULArdii

A relatively new company on the market is Boula, 6th in our ranking of the 10 best probiotics for women, and RAVE’s pick for best new brand.

While they may be a newer brand in probiotics, they do get their bacteria from Lesaffre, a French company that has been open for 150 years. That’s a long time!

Boula’s probiotics contain 5 billion probiotics in one capsule and are formulated to provide a quick fix to diarrhea.

In addition, the product is cheaper than a lot of other probiotics on the market, and its expiration date is clearly stated at the time of purchase.

It does, however, contain lactose, so do watch out for that if you’re lactose intolerant.


  • Cheaper option
  • Expiration date clearly stated
  • New brand


  • Contains lactose
  • Not vegetarian
  • Doesn’t work for everyone

Healthspan Super20 Pro

Healthspan Super20 Pro

What if your problem isn’t diarrhea at all, but constipation instead? If so, relief is in sight in the form of Healthspan’s Super20 Pro, 7th place in our ranking of the 10 best probiotics for women.

Containing 20 billion good bacteria–including Bifidobacterium lactis which has been proven to significantly improve stool frequency and reduce constipation–this probiotic helps you go while also promoting better overall gut health–that’s never a bad thing!

It’s also lactose-free, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, with a long shelf life. One possible drawback to the product, however, is that it doesn’t contain a prebiotic fiber.


  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Lactose-free
  • Longer shelf life


  • No prebiotic fiber
  • Not cheap
  • Not effective for everyone

Nutrition Essentials Acidophilus Probiotic Supplement

Nutrition Essentials Acidophilus Probiotic Supplement

If you want to improve your bowel regularity, then look no further than Nutrition Essentials Acidophilus Probiotic Supplement, 8th place in our ranking.

With 15 billion live cultures of the strain Bacillus Coagulans per capsule, this probiotic will improve your gut health naturally, promoting better bowel movements, while also alleviating bloating.

It contains all-natural ingredients, and even helps to control appetite and weight. Conveniently, it requires no refrigeration!

A downside to the product is that taking two capsules is recommended.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Controls appetite and weight
  • No refrigeration


  • Two capsules daily
  • “Fragile” pill quality
  • Hard to swallow

Phillips’ Colon Health – Probiotics Capsules

Phillips’ Colon Health - Probiotics Capsules

9th in our ranking of the best probiotics for women is Phillips’ Colon Health Probiotics Capsules, another great choice for anyone suffering from constipation.

Like a 4-in-1 solution, this product defends not just against constipation but also gas, bloating and diarrhea. Phillips’ Colon Health goes a long way to not only improve colon health, but also helps prevent problems before they occur.

The product is lactose-free, as well as GMO and soy-free, with 1.5 billion CFUs even at the time of expiration.

What concerned us most about the product was reports of users developing cystic acne after using the product, definitely a contributing factor in where this product ended up in our ranking.


  • Lactose-free
  • GMO and soy free
  • 1.5 billion CFUs


  • Cystic acne side effect
  • Nausea and cramping reported
  • Bloating issues

Optibac Probiotic

Optibac Probiotic

Last, but not least,  in our ranking of the best probiotics for women comes from Opticback.

A great choice for a daily supplement, their probiotic contains 5 strains that can bypass the stomach acids and reach the gut alive so you can reap all the benefits.

In addition, each capsule contains 20-billion live cultures, so you can ensure your gut microbiome remains balanced and healthy.

It’s also free from sugars, fats, and extra flavorings, as well as vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

You can mix this probiotic with liquid, or take with food, a definite plus side to the product. It is, however, quite a bit more expensive than other probiotics available.


  • No sugar, fat, or flavorings
  • Great for histamine intolerance
  • Mix with liquid or food


  • Pricier than other brands
  • Not for IBS
  • Made in Europe

Now that you’ve bought the best probiotic for your health and wellness needs, consider these frequently asked questions to get the most out of your purchase.

When should I take my probiotic?

To get the most out of your probiotics, take them just before you eat or just as you’re beginning a meal. The reason being is that probiotics need to survive your stomach acids to do what it needs to do in your gut. If your probiotic isn’t adequately protected from the stomach acids in its capsule, then it can be ineffective or not as effective as it should be. 

Taking it on an empty stomach or just when you’re beginning a meal means that the chances your probiotic can survive your stomach acids are better and it has a higher chance of colonizing the gut. 

Also bear in mind, if you do take it in the morning before breakfast, drink a glass of water beforehand. Your stomach is very acidic in the morning, and water will help lower the acidity levels.

What’s the difference between probiotic and prebiotic?

While probiotics and prebiotics both help maintain the health of your gut bacteria, they also have some differences between them.Probiotics are live bacteria, while prebiotics is a type of fiber that feeds probiotics. They’re found in food that’s high in fiber such as whole grains and vegetables. 

Are probiotics safe to take?

It’s best to seek medical advice from your doctor or local GP as probiotics are not regulated like medicine. This means that the makers of probiotics don’t have to demonstrate how safe their product is or the effectiveness of the probiotic to make it sellable. 

Do your due diligence in research and seek medical advice before taking any probiotic supplements.

What is the best probiotic for women?

If you’re having digestion or other kinds of health issues, you need relief and you need it fast so we’ll tell you what’s the best of the very best when it comes to probiotics for women. Our overall picks for best probiotic for women is Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics, containing no binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients, as well as 85 billion live cultures.

If you’re interested in trying a new, quality brand in the probiotics market, RAVE Reviews says head straight for Boula – Saccharomyces BOULArdii. With 5 billion probiotics in a single capsule, this probiotic is everything you need for diarrhea relief.

And if yeast infections are what you suffer from, we have an answer for you as well. The best probiotic for yeast infections is Culturelle Probiotics Women’s Healthy Balancewith Lactobacillus rhamnosus, this product will have your yeast infection feeling better in no time. 

RAVE Recommends

Probiotic supplements can be a definite help for those looking to prevent and solve any gut problems. They’re also beneficial for those who need a little extra help managing their gut microbiome and making sure that the good and bad bacteria stay balanced.

Here’s a list of more recommended probiotic supplements that can help you put your gut health first: