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The 10 Best Keto Apps: Recipes, Nutrient Tracking

Whether you’re getting ready for bikini season or just looking to make a change in your diet, so you feel as amazing on the inside as you look on the outside, a ketogenic diet may be just what you’re looking for.

Using keto apps make it easier to track your progress. When it comes to the best keto app, the choice is simple: pick Team Keto. This app is a full system designed to make it easier to live the keto life by starting with a 15-day challenge. You may think that a whole ketogenic system would be expensive, but the Team Keto application is entirely free!

Let’s play jeopardy: This diet is used to treat refractory epilepsy, and is considered low carb and high fat. If you answered, “what is a ketogenic diet,” you win the game! The ketogenic diet is composed of the macronutrient foundation of low carbohydrates, high fat, and moderate amounts of protein. We’ll explain the ins and outs of the diet below for a deeper understanding. 

Adhering to a new diet is hard enough without having to worry about calculating carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You can take the stress out of this process by downloading a keto app that is chock full of useful features such as diet plans, workouts, coaching, and delicious recipes. You won’t be stuck eating the same food each night. 

Whether you’re a true keto diet beginner or a die-hard experienced keto dieter, you will find an app in this article to help you reach your goals. Some of the apps include exercise recommendations, while others provide different services. There is something for everyone. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a little help with a new diet? 

The Keto Apps We RAVE About

Team Keto
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Team Keto
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Keto Diet & Ketogenic Recipes

Fasting and Epilepsy

You might be asking yourself, how did the ketogenic diet become a popular mainstream diet? It’s a good question with an interesting story: It all started with epilepsy, a disease characterized by repeated seizures. This disease is reported to have afflicted humans ever since we began documenting diseases and our attempts to treat maladies. One of the first treatments for the Sacred Disease—as epilepsy was referred to in ancient times—was to fast, not ingesting food for weeks at a time. It turns out that this treatment stopped seizures from occurring pretty effectively.

In the early 20th century, scientists started to look more closely at fasting’s ability to decrease or eliminate seizures in individuals who have epilepsy. The discovery of anticonvulsant medication during this time became the primary treatment over fasting for the treatment of epilepsy. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the ketogenic diet gained popularity again, due to media attention and the introduction of foundations and funding. 

Since the re-emergence of interest in the ketogenic diet in the early ’90s, much research has been conducted about the benefits of this diet for certain conditions. People increasingly utilize a ketogenic diet to lose excess weight, which makes sense, since the diet was founded on the basis of starvation. 

Ketones and the Brain

Now that we discussed how the ketogenic diet came to be a popular mainstream diet, let’s talk about how it actually works. Most of us know that carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy, but you may not know that it is not the only source of energy. Carbohydrates come foods such as grains, vegetables, sugar, and fruits, among others. You can also get energy from protein—a good source of which is meat, and also fats such as olive oil. We call carbohydrates, protein, and lipids macronutrients because humans need these nutrients in large amounts. 

When you restrict carbohydrates in your diet, your body must rely on other nutrients to obtain the energy it needs to run. The ketogenic diet uses large amounts of fat with modest amounts of protein to fuel the body. The fats you ingest when carbohydrates are deficient in your diet are metabolized in your liver into ketones to use as energy in your brain and body. 

If you’re asking yourself why your body has this alternative way to make energy when carbohydrates are generally found in plentiful supply in nature, it’s a good question. The answer comes down to that big mass of cells located in your skull, your brain. Your brain utilizes massive amounts of carbohydrates to function around one-fifth of all the energy your body uses in a day. That’s an incredible amount of energy for something that only weighs around 3 pounds.

So your brain is obviously important, since so much energy is dedicated to this structure. And unlike other tissues in the body, the brain is only able to use carbohydrates and ketones for energy. 

The brain’s use of ketones is the body’s way of ensuring that the brain always has energy, especially in times of starvation. It’s for this reason why the human body was producing ketosis when we were still living in caves. Even in modern times, when you create an intentional nutritional ketosis through a ketogenic diet, fat is mobilized from the body stores for energy for the brain, organs, and muscles. This is why many people today see such significant weight loss while following a ketogenic diet. 

The Ketogenic Diet

The classic ketogenic diet consists of a 4:1 ratio of fats to protein and carbohydrates. This means that for every 4 grams of fats, there is around 1 gram of protein with the excess calories made by carbohydrates. Ultimately, about 90% of your calories are derived from fat on the keto diet. 

The traditional version is one of the ketogenic diet’s strictest forms. Some programs allow slightly more leniency, but we have to remember that the point of this diet is to trick the body into thinking it’s in a starvation state by ingesting very high amounts of fats. Applications help you monitor the number of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins you eat so your body stays in that fat-utilizing ketosis state. 


Here at RAVE, giving you the most unbiased information possible is of utmost importance, which is why we spent many hours scouring the internet and researching our products to review. With the keto apps, we downloaded dozens of options and researched dozens more to get a real user experience of each app. When we ranked the best keto apps, we considered many aspects, from visual appearance to ease of use. Some of the questions we asked ourselves to narrow down our ranking include: 

  • Nutrient tracking: Does the application make tracking macronutrients easy? 
  • Recipes: Are there ketogenic recipes available? 
  • Ease of use: Is the application easy and intuitive to use? 
  • Price: Is the application reasonably priced for the services it offers? 
  • Exercise recommendations: Does the app offer exercise recommendations or plans? 
  • Weight tracking: Does the app include a weight tracking function? 

The Best Keto Apps


Team Keto

When it comes to going keto, having guidance, support, and meal ideas is key. Team Keto offers a 15-day keto challenge to jump start your shift to a keto lifestyle. The icing on the cake? It’s free. You can get your keto on without having to spend a penny. It is perfect for people who want to begin keto and need a lot of guidance.

This program includes free keto meal plans and recipes, as well as training, support, and coaching. You can interact with coaches and other members online through Facebook groups and motivational videos. What about exercise? The program hasn’t left anything out. It includes fat-burning HIIT workouts to help you burn fat and build lean, mean, fat-melting muscle mass. Team Keto hits fat loss from both the diet and exercise angles.

This 15-day challenge is somewhat short, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop once you complete it. Team Keto won’t leave you hanging: Their website is full of education on keto, recipes, and more about livin’ la keto loca.


  • Free of charge
  • Lots of support
  • Includes HIIT workout


  • A short program
  • Best for keto “beginners”
2 is all about tracking, tracking, tracking. When it comes to doing keto right, knowing how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat you are consuming is essential. Aside from offering food tracking, also helps you determine the number of macros and calories you should be eating each day.

This app allows you to create weight loss and fat loss goals and track your progress. It uses your normal activity level and body type to help you pinpoint how many macros you should be eating to hit your goals. Tracking your weight loss and food intake makes it easy to see which eating habits you should change and which ones are doing your body good.

Along with tracking your food intake, helps you to monitor your activity level, and can be connected to your Fitbit. You will be able to see the trends of how many calories you burn each day, spot lazy days, and take note of high activity days, too. is priced right, between $2.99 for a 1-month subscription to $11.99 for a year ($0.99/month). This app has a 4.6-star rating in the Apple app store—in other words, users give this keto app the green light.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Personalized recommendations


  • No exercise recommendations
  • No recipes and diet plans

Keto Diet & Ketogenic Recipes

When you go keto, one of the most challenging aspects is what to cook. At first, eating keto may feel limited or repetitive—avocado and eggs everyday anyone? The Keto Diet & Ketogenic Recipes app has made keto eating a breeze. The focus of this app is to get you eating out of the box and cooking delicious, satisfying meals.

This app contains over 150 keto-approved recipes, which will make your tastebuds dance and your waistline shrink. Plus, it features vegan keto recipes, as well as snacks and dips. The recipes are easy to make and help you create grocery shopping lists, so you’ll know exactly what you need to bring the recipes to life.

Aside from recipes, the Keto Diet & Ketogenic Recipes app includes a full keto guide so you can learn the ins and outs of eating keto. It goes into detail about what ketosis is, how it affects your body, and what foods to avoid when eating keto. Did we mention there’s a free 3-day trial? You can see what they are all about before subscribing. With a 4.8-star average in the Apple app store, people are getting a kick out of this keto app.


  • Many recipes to choose from
  • Helps you generate grocery lists
  • Free 3-day trial


  • Does not include macro tracking
  • No exercise recommendations


We all know that losing weight can be hard. Often times, it involves so much more than just food choices. There are emotional ties and mental blocks that can hinder the process, hence why yo-yo dieting is so common. The Noom app was created by a team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers to help you make lasting healthy changes. They approach weight loss from all stand-points: mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral.

The goal of this app is to help you identify healthy eating habits and create a plan to stick to them. Although the eating patterns are not always keto in nature, the focus of this app is less about dieting and more about aligning your mindset with lasting change. Noom reports that 86% of their users keep the weight they have lost off at the 1-year mark.

Some of Noom’s features include strategies to master your food cravings and create goals. They also offer many meal plan options to help you eat tasty, healthy foods. Within the app, you can track your weight, food intake, as well as your emotions, which is something that sets this app apart from others. The app is free to download, and their subscriptions start at $10 per month.


  • Multi-angle approach
  • High success rate
  • Numerous meal options


  • Not strictly a keto app
  • Somewhat pricey

Carb Manager: Keto Diet App

Carb Manager is your one-stop shop to track your food, and it is specifically geared toward keto diets. Just like an overdraft alert from the bank, the Carb Manager app alerts you when you have gone above your daily carbs. Talk about keeping you accountable! This top-notch tracking app isn’t just for food. It also tracks your water intake, exercise, and changes in your weight. This app also offers extra features such as keto meal plans, a community forum, and voice-activated logging. Prices are extremely reasonable for the premium version: 1 year for $39.99, 3 months for $16.49, or 1 month for $8.49.

Have you ever thought that food tracking was a pain in your you-know-what? Carb Manager makes food tracking extremely simple. In the “extra” features, the app includes an elevated approach to food tracking. Instead of typing in each food item you eat, you can take a picture of what you ate, and the app will calculate the macros in your meal. Pretty cool if you ask me.

With a 4.8-star rating on the Apple app store, we can certainly say that the people have spoken, and they are digging Carb Manager: Keto Diet App. With its simple tracking, optional premium features, and affordable price, it’s an excellent keto app.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers extra features
  • Reasonably priced


  • Meals are an extra feature
  • No exercise recommendations


With 8fit, you get personalization. The first step is a quiz about your body type, body shape, weight, height, and personal health and fitness goals. Don’t worry, they use lots of pictures to make things simple. From here, the app determines what kind of exercise and nutrition changes will help you to achieve your goals.

The cool part about this app is how individualized the recommendations are. Each day, you will receive recommendations for all three meals, plus snacks. If you don’t fancy one of the recommendations, no problem, just skip it and get a new recommendation. But there is more: In addition to meal planning, this app offers exercise recommendations to help you reach your goals.

8fit’s plans range from the free option to the year option at $5 per month. With the more elite options, you get customized meal plans that can be tailored according to your diet preferences. Gluten-free, keto, paleo—all at your disposal. While this app isn’t strictly keto, it has keto and low carb options. Reviewers love this app. With a 4.7-star average on the Apple app store, you’ll definitely get bang for your buck.


  • Customizable plans
  • Reasonably priced
  • Exercise and diet suggestions


  • Meal plans are not free
  • Does not include food tracking
  • No weight tracking

My Macros +

People following a keto diet must keep a careful watch on their macro intake, especially carbohydrates. My Macros+ can make this task easy-peasy. It allows you to track as many meals as you want—you are not limited to three meals per day like you are on some other apps. It was created by a fitness professional with the experience and expertise to deliver a tracking system that meets your needs.

For $1.99 per month, you can keep track of all the food you eat. You can type in what you ate from the food library—they have over 5 million foods in their system. Another option is to use the barcode scanner option to easily input foods automatically. Plus, you can track your weight changes. The tracking options allow you to see how your food choices affect your weight.

You can take this app to the next level with Pro, which unlocks features like meal timers, an in-depth breakdown of your nutritional needs based on your body type and weight, and interaction with a macros coach. While this app does a fabulous job of helping you to track your food, it does not track physical activity. While most users give this app an excellent review, some complain that the barcode scanner is not entirely accurate.


  • Large food item library
  • Barcode scanning for food input
  • 4.7-star average rating


  • Does not include meal ideas
  • Does not track exercise
  • Barcode scanning inaccurate

Total Keto Diet

Are you looking for hundreds of keto recipes, shopping lists, as well as calorie and carb tracking? The Total Keto Diet app may be your cup of tea. This app is full of hundreds of keto recipes and meal ideas so eating keto doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. It features breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, as well as drinks and even desserts. Did you think desserts were off-limits on keto? Think again!

This app also helps you track your macros. In other words, you can monitor your protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake. Unlike some other apps that automatically calculate net carbs, this app provides you both total and net carbs so you can track in the way you want. The only things missing from this app are weight and physical activity trackers, and exercise recommendations.

Are you a keto beginner? Don’t fully understand what keto is and how it works? We got you. The Total Keto Diet app includes a complete guide so you can gain a thorough understanding of keto and how it affects your body, brain, and food choices.


  • Hundreds of meal ideas
  • Tracks calories and carbs
  • Keto guide included


  • Cannot track weight
  • No exercise recommendations
  • No physical activity tracking

iTrackBites: Track Your Diet

iTrackBites calls itself your weight loss journey partner. Aww, how sweet. This app is all about tracking your diet to keep you on track to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Since everyone is different, their weight loss approach should be as well. iTrackBites offers five different programs, including keeping keto, sugar smart, and better balance. Each has a different focus in terms of macros and eating patterns.

You can track what you ate by either scanning barcodes or entering it manually. This app makes it easy to input your food and saves you time and energy (hopefully to go exercise!). This app also helps you track your exercise and physical activity levels—which we all know is a part of losing weight. The app also tracks your weight so you can monitor your weight changes on an easy-to-read graph.

On top of monitoring your weight, physical activity, and food intake, iTrackBites has a supportive online community. Sharing your experiences and challenges with other like-minded people can really increase your success in sticking to your weight loss goals.


  • Different programs to suit your needs
  • Contact with a support community
  • Graphs your weight changes


  • Does not offer meal ideas
  • No exercise recommendations
  • Only inputs three meals daily

Stupid Simple Keto App

With a name like Stupid Simple Keto Diet, this app’s focus is on making things simple. So simple, it’s stupid simple. The primary purpose of this app is to help you monitor your carbohydrate intake. It gives you warnings when you are getting close to your carb or other macro limits, so you can catch yourself and stay on track.

With the Stupid Simple Keto Diet app, you can track your workouts, fasting hours, as well as carbs and macros to keep all aspects of your keto journey in check. This app even offers a selfie function so you can visually track the changes in your body as you lose weight and tone up.

This app offers a free download and a handful of plans ranging from $4.99 to $16.99 per month. These plans include features like setting daily goals, adding your favorites to your food lists, and detailed food tracking. It will automatically calculate your net carb intake, which subtracts both fiber as well as sugar alcohols. Some people do not subtract sugar alcohols from their carb intake, so take note.


  • Selfie function for tracking
  • Monitors food and exercise
  • Tracks your fasting hours


  • Does not provide meal ideas
  • Does not count sugar alcohols
  • No exercise recommendations

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a physiological state in which ketones, a breakdown product of fatty acids, are found in higher levels than usual. When you minimize the number of carbohydrates you eat, your body has to obtain its energy from other sources. It’s especially important, as the brain can only use carbohydrates and ketones as energy sources. 

When there is a lack of adequate carbohydrate intake, the body will turn to proteins and fats to obtain its energy needs. Since a ketogenic diet is high in fats and has only moderate amounts of protein, the body breaks down fats for energy resulting in the formation of ketones. 

Ketosis produced by diet is sometimes called nutritional ketosis, which is distinguished from ketoacidosis by normal blood pH levels. Ketoacidosis should not be confused with nutritional ketosis. Ketoacidosis occurs when ketones are produced in such large numbers that the blood becomes acidic, which is a medical emergency that arises with specific disease states. 

What are the side effects of ketosis?

Side effects are most likely to occur from ketosis during the first few days of the diet. Common side effects you may experience on a keto diet include dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Individuals in their first few days of initiating a ketogenic diet should cautiously approach exercise gradually, increasing the intensity over time as some individuals experience fatigue and exercise intolerance. 

You may notice that your breath has a new fruity sweet smell after starting a ketogenic diet. This is normal and due to the increased ketone production. Some individuals should not adhere to a ketogenic diet due to metabolic, genetic, or family history factors. Always consult your doctor before starting a diet to ensure it will not harm your health and wellbeing. 

Is eating keto safe in the long term?

Individuals looking to engage in a ketogenic diet long term may or may not encounter health concerns in their future. The truth is that we just don’t know the long-term safety data of this diet, although some individuals have adhered to a strict ketogenic diet for years. Without thorough scientific research on long-term keto dieters, there can be no definitive claims about its safety.  

One of the primary concerns with the ketogenic diet long term is the potential to develop certain nutritional deficiencies over time. Whether or not you will develop a nutritional deficiency depends mainly on how you can structure your ketogenic diet. Dieters of all kinds encounter problems when they eat the same foods day in and day out for long periods. It’s possible while eating keto to eat inadequate amounts of fiber, which is essential for colon health and regular bowel movements.

What is the best keto app?

Our number one pick for the best keto app is Team Keto, which is the ultimate mobile application for the beginning keto dieters. This app helps beginners kick-start the process with a 15-day challenge. 

The appropriately named is our pick for the best app for tracking macronutrients. For newbies to a ketogenic diet, tracking carbohydrates, protein, and fat intake can be one of the most challenging aspects. takes the fluff of exercise plans, recipes, and other overwhelming aspects of a diet change out of the picture so you can focus on the basics. 

Finding a ketogenic recipe has never been easier than with Keto Diet & Ketogenic Recipes, an app that gives dozens of recipes at the tip of your fingers, and then creates a shopping for you. What’s easier than that? 

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