The Best Health Benefits of Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, you might be pleased to learn that not only is coffee an enjoyable morning ritual, but research suggests that there are health benefits of coffee, too.

In this article, we’ll take you through the research and present you with the hard science on the health benefits–and potential detriments–to drinking coffee regularly. Like anything having to do with the human body, there is a sweet spot of enjoying coffee responsibly, that provides benefits without risk.

On the other hand, drinking too much coffee can lead to some pretty horrible side effects. If you’re unsure where the line is between the perfect schedule of coffee habits and unhealthy habits, then continue reading. We’ll break down the science for you.

Almost Everyone Loves Coffee

For many people, when they get up in the morning, they are not completely awake. One of the things that can help get them moving is a nice, fresh cup of coffee. The caffeine in coffee has been found to help perk you up and get the day off to a good start. While coffee is a good source of caffeine, there are other great benefits to having a cup or two of coffee everyday as well.

Coffee can be enjoyed either hot or cold in all seasons. You make coffee using coffee beans which are from the coffea berries. The berries are picked, then dried. Once they are dry, they are roasted to the consistency that we know. The coffee beans are packaged in many different formats.

They can be packaged as whole beans or as ground beans. Manufacturers of coffee beans review the likes and dislikes of consumers in order to produce them in many different flavors, as well as caffeinated and decaffeinated types. From there, they go off to stores and coffee shops for us to enjoy.

What are the Health Benefits of Coffee?

Many people believe that coffee and the caffeine that it contains is just good for giving people the “pick me up” that they need during the day. A cup of coffee in the morning, or when you might be a little sluggish during the day, will certainly give you a temporary boost when needed. While getting that extra burst of energy is certainly one major benefit of drinking coffee, it is not the only help that you can get from moderate coffee drinking.

Research has found that regularly drinking coffee has several health benefits that people may not be aware of. Some of the best health benefits of coffee include:

  • May improve your level of energy
  • May improve your level of physical performance
  • May lower your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes
  • May help fight depression
  • May help you live a longer life
  • May help prevent certain diseases

While coffee is not a magic potion that will cure all diseases or prevent getting any ailments, when taken in moderation, it has some benefits that could be helpful to our overall health.

So, as you enjoy your coffee in the morning, remember: it’s good for your health, too!

Productivity and Coffee

Any guide on the health benefits of coffee would be remiss to skirt over the issue regarding productivity. While many coffee lovers will report that their productivity depends on drinking, there’s an interesting question to consider.

Are coffee drinkers productive because they drink coffee?


Are do productive people just drink more coffee than non-productive people?

This is a “chicken or the egg” type puzzle of logic with no clear answer, but there’s no disregarding that coffee represents an irreplaceable ritual for many go-getters. But there’s more to the picture when it comes to the best health benefits of coffee–that is, drinking the right amount.

Too Much or Too Little? When do the Health Benefits of Coffee Kick In?

Woman enjoying the best health benefits of coffee

Knowing how much to drink in order to enjoy the health benefits of coffee is an important factor. Because one might just as easily consume too much of it and counteract these benefits with negative side effects. To enjoy the health benefits of coffee, you’ll only need to drink about 1-2 cups per day on average.

According to WebMD though, drinking more than 4 cups of coffee in a day can start to cause negative side effects. And yet many of drink four cups of coffee just get feeling in our legs in the morning. So what are the negative health effects to consider when drinking this much coffee?

WebMD reports these negative side effects:

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Irregular heartbeats

Additionally, while there’s no clear data linking coffee to kidney disease, we do know that drinking too much coffee can exacerbate kidney issues. Particularly when using artificial sweeteners or drinking coffee with high blood pressure, resulting pressure on the kidneys might overtax them.

In any case, it’s good to stick to the recommended amounts of coffee–and if you’re one of those coffee enthusiasts who crushes four cups in your sleep, then at least be sure to drink plenty of water and to watch your blood pressure.

Caffeine is a Drug

Let’s not forget that caffeine is officially a drug, because its affects the function of the body’s central nervous system. Now whether it counts as a drug to you personally, that will depend on your perspective. But it is easy to forget that coffee is stronger than we may think.

Just take a few months off from drinking it, then consume a large cup of strong black coffee. You’ll see exactly what we mean!

Like anything that we ingest, responsibility is the key ingredient of success.

FAQ: The Best Health Benefits of Coffee

To learn more about coffee and caffeine, and how it may be beneficial to your health, we have assembled a number of useful and informative sources.

Feel free to browse them to learn more interesting facts about coffee and the science behind one of America’s most beloved morning rituals.