The 10 Best Infuser Water Bottles

Ready to get hydrated? We at RAVE sifted through close to 50 different water bottles to bring you the best of the best.

Our top pick for the best infuser water bottle is the Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle. In the sea of options out there, Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle bubbles to the top for its innovative design, quality of materials, and overall mission to inspire healthy living.

Most of our planet is water. About 71%, in fact.

Most of our body is water. Close to 60%! It’s no wonder, then, that water is an essential for human existence. So why is it that most Americans can’t seem to drink enough of it throughout the day? What does it take to stay hydrated and healthy these days?

We get it — sometimes water is just plain boring. It’s hard to get excited about drinking tasteless liquid just because you know you should.

But here’s some good news: There are countless ways to spruce up your plain old water! That’s where infuser water bottles step in.

The concept is pretty ingenious. Add fruits, veggies, or fresh herbs to your bottle of water and let them add the flavor. Pretty simple!

We’ve uncovered 10 of the best infuser water bottles on the market right now. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your water intake, read on. There’s no shame in needing to trick our bodies into healthy habits!

The Infuser Water Bottles We RAVE About

Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle
Best Overall
Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle
AquaFrut Bottom Loading Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Best Value
AquaFrut Bottom Loading Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle
Best for Athletes
Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Picture this. You’re at work. It’s 2 PM. Your head is pounding and you can’t seem to focus on anything in front of you. You’ve been irritable all day. You think to yourself, What’s going on with my body today? You get up to make your third cup of coffee of the day when you suddenly realize, “Have I had any water today?”

Sound familiar? Don’t worry. You’re in good company. A recent study found that a whopping 75% of Americans drink well under the recommended amount of 10 cups of water a day. That means over half of the United States is chronically dehydrated!

Why is it so hard for us to keep up with our water consumption? We just have too many other tasty options — soda, energy drinks, coffee, beer, etc. Water is tasteless, and to be honest, it’s sometimes just downright boring. Getting enough water throughout the day can be a chore.

Turns out, we just have to game the system (i.e., our brain) into thinking water is delicious. With infused water, it’s totally possible to quickly and easily make flavored water that has zero sugar and zero calories, and still gives you total hydration.

Why water?

Now that we’ve established that most of us have some work to do in the hydration department, let’s take a look at the facts behind why water is so important.

As you picked up earlier, water makes up 60% of our body. If we look closer, we’ll find that the heart and brain are 73% water and the lungs are composed of 83% water. It’s a wonder that we aren’t just watery blobs, right? Clearly, water is crucial to the very make-up of our bodies.

Maybe it’s helpful to think of water as the oil that keeps us running. Without oil, the car is toast!

More specifically, though, here are just a few of the many roles that water takes on inside our bodies:

  • Lubricates joints
  • Absorbs shock in our brain and spinal cord
  • Assists in flushing out waste
  • Regulates internal body temperature
  • Forms saliva

If we don’t maintain at least a baseline of our needed water levels, these vital systems will start to slow down and stop functioning. Hello, 2 PM headache! And, as is the case with many things internally, once one system stops functioning, a cascading effect of other malfunctioning systems is soon to follow.

Why not side-step all of that mess and find a way to stay hydrated? An infuser water bottle is a great way to start.

Take care of yourself. Take care of the planet.

There are plenty of products out there that sell infused water. Perrier. Hint. SoBe Water. LaCroix. The list could go on. So what sets infuser water bottles apart from the rest? Here’s a big reason: infuser water bottles are environmentally responsible.

Most flavored water is sold in cans or plastic bottles that eventually get discarded in the trash or recycling bin. All of these single-use cans and bottles add up! Waste is an enormous environmental hazard that continues to threaten our ecosystems. If you buy an infuser water bottle, you’ll get all the benefits of flavored water without expanding your ecological footprint.

You can even be mindful of the type of materials that are used in your infuser water bottle. If you’re concerned about your own health and the health of our planet, here are few things to keep an eye on when you select your infuser water bottle.

  • BPA-free: BPA is a chemical that has long been used in the making of plastics. However, after it was discovered that this chemical had cancer-causing agents, people sounded the alarm. Most plastic used in water bottles these days are BPA-free. But make sure you read the labels. Confirm that they are not only BPA-free, but also dishwasher and microwave safe.  
  • Eastman Tritan: Most of the infuser water bottles on our list are made out of Eastman Tritan plastic. This is a BPA-free material that is known for being super durable. It mimics the feel and strength of glass, while still being shatterproof. Buying a water bottle that is crafted from Eastman Tritan is a guarantee that you’ll be drinking BPA-free water for years to come.


The staff here RAVE Reviews loves all things data. We take our methodology seriously. So when it comes down to it, our team considers all the factors at play — product specs, customer reviews, industry trends, expert reviews, and more.

We’ve narrowed that data down into 3 core scoring methods in order to come up with our list of the 10 best infuser water bottles:

  • Overall price
  • Quality of materials
  • Customer satisfaction

Best Infuser Water Bottles


Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle

Live Infinitely is a company that cares. Their mantra — “Live Bigger. Live Bolder. Live Infinitely.” — is embodied in their 32oz. Infuser Water Bottle. In fact, it’s the best one that we’ve found. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, or just hanging out at home, this water bottle can accompany you anywhere you might need it.

For starters, Live Infinitely features a one-of-a-kind rod infuser that spans the entire bottle. This ensures that you’ll taste fruit-forward water with each sip, down to the last drop. It is also designed to include 2 O-rings — one on the lid and one on the infuser rod — to prevent any spillage.

You can choose from 9 different bright accent colors for your water bottle. The bottles are all BPA-free and FDA-approved. Along with your purchase, you’ll also gain access to a free eBook recipe book for 20 of the tastiest infuser combinations. Now that’s the whole package!


  • Full-length rod infuser
  • Double O-rings
  • Auto-aligning lid


  • Large bottle to carry
  • Extra lids not sold separately

Bevgo Infuser Water Bottle

Bevgo is a veteran of the infuser industry, and its 32oz. Infuser Water Bottle shows off all its best tricks. The company has refined their design over the years. They know what works and — perhaps more importantly — what doesn’t work.

For example, they redesigned the infuser rod to have a flat bottom (rather than a curved one) for an easier filling process. Bevgo also sculpted the outside bottle with 2 grips that fit your hand perfectly. You’ll find an hourly timeline printed on the outside of the bottle to help you stay on track with hydrating each hour.

Other cool features for the Bevgo Infused Water Bottle include a detachable ice basket that fits snugly under the infuser rod. If you’re stumped on what combinations to put in the infuser, you can reference the free recipe book that accompanies your water bottle.


  • Insulation sleeve included
  • Ice basket attachment
  • Flat-base infuser


  • Large slats on infuser
  • Time feature not on all colors

Great Gear Infuser Bottle

The Great Gear Infuser Bottle is all about options. Two, in fact! Your purchase will come with a long infuser and a short infuser. The long infuser holds the fruit inside, while the short infuser accommodates your combinations on the outside. Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.

You also have have the option between 5 bright colors (featured on both the lid and the short infuser) — purple, blue, neon green, pink, or turquoise. The lids to these 25oz. bottles are expertly designed with a leak-proof lock that you can pop open with your thumb.

The Great Gear Infuser Bottle is one of your more affordable options. It might not have the swag of others on this list, but it certainly holds up. The dual filter feature and the option of 2 infuser rods mean that this water bottle zooms to the top of our ranking.


  • 2 infuser insert options
  • Dual filter
  • Eastman Tritan bottle


  • Only in 25 oz size
  • Plastic ring is flimsy

Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle has turned the water infuser industry upside down…literally! This design is totally unique. You’ll find that the infuser rod is loaded from the bottom of the water bottle, rather than the top. This maximizes the fruit’s exposure to water, which also maximizes flavor.

That’s not the only thing Infusion Pro does differently. The infuser can easily be removed altogether to transform it into a regular water bottle. No matter what form you choose, it will always be leak-proof, relying on the rubber gasket rings on both the top and bottom lids. This makes it ideal for athletes.

You can also rest easy knowing that you’re covered by the Infusion Pro Guarantee, which gives you a lifetime warranty on the Fruit Infused Water Bottle. This company has that much trust in its product.


  • Base infuser
  • Neoprene insulated sleeve
  • Large carrying handle


  • Only 3 color options
  • More pieces to wash

Prodyne Fruit Infusion 3 Quart Pitcher

Of all the winners on our list, the Fruit Infusion 3 Quart Pitcher by Prodyne is by far the most versatile in its format. In fact, Prodyne is a maverick of infused water carriers.

For starters, you get more bang for your buck by upgrading to a 3 quart size pitcher (93oz.) rather than a 24oz. or 32oz. bottle. However, as is probably obvious, this product is better suited for serving multiple people around a table than carrying around with you. The completely translucent acrylic material serves as a vibrant centerpiece when it is filled with fruit.

The 3 Quart Pitcher is just one of many unique infuser designs that Prodyne offers. Others infuser options include a 45oz. flavor jar or a 70oz. diamond-cut pitcher. Another hot item from Prodyne is the ICED Fruit Infusion Pitcher, which includes 2 rods — one for ice and one for fruit.


  • Larger holding capacity
  • BPA-free material
  • Simple, attractive design


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not shatterproof

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle makes drinking water fun. This 32oz. water bottle comes in 10 bright colors that complement the colorful fruit they carry. The insulating sleeve keeps you smiling with its memorable quote: “Life gave me lemons today. Lucky me.“

The Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle features a full-length infuser rod to maximize flavor. Constructed with Eastman Tritan material, this water bottle is only designed to deliver the good stuff. It’s BPA-free and eco-friendly. The insulating sleeve also eliminates pesky water rings on your desk or condensation in your bag.

Bonus features: Along with your Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, you’ll get a free Infused Water Starter Guide & Recipes eBook. This includes over 25 recipes to try out. Choose a new one each day of the week. Regardless of which one you choose, you have tasty flavors headed your way.


  • Simple design (3 pieces)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fun colors


  • Hard to grip with sleeve
  • Some issues with leaking

Danum Fruit Infuser

The Danum Fruit Infuser has all the features that you want in an infuser water bottle. It may not be making huge waves in the industry or pushing outside of the box, but this water bottle will do the trick in increasing your water consumption.

The simple design of the Danum Fruit Infuser makes it a cinch for you to prepare your infused water. In fact, Danum says you can do it in less than 2 minutes! The 32oz. bottle is designed for easy handling, with 2 hand and thumb grips on either side. Best of all, it fits in most car cup holders.

It has a flip-top lid to protect you from any leakage and 2 rubber O-rings — around the lid and the infuser rod — to seal everything in. You only have 3 colors to choose from: black, teal, or pink. But not to worry — the main event is inside the bottle.


  • 100% BPA-free
  • Rubber grip and thumb grip
  • Frequent discounts/sales


  • Big slots in infuser
  • Expensive

AquaFrut Bottom Loading Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The AquaFrut Bottom Loading Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is a force to be reckoned with — both in price and design. It is one of the few infuser water bottles in this ranking to include a bottom-loading infuser. With a price of $8.99, it’s almost impossible to pass up.

It features a small flip-top over the mouthpiece and a handy plastic carrying hook. The AquaFrut bottle also has a sleek stainless steel band just below the lid. The rest of the bottle is made out of Tritan clear plastic.

This bottle runs on the smaller side with a capacity of 24oz. In the best scenario, this makes it portable and easy to handle. But a smaller bottle does require frequent refills. Regardless, with the AquaFrut Bottom Loading Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, you’re getting a top design for half the price of other bottles.


  • Bottom-loading infuser
  • Easy clean-up
  • Affordable price


  • Smaller capacity (24oz.)
  • Lower quality materials

Brimma Leak-Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The Brimma Leak-Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle prides itself on its smart leak-proof lid design above all. The flip-top lid safely locks each time you close it, and opens seamlessly with a push button design. Brimma believes in it so much that they promise a lifetime guarantee for customer satisfaction.

This infuser water bottle has the capacity to hold 32oz. of water. The infuser rod is shorter than other bottles, which some customers say limits the flavor and fruit-holding volume. However, it maximizes your water content so you don’t have to refill as often.

The Brimma bottle is made of high-quality Eastman Tritan plastic, which is not only eco-friendly and recyclable but also shatterproof. If you’re the kind of person who wants a straight-forward design, this is your ticket. This infuser water bottle comes in just one color — black.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leak-proof design
  • Removable infuser


  • Short infuser rod
  • No color options

LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water Bottle may be last on our list, but it certainly still deserves some love. For starters, it is one of the most affordable infuser water bottles — less than $9! The company, LA Organics, is known to be a small, family-operated business with excellent customer service.

The outside of the bottle has a fun hourly “time guide” that pushes you to drink a certain amount of water each hour. It’s the little things that count!

Some of the downsides to this product include the fact that the plastic material, although durable, is not shatterproof. Customers have also found it difficult to remove the infuser rod from the water bottle. But for the amazing price of $8.97, this infuser water bottle is as good as it gets.


  • Highly affordable
  • Strong customer service
  • Time guide on bottle


  • Infuser rod hard to remove
  • Filter slats not small enough

How do you use an infuser water bottle?

Turns out, it’s super easy to use an infuser water bottle. While the specific designs and features of each infuser water bottle vary to some degree, the overall concept is basically the same.

  1. Cut up some fruit/veggies/fresh herbs
  2. Load them into your infuser rod
  3. Fill your bottle with water
  4. Let it sit for 1-12 hours (throughout the day)
  5. Enjoy!

That’s the gist of it. But there’s a little more to the process if you want to take your hydration up a few notches. We all want to optimize flavor, right? So here are a few tips on getting the biggest burst of flavor for the least amount of work.

  1. Use filtered water: This is the best way to ensure that nothing suspect is in your water, such as chlorine, lead, toxins, and other icky things.
  2. Crush or bruise your fruit/veggies: This opens up the actual chemical structures in fruits and veggies and gives the flavors a head start to wake up your water.
  3. Pour water directly onto the fruit/veggies (rather than submerging the infuser to existing water): This will activate flavors faster, especially if you’re using frozen fruit.

What are the best flavor combinations for infused water?

Lemon water is great. But who knew that there were hundreds of other delicious combinations out there for infused water?

The cool thing about infused water is that you can basically make it up as you go! Experiment with the fruits, vegetables, or fresh herbs you have around the kitchen.

If you’re interested in some tried and true flavor combinations, here’s a cheat sheet to get started:

  • Lemon and Ginger
  • Watermelon and Mint
  • Strawberry and Basil
  • Blackberry and Blueberry
  • Lemon and Cayenne Pepper
  • Grapefruit and Rosemary

Some of those flavor combos might sound a little out there, but trust us — they’re fabulous!

If you can’t get the flavor you want from fresh fruits and vegetables, but you have a favorite tea, try putting a few tea bags in the infuser rod. (Quick side note, though: loose leaf tea doesn’t work as well in infuser water bottles because of the large slats in the infuser rod.)

If you’re still searching for the flavors that suit your palate, there are lots of eBooks and internet resources out there to guide you. In fact, a number of the infuser water bottles in this ranking include a free eBook of recipes with your purchase.

Is it possible to detox with infused water?

You’re bound to come across advertising that promises detoxification (among other things) as a result of drinking infused water.Here’s what you need to know: It’s sort of true, and sort of false.

While “detoxification” sounds great in theory, it’s important to figure out what is true and what is just a myth. We’ve listed some of the most commonly promised benefits of infused water, along with a verdict on its accuracy:

  1. Infused water detoxifies your body: Nah. Our body already has an amazing system dedicated to eliminating waste and toxins. No studies have proven that water — infused or otherwise — can speed up that process.
  2. Infused water helps you lose weight: You bet! Water temporarily increases our metabolic rate, which allows us to burn calories faster. It also makes us feel full, which discourages over-eating during meals.
  3. Infused water boosts your immune system: Meh. Yes, increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables is great for obtaining important nutrients and vitamins. But the very small levels that you’re consuming in infused water won’t have a significant effect on your immune system. That said, water itself is a vital part of staying healthy.
  4. Infused water boosts your mood: Yep! Studies have demonstrated that individuals who are dehydrated — even by just 1% — show decreased levels in mood. On the other hand, people who drank around 85oz. of water per day reported higher energy.

Bottom line: Water, in general, is good for you. Infused water just adds a delicious incentive for you to drink more of it! Just be wary of products and companies that promise medical results that haven’t been backed up by credible studies.

What are the best infuser water bottles?

If you’re serious about stepping up your health by drinking more water (and doing it in an environmentally conscious way), then an infuser water bottle is the way to go. In putting together this ranking, our team at RAVE found the 10 infuser water bottles that went above and beyond the rest. Among them, 3 stood out for particular reasons:

But there’s still 7 more infuser water bottles to check out! You’ve got to weigh the pros and cons of price, quality, design, and so much more. When it comes down to it, you know what works best for you!

It’s important to note that for products as similar as these, the numbers that separate the first- and second-place winners can be within less than one point! That should only be testament to the quality of products in our lineup.

Our top choice, hands down, was the Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle. However, our lineup includes 10 infuser water bottles that you’d likely be happy with no matter what.

Stay hydrated out there!

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  • Hydro Flask Water Bottle: Infused or not, the bottom line is: drink more water! This stainless steel Hydro Flask is vacuum insulated to keep your water as cold or as hot as you want it. Drink up!
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