What is a Mattress Cooler and How Does it Work?

What is a Mattress Cooler and How Does it Work?

As more homeowners embrace smart home technology, upgrading to a smart bedroom is becoming a popular place to start.

And one of the most accessible upgrades to make is a mattress cooler, which provides optimized temperature control while you sleep. But what is a mattress cooler and how exactly does it work?

Experts suggest that the ideal sleeping temperature is somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 to 19° C. Despite this, many people likely sleep in bedrooms that are too hot.

Too much heat exposure during sleep is directly linked to increased wakefulness, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you’re trying to get a good night’s rest.

Emerging smart home technology provides an accessible solution though in the form of electric mattress coolers. These mattress coolers are designed specifically to keep you cool throughout the night with unprecedented control.

The best electric mattress coolers even allow you to customize settings based on your sleep patterns, and some allow dual settings which can cool one side of the mattress while warming the other.

Key Point: Mattress coolers are an accessible smart home technology that will help you stay cool throughout the night, and enjoy optimal sleeping temperatures.

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Why Keeping it Cool is Important

What is a Mattress Cooler and How Does it Work?
Female hand adjusting temperature with dial on air conditioning

Keeping it cool while you sleep is more than a matter of comfort. Experts and sleep specialists suggest that even if you prefer warmer temperatures, sleeping with a lower air temperature provides a variety of health benefits.

  • While warm air temperatures may help you get cozy and fall asleep, it often inhibits proper REM sleep cycles.
  • If your bedroom is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s probably too hot.
  • Staying cool throughout the night can help those with sleep disorders sleep longer.
  • Not only can you sleep longer, but you may be able to achieve deeper levels of sleep.

So if you find yourself tossing and turning, or sweating during the night, it might be time to consider a mattress cooler for your bedroom.

Takeaway: Proper temperature regulation is crucial for getting more quality sleep for longer periods of time, particularly for those with sleep issues.

What is a Mattress Cooler?

A mattress cooler is an emerging smart technology that uses a variety of methods to keep you cool while you sleep (check out our guide on smart home technology to learn more).

Mattress coolers come in different shapes and sizes, and some employ different methods–though the objective is typically the same: to keep you cool throughout the night.

  • Cooling Mattresses: Some mattresses are designed with thermoregulation technology that cools the body through a combination of memory foam and cooling gels.
  • Cooling Mattress Toppers: Instead of a full-sized mattress, some companies offer mattress toppers with high breathability and gel technology that pulls heat from the bed’s surface.
  • Electric Mattress Coolers: The newest advancement in this type of technology is the addition of external cooling devices that are hooked up directly to the mattress or topper. The device pumps cool air directly into your bed and is typically operated by remote control!

Key Points: Mattress coolers come in the form of full-size mattresses, mattress toppers, or with electronic cooling systems. Each of which has its own pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Cooling Mattresses

What is a Mattress Cooler and How Does it Work?
Hand pressing on a memory foam cooling mattress.

For those who don’t need a drastic drop in temperature, a cooling mattress might be the best choice. Cooling mattresses provide excellent breathability and use gel technology to disperse heat away from the bed and those sleeping on it.

To save on money, you can hold off on products that include an electric cooling device, which typically are more costly.

Pros of Cooling Mattresses

  • Superior ventilation keeps the whole bed cool
  • Great for sharing a bed with pets or a partner
  • The best models may not need electric cooling systems

Cons of Cooling Mattresses

  • May not be cool enough for some
  • Won’t decrease air temperature as much as electric coolers
  • Expensive

Summary: While expensive, cooling mattresses use cutting edge technology to provide maximum breathability and heat dispersion, while also providing the benefits of a high quality mattress.

Pros and Cons of Cooling Mattress Toppers

An excellent middle ground option is a cooling mattress topper, which provides cooling technology in a convenient topper that can be placed on an existing mattress.

Cooling mattress toppers can come as memory foam pads designed for breathability and may include gel technology to aid in heat dispersion. High-end options may also come with an external electric cooling device that pumps cool air into the topper.

Pros of Cooling Toppers

  • Affordable way to upgrade your bed to be cooler
  • Excellent for seasonal changes in temperature
  • Provides increased comfort and support

Cons of Cooling Toppers

  • May not be cool enough for some
  • Won’t work as well as a full cooling mattress
  • Electric coolers are needed to make most effective

Summary: Cooling mattress toppers are an excellent middle-ground option for those looking to upgrade an existing mattress at an affordable price. But for maximum cooling power, you’ll probably need to attach an electric cooling device.

Pros and Cons of Electric Mattress Coolers

What is a Mattress Cooler and How Does it Work?
Image of Bed Jet’s smart mattress cooling system

Electric mattress coolers are the most cutting edge smart technology for beds on the market. These devices use an electrical hookup to power fans and the cooling system, which pumps cool air either into your mattress or under the covers.

Some models even pump refrigerated water into a cooling mattress pad.

And the best electric mattress coolers do more than just cool. They can pump warm air into one side of the mattress and cool air into the other. This provides the ultimate level of customized temperature regulation that you can get. And its ideal for those who share a bed with someone who has a different ideal sleeping temperature.

Most commonly, electric mattress coolers pump air directly into the mattress, cooling the whole bed. Other models send the cooling air into the space between the bed and the covers, dropping the air temperatures for those who like to be at the low-end of the recommended sleeping temperature range.

Other models do a combination of both technologies.

Pros of Electric Mattress Coolers

  • Offers maximum cooling potential, and can even be used to heat one side while cooling the other
  • Excellent for hot climates, so you don’t have to rely as much on your home’s air conditioning
  • Provides the most customization and temperature control

Cons of Electric Mattress Coolers

  • Some models are quite expensive (but less than a new mattress)
  • Might be unnecessary if you don’t need a drastic change in your bed’s temperature
  • Some models are noisy

Summary: Electric mattress coolers are the most effective technology for keeping you cool in bed. The best coolers provide unprecedented control and customizable settings.

What is the Best Smart Mattress Cooling System?

What is a Mattress Cooler and How Does it Work?

Smart mattress electric cooling systems are the clear winner. They are sure to provide you with all the air cooling that you could need by providing extensive settings and user controls.

  • Recent advances in this technology even allow some electric coolers to track biometric feedback while you sleep, adjusting temperatures accordingly to ensure that one gets the best sleep possible.
  • Additionally, the best electric coolers allow different settings for each side of the bed, which is perfect for couples with different preferences in temperature.
  • The ideal setup would be to combine either a cooling mattress or cooling topper with an electric cooling system. This would equate to a top of the line smart bed system with maximum cooling, breathability, and humidity control.

Conclusion: Combining an electric mattress cooler with either a cooling mattress or topper will be your best option for achieving optimal comfort, personalized sleeping temperature, and maximum breathability.

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