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How to Build Your Own Mattress Cooler

Do you have trouble sleeping through summer nights? Sleeping through warm nights can be uncomfortable and may negatively affect your sleep experience.

In turn, you may wake up in a bad mood and even have low energy levels. This is doubly true if you’re a hot sleeper.

It’s important for your mattress to have proper temperature regulation so you’ll stay cool all night long.

Key Point: Temperature regulating mattresses and manufactured mattress coolers can be quite expensive, so if you want cooler sleep on a budget, consider following our DIY guide to build a mattress cooler.

Your Mattress Matters!

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most comfortable sleep products available. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat, causing your body temperature to rise and sleep hot.

There are various ways to stay cool at night such as using a gel memory foam mattress or cooling pillows to maintain good sleep quality.

You may also use a cooling gel, cooling sheets or breathable sheets or ones made from natural cotton or other natural materials to prevent uncomfortable night sweats.

However, having a mattress cooling technology is your best bet in maintaining better airflow throughout your sleep. This will make a huge difference in the sleep environment and benefit hot sleepers.

Pros of a DIY Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

By building your own mattress cooler, you’re taking a step towards making your bedroom a smart bedroom. Check out guide to smart home upgrades for more tips and info.

The good thing about learning how to build your own mattress cooler is that it only cools the mattress or bed, not the entire room. Unlike using air conditioners, this prevents your utility bill from skyrocketing.

While there are ready-made coolers available in stores, building your own mattress cooler is very cost-efficient and highly customizable. And whether it’s a high or low bed frame that you’re using, you can customize the height of your mattress cooler.

Building Your Own Mattress Cooler


  • A Foam Cooler
  • 3-inch PVC Drain Pipe
  • PVC Elbow Connector Piece
  • Electric Fan
  • Knife, Razorblade, or Drywall Saw
  • Saw
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Measuring Tape

How to Build a Mattress Cooler

  • First, you’ll need to create markings on the lid by laying it upside down.
how to build a mattress cooler 1
  • Place the fan face down on top of one side of the lid.
how to build a mattress cooler 2
  • Trace the outline of the fan using a pencil or marker. Use a drywall saw, razorblade, or knife to cut through the foam lid. Make markings and cut lightly INSIDE of the marked line.
  • When cutting through the markings, make sure that the hole is wide enough for the entire fan to fit but small enough not to fall into the cooler.
  • The photo below shows the solid line which represents the traced outline of the fan and the dotted is where you want to make the cut.
how to build a mattress cooler 3
  • Next, take the PVC drain pipe and lay it on the opposite side of the fan hole. Trace around the cross-section of the pipe and use a knife or razor blade to cut through the foam lid.
how to build a mattress cooler 4
  • The hole must be big enough to fit the pipe.
how to build a mattress cooler 5
  • After working on the lid, it’s time to measure the height from the bottom of the foam cooler up to the top of your mattress pad. Make sure to include your memory foam mattress topper or flannel sheet. For example, let’s measure X to be 24″ long.
how to build a mattress cooler 6
  • Use the measurement taken for the PVC drain pipe’s length. Use a measuring tape and marker to mark the pipe and a saw to cut it. In this example, you would want to use a PVC pipe that’s 24″ long.
  • Next, you’ll need to find the point where the pipe is completely inside the cooler. Use a marker to mark this. Using a saw, cut through half of the vertical cross-section of the pipe.
  • This will help ensure proper airflow from the cooler to your mattress.
how to build a mattress cooler 7
  • After cutting the pipe, connect a small pipe using a PVC elbow. This is where the cool air will pass through going to the mattress.
how to build a mattress cooler 8
  • Place your elbow and a small PVC pipe (of roughly 6″ in length) on top of your pipe.
how to build a mattress cooler 9
  • Now, it’s time to assemble your mattress cooler! Place both the pipe assembly and electric fan in their respective holes on the lid. Slide the pipe connector under your flat sheet or mattress topper.
how to build a mattress cooler 10
  • Lastly, plug the fan and turn it on for good airflow. To improve airflow, you may increase the intensity of the fan. You may also throw in ice packs or frozen bottles inside the cooler to sleep better during hot nights.
how to build a mattress cooler 11

Maintaining Your DIY Mattress Cooler

  • Make sure to clean the parts of the pipe, fan, and foam cooler regularly. You may disassemble the pipes so you can wipe the inner areas.
  • When using ice packs or frozen bottles, make sure to throw out the excess moisture inside the cooler since this may cause mold growth.
  • Regularly clean the fan being used. This accumulates dust over time and may cause allergies.

Conclusion: Building a mattress cooler is easy and can be done in as fast as an hour. Just make sure to buy the materials needed beforehand and have your tools ready. Using a mattress cooler will prevent heat retention and help make your bed cooler to help you get the good night’s rest that you deserve.

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