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Toilet Bowl Cleaning Hack: Keep Your Toilet Cleaner with Rain-X

Sometimes it won’t be enough to flush. To get rid of stains and nasty marks you must often manually clean your toilet bowl.

But what if we told you there was a toilet cleaning hack that would drastically cut down on how often you have to clean your toilet. Surely that’s one chore we would all be happy without.

Well, thank your lucky stars, because that’s just what here to offer in this guide–the ultimate toilet bowl cleaning hack.

Key Point: In this guide, we will explain how to use Rain-X to make your toilet bowl resistant to stains and residue so that you need to clean it less.

What is Rain-X?

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Hacks: How to Keep Your Toilet Much Cleaner with RainX

Rain-X is a hydrophobic formula that adheres to car windshields. The term hydrophobic refers to something that repels or simply will not mix with water.

Rain-X binds to small pores in the glass and then acts like a shield.

Windshields with Rain-X will repel rain and snow, keeping the glass ultra clear.

One reported benefit of RainX is that it also helps to reduce water lines and other forms of staining on glass. So we asked ourselves, if RainX can prevent dust and debris from sticking to windshields, maybe it can work as a shield on other things, too.

Specifically, we wondered if this hydrophobic formula could help preserve a clean toilet bowl.

Will the hydrophobic formula protect the toilet bowl from stains in the same way it protects a windshield from water marks?

We found the answer: Spoiler alert! It works really well!

Use Rain-X to Keep Your Toilet Clean without a Toilet Brush

If you own a smart toilet with self-cleaning smart technology, you may not need to use this hack often (see our guide to smart homes). But it’s still worth knowing!

This is one of the most convenient toilet cleaning hacks that we’ve come across. To make use of it follow these steps.

  1. Vigorously clean your toilet bowl with a toilet bowl brush and toilet cleaner. We recommend scrubbing with baking soda and white vinegar.

    Tip: Make sure to scrub with elbow grease while you brush. The goal is to expose the micro pores in the toilet bowl.
  2. Flush the toilet and make sure to rinse the bowl fully.
  3. Turn off the water to the toilet and flush until the bowl empties entirely.
    Note: If there’s not enough water in the tank, use warm water from one of your faucets.
  4. Wait for the toilet bowl to dry.
  5. Fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray down the inside of the bowl and the rim of the bowl.
  6. Wait for the toilet bowl to dry, at least an hour.
  7. Confirm it’s above 40 degrees Fahrenheit in your bathroom. (We sure hope it is!)
  8. Spray RainX onto a small washcloth and apply to both the toilet bowl and the rim. Use a firm circular motion to apply the RainX evenly.
    Tip: We recommend using a micro fiber cloth for the best results.
  9. Wait to dry.
  10. Repeat step #7.

The end result will be a clean and fresh looking toilet that will resist stains and remain cleaner for longer. How long will this hydrophobic shield last?

Takeaway: After following these 10 steps, a thick layer of a hydrophobic formula will protect your toilet bowl like a shield. Waste and toilet paper will not stick and should wash down with just a flush and you shouldn’t notice any stains.

Shielding Your Toilet Tank with RainX

Toilet cleaning hacks you can do without a toilet brush

If you have an older toilet then you might notice pesky stains or discoloration in your toilet tank. You can follow essentially the same steps to shield the inside of your toilet tank to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Just follow the same steps as when cleaning your toilet and then apply Rain-X to the inside of the tank once the inside has been cleaned and has fully dried.

At this stage, we would also recommend considering one of the most helpful toilet cleaning hacks for preventing a sweating toilet tank.

  • Get some bubble wrap
  • Measure the the height and width of your tank
  • Mark the tank’s height on a roll of bubble wrap and then double the measured width of your tank. Add 6inches. Mark this length on your roll of bubble wrap
  • Cut the wrap along these marks
  • While the tank is still dry line the inside with the bubble wrap. If you followed the above directions, this should be just about the perfect amount to line the inside.

This provides insulation and reduces the chance of a sweating tank.

Summary: By following these toilet hacks you can preserve the cleanliness of your tank and even prevent condensation from forming on the outside.

Rain-X Toilet Hacks for Your Toilet Seat

Alternatives to baking soda and toilet cleaner for toilet cleaning

So while you can definitely use Rain-X to shield your toilet bowl and tank, you might be wondering if this hack works for toilet seat hardware.

well, the answer is yes and no.

The benefit of using Rain-X in toilet bowls is that waste will disappear with a flush. Instead of having to clean your toilet with a toilet brush, you can rely on the hydrophobic shield of Rain-X.

With toilet seats however, there’s no flush to wash away stains.

So even if Rain-X does work on toilet seats, you’ll still have to manually clean the seat with hydrogen peroxide or another cleaner.

The best use-case for Rain-X on a toilet seat is if your notice stains stubbornly sticking to your seat. In this case, Rain-X may help you clean up these stains with a swipe of toilet paper instead of needing a cleaner.

  • Use white vinegar and baking soda mixed with hot water to clean your toilet seat
  • Fill a medium saucepan with this mixture and scrub toilet seat with a toilet brush
  • Rinse with hot water
  • Wait to dry for a few hours
  • Spray down with Rain-X

Depending on how often someone sits on the toilet the layer Rain-X might not last very long. But it’s a great option for families with kids who are potty training and may leave urine stains on the toilet seats.

Summary: While Rain-X is probably least effective on toilet seats, it is great for making them more stain resistant and makes cleaning easier.

Honorable Mentions: Other Toilet Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Toilet cleaning hacks

While we think Rain-X is one of the best hacks ever for cleaning your toilet. We should mention some other great hacks while you’re here.

Here’s some of the other best hacks for keeping your toilet clean.

Use Clear Nail Polish to Prevent Rust

A rusty toilet handle can ruin the aesthetics of your entire toilet. Thankfully there’s an easy solution here.

Apply clear nail polish to your metal toilet handle as well as any screws or bolts that are exposed. Due to the increased humidity of bathrooms, rust is a common issue.

But the nail polish acts like a protective shield and keeps moisture from causing rust.

DIY Water Saving Features

If you have an older toilet it might not offer water saving features. But fear not!

You can create a DIY water saving feature for your toilet easily. All you need to do is grab a one liter plastic bottle.

Then, add a few inches of sand to the bottle and then fill with water. Close the lid and then put it in the back of your toilet tank.

The bottle will help to displace water and ensure that the tank doesn’t overfill with water after each flush!

Don’t Forget the Rim Jets!

We see this detail missed all too often. Rim jets are the toilets’ small water jets located under the rim of the toilet.

These jets shoot water around the toilet bowl every time you flush. But these jets get dirty, too!

And a dirty rim jet means that dirty water gets circulated throughout the toilet and can result in stains and hard water marks.

To clean the rim jets, fill a spray bottle wit white vinegar. Then spray vigorously under the rim. Scrub with a wash cloth while wearing cleaning gloves.

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