Best Smart Mirrors for Your Bathroom

10 Best Smart Mirrors for Your Bathroom

The future has arrived with all things smart changing the way we run our households!

Devices that marry aesthetics and functionality through smart technology are fast becoming the best options to spruce up our homes.

Smart mirrors for your bathroom, for one, are gaining a lot of attention.

A smart mirror may appear a lot like a traditional mirror, but it conceals numerous clever computer-powered functions with remote-controlled functionality, voice features, and switches and buttons.

For a quick view of our picks for the best smart mirrors for your bathroom, check out the list below. For each smart mirror listed, you can jump to its specific review. Or you can read through the full article for more information on smart mirrors and to see how the best smart mirrors compare to one another.

10 Best Smart Mirrors for Your Bathroom

1-Butylux Wall Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror
Butylux Wall Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror
4-Bonnlo Smart LED Bathroom Mirror
Bonnlo Smart LED Bathroom Mirror
5-Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror
Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror
6-Ganpe Motion Sensor Mirror
Ganpe Motion Sensor Mirror
9-Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror
Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

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How Do Smart Mirrors Work?

A digital display, a built-in small computer with Wi-Fi or internet access, and a two-way mirror are the three primary components of smart mirrors. They may, however, have a fourth and fifth component: aesthetic framing and voice control.

The two-way mirror allows built-in LED lighting from behind to pass through while reflecting the built-in lighting from the opposite side. The computer is often a tiny device with minimal computing power connected to your home Wi-Fi and giving you real-time data. Depending on your needs, the computer may come with pre-installed software, support external storage, and Bluetooth.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a smart mirror can do, check out our guide on the subject. We also have a step-by-step guide for building a DIY smart mirror. And to learn everything you need to know about smart homes in general, check out our complete guide.

Key Takeaway: The functionality and included technology of a smart mirror will depend on the model you buy and how much it costs. But in general, smart mirrors aim to improve the bathroom-going experience with a variety of user-oriented technologies.

Should You Buy a Smart Mirror for Your Bathroom?

If you already have a smart home, you might want to consider a smart mirror for your bathroom to replace your regular mirror to begin the upgrade process to a smart bathroom!

More than just a décor, smart mirrors are jam-packed with unique features that make everyday tasks like shaving, skincare, brushing your teeth, and applying makeup a breeze–thanks to numerous magnification and lighting settings to suit your needs.

Some smart mirrors may also display weather forecasts, traffic and social media updates, news, and the date and time and read what you need to know about your appearance. There are smart mirrors that have built-in speakers and TVs and voice-activated services that link your smartphone to the mirror.

In addition, some of the best smart mirrors for your bathroom include an anti-fog function saves you the time and effort of cleaning off your mirror after a shower.

And since you’ll be having a more advanced and convenient bathroom, your house value also increases. Research also shows that upgrading to a smart bathroom can even help your home sell faster, too.

Check out our guide on the costs of upgrading to a smart bathroom.

Main Points: A smart mirror is one of the more affordable options for upgrading a traditional bathroom to a smart bathroom. It is great for homeowners who love technology that improves functionality, convenience, and recreation. Smart mirrors are cost-effective home upgrades that increase the home’s value.

Smart Mirrors for Your Bathroom - fact


Although smart bathroom mirrors initially emerged on the market in 2016 as a hobby project from an ex-Google employee, there are now a variety of models available. We used the following methodology to help you find the best smart bathroom mirrors today!

Here are the factors we considered to come up with our list of the must-haves:


The price was the first and foremost consideration while selecting the best smart bathroom mirrors. After all, not everyone has the financial capacity to invest in a single bathroom mirror with the cost of a mortgage.

To provide an extensive range of options, we included the best smart mirrors that cost between $100 and $500. We also picked smart mirrors that cost between $600-1000 with more advanced features like touchscreens, built-in speakers, and anti-fog capabilities.

We also considered a few high-end fitted mirrors with even more advanced functions will be seen for $1,000-2,000.


Smart mirrors have a lot to offer. But not all features will suit your taste or budget. We limited our choices for the best options to those with most helpful and useful features. 

To have more options, we have included a wide range of features, from basic smart mirror features, such as LED display, to more extensive features, such as zooming capabilities and mirror TVs. 

Customer Reviews

Reviews can impact consumer decisions while also bolstering a company’s trustworthiness. Customer reviews have the power to build trust and motivate others to interact with the business.

Thus, we also based our rankings on the product’s customer reviews. We made sure that the majority of the buyers were satisfied with their purchases before listing them. And we include information on customers’ consensus in our review of the product.

Brand Reputation

The best smart bathroom mirror companies offer exceptional customer service and a good brand reputation. Good mirror companies understand that their service does not end once the customer receives the product.

Honest and dedicated businesses give outstanding customer service that will last the lifetime of your mirror and beyond. This ensures that your smart mirror purchase is a positive experience, and that your questions will be answered if you run into any issues.

This is particularly important if you’re purchasing a smart mirror for an elderly person, as they might need more regular assistance.

Lifespan and warranties

The material, type of sink it is partnered with, and how often it is used, among other factors, all influence the longevity of a smart bathroom mirror.

You would want a long-lasting product, but you want your smart mirror repaired, replaced, or your money refunded if something goes wrong. So we preferred smart mirrors that come with some sort of warranty or money-back guarantee.


We also reviewed the mirror’s security features. Smart mirrors require electricity to function; otherwise, they are like any other traditional mirror. Safety is crucial with any electrical item, especially those that come into contact with water.

Smart mirrors that are splash-proof or waterproof are suitable for use in most bathrooms, but will be necessary in bathrooms with steamers or high amounts of humidity. 

10 Best Smart Mirrors for Your Bathroom


Butylux Wall Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror

Butylux Wall Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror is our top pick for those on a budget, according to its success on Amazon where more than 75% of reviewers rated it with 5-stars. The consensus of the reviews is that this is one of the best budget options available.

It features white, clean lines, sharp image projection, and strong illumination, ideal for daily cosmetics applications.

Aside from its chic design, the mirror also has an LED border around the mirror. The mechanism is pretty simple. Once the light is plugged into power with the three-pronged plug-in, you can easily control the lighting.

There’s an on/off button. Long-pressing controls the brightness. You can also change the temperature settings within the 3000K and 6000K Warm/Natural/Daylight range.

The anti-fog function is an excellent feature. Simply tap the switch to automatically engage the anti-fog mode to preserve a clear reflection image. The electrical element is incorporated into the waterproof box to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom conditions, and the output is DC12V safe voltage.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who love sleek design.
  • People who are on a budget.
  • People who want both anti-fog and waterproof safety features.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People looking for a more advanced smart mirror features such as more projection-to-screen applications and user interface functionalities.


The best things about the ARTFORMA smart bathroom mirror are its customization options. ARTFORMA offers consumers the chance to customize their mirrors based on their unique preferences and bathroom needs.

Specifically, you can choose from different sizes and other features, such as:

    • Anti-fog.
    • Digital Clock
    • Bluetooth Speaker.
    • OptiWhite surface
    • Wi-Fi Weather Station
    • 3x zoom
    • 3x zoom with lighting settings

Cold white 7000K or warm white 3000K are available for the ARTFORMA smart mirrors, which are both energy—efficient. A touch button in the center of the mirror surface allows you to turn the light on and off easily. And just so you know, the button remains lighted, making it easy to find in the dark.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who are into high-quality, stylish, and fully customizable smart mirrors.
  • Those who want a smart mirror that offers many features like on-screen information and blue-tooth speakers.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who are on a budget. The more features the mirror has, the higher the price will be.

Elecsung Smart Mirror TV

Elecsung’s 32-inch waterproof smart mirror TV has a great and luxurious design, which serves two purposes. When you turn it on, it becomes a smart TV. It can be used as a mirror when turned off.

This mart mirror TV comes with Android 7.1 as its operating system. This allows you to have access to all channels even without a TV box. The aspect ratio is 16:9 with Full HD resolution, resulting in a high-quality image. And, of course, it is waterproof to IP66 standards.

The display is LCD. It comes with two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one Audio Out port, LAN, and built-in Wi-Fi. Google Chrome, Google Chromecast, YouTube, and Netflix are all included as well. Because the wall brackets are embedded, the installation is also relatively fast and easy.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

    • People who want a TV in their bathroom but don’t have the space from a traditional one.
    • People who want to be able to hook up their smart mirrors using HDMI.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who do not want to spend over $600 for their smart mirror.
  • People who prefer LED panels over LCD panels.

Bonnlo Smart LED Bathroom Mirror

The Bonnlo Smart LED Bathroom Mirror has a sleek, streamlined appearance that will bring a touch of luxury and glamor to your bathroom. Its contemporary and trendy style has no visible screws or switches. More than 80% of Amazon reviews gave this smart mirror 5-stars. The consensus is that this model offers all the awesome features you would want at a reasonable cost.

The built-in speaker communicates with your phone through Bluetooth. You can listen to your favorite Spotify music, read the latest news, or listen to your favorite podcast. The dimmable LED light is another essential feature. It dims and turns off the light with a CE-certified 110v sensor.

After a hot shower, it features a much-needed anti-fog feature that keeps the mirror crystal clear. Unlike other models, it features an independent switch, so you can use it only when you need it, lowering your electricity expenditures.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who frequently spend time in the mirror doing makeup.
  • People who to cut down on energy expenditures.’
  • Those who want a lot of features an affordable cost.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who get annoyed with blue light emission. The touch buttons emit blue light that is a bit brighter than expected.
  • Those looking for high-end options or budget options. Because this a middle-tier smart mirror there are better budget options with less features, or better high-end mirrors with more features.

Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror

Unlike others on the list, this mirror has a light strip built into the design. Although a mirrored edge frames the one we’ve shown,  an ambient light strip frames the Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror’s edge. The light is dimmable and changeable from a 3000K warm to a 6000K daylight white with a 3-second press of the switch, regardless of the model you choose.

Additionally, the mirror has an anti-fogging capability activated by a button on the display screen. And while it does not provide a weather forecast, it does display the temperature and time.

There are various variations of the Gesipa mirror. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. But all of them have speakers and Bluetooth that connect to your phone, allowing you to answer calls or play music.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • Consensus of user reviews of the product suggest it’s one of the best options for those wanting phone-integration at an affordable price (at least for the smaller sizes).
  • Those who like to play music in the bathroom.
  • Customers looking for a smart mirror with many options for size.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who want a larger mirror on a budget (the 40inch by 36inch version costs $469.99 currently).
  • Those who don’t need phone or blue-tooth integration.

Ganpe Motion Sensor Mirror

The Ganpe Motion Sensor Mirror offers a human body induction sensor. This sensor detects a human presence within a 1.5-meter radius and instantly turns the lights on and off. Simply strolling close to the mirror allows customers to use a hands-free gadget.

There’s also a Bluetooth audio capability that lets you stream whatever you want by connecting it to your smartphone or tablet. Users also can select illumination from 6500, 4000, or 3000K (and a memory button to remember your choice).

The Ganpe Motion Sensor Mirror has some good safety features as well. The device is waterproof to IP44 and constructed without copper, making it safer for the environment. The mirror’s explosion-proof technology also prevents the surface from shattering in the event of an external impact.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who love minimalistic design and don’t need a ton of information displayed on their mirror’ screen.
  • People who are not on a budget and don’t mind spending more than $500.
  • Those looking for a smart mirror designed to display the ideal lighting for applying makeup.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who are looking for more advanced options/features, because you might expect this product to offer more features for the mid-range price tag
  • Those who want more built-in applications for user interfaces displayed to the screen.

Hansong Vanity Mirror

Hansong will be the best purchase if consumers need an all-in-one smart bathroom vanity mirror at a good price. This multi-function bathroom mirror combines 18 G48 LED light bulbs with color settings, a large vanity mirror, and a speaker. It has a micro USB charging cable that serves as the power source.

This is a touch screen mirror with bottom-mounted touch controls that allow you to adjust the brightness of the light that surrounds the mirror. The speaker on this smart Bluetooth mirror will enable users to listen to music or make phone calls while using the mirror if you choose that model.

Also, at the front of Hansong, there is a ten-fold small magnification detachable mirror.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who like doing makeup and skincare.
  • Those who want a smart mirror with excellent reviews.
  • People who don’t mind changing the bulbs every now and then.
  • Those who want a smart mirror that does not need to wired in electrically and uses a USB charger instead.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who are not patient enough to change bulbs or worry about charging the mirror.
  • People who don’t want to spend extra money on installation/labor fees. Due to its larger size, some customers will need help with installation.

BYECOLD Smart Mirror

This smart mirror made of aluminum and tempered glass offers some great core features at a decent price. You can use the clever touch switch to open three primary features at once: light, defogging, and weather forecast.

The mirror may be connected to the WIFI clock app, allowing you to receive real-time weather updates while relaxing in your bath. The anti-fog feature of this smart mirror allows you to clear the mist or water droplets at the drop of a hat!

You can effortlessly link the mirror to your phone and use it to set alarms, check the calendar, and perform various other functions. By pressing a switch, you may pick between a 3000k warm or 6000k white light. And with 5 different sizes available, customers can find the perfect model to fit their bathroom’s design.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who enjoy constant weather reports and calendar updates.
  • Those who need a selection of different sized mirrors to choose from.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who have a limited budget, as you can find smart mirrors with a similar feature-set for less money.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The Amazon Alexa-enabled Verdera Voice mirror provides optimally brilliant, shadowless light and full stereo music to your bathroom with an accessible voice command. Simply ask Alexa, and your Verdera Voice mirror will provide you with a hands-free bathroom experience.

It’s as easy as asking Alexa a question. Ask to adjust the lights to the perfect brightness for any grooming activity, play music, check the weather, and more.

This smart mirror is certainly one of the most expensive on the ranking, so where does this cost come from? Despite offering a light settings of 2,200 lumens, the mirror is tremendously compact with seamless wall integration.

This makes it one of the most futuristic looking mirrors that’s still capable of providing the light and functionalities you would want.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People who opt for a luxurious and futuristic feel with a minimalistic design.
  • Those who need a high-quality light output for makeup or pleasing ambient lighting.
  • Those who are able to spend somewhere between $1,000 to $1,500 on a single smart mirror (depending on the model size you decide on).

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People who are on a budget.
  • Someone who wants to have both Alexa integration and TV or video streaming functionalities (this one only has Alexa).

HOMPEN LED Smart Mirror

The HOMPEN LED smart mirror has many capabilities as other smart mirrors but at a much lower cost. This mirror boasts anti-fog technology, customizable lighting, and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen to music, podcasts, or whatever else you like.

12 dimmable bulbs around the mirror provide enough adjustable brightness to fulfill your various needs without causing unwanted glare or shadows. During makeup time, connect your phone to the speaker and listen to music while watching your favorite cosmetics instruction.

This huge makeup mirror has a detachable base and two hanging holes on the back. It may either be hung on a wall or set on a table.

Who should buy this smart mirror?

  • People on a budget, as this is one of the best prices for a mirror with these features and this size.

Who shouldn’t buy this smart mirror?

  • People seeking exceptionally high-quality audio, as some reviews say the built-in speakers are of poor quality.
  • Those who don’t want to have to shop around to find a product. This model needs to be purchased by a third-party seller on Amazon or through a local appliance store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Mirrors

Now that we’ve brought you information on the best smart mirrors on the market, choosing the right one for you might require that we answer a few more of your questions.

So let’s dive into the most important questions the matter.

Is a smart mirror for your bathroom worth the money? 

Smart mirrors are well worth the investment IF you plan on selling the home or you value the technology they offer. Those with streaming functionality allow you to see almost anything on your smart mirror while getting ready for the day.

Furthermore, the lights behind the mirrors generate a soothing and helpful glow, making backlit mirrors a fantastic choice for your stylish bathroom. LED-backlit mirrors conserve energy and last longer than regular light bulbs, while providing an array of amazing features.

How do I install a smart mirror? 

Installing a smart mirror can be a bit tricky, depending on the model that you buy. While some brands are simple to install, some are so complicated that you might need professional services from electricians or contractors.

We suggest looking through the manual on your smart mirror for instructions and other details to know whether you can DIY or not. If you think it’s difficult, do not force it and get some professional help to avoid installation damages. 

On the other hand, some smart mirrors are designed specifically for ease-of-installation. These smart mirrors with have panels meant for easy attachment to a wall.

Do you need an application to use a smart mirror? 

Whether you actually need a separate app to use your smart mirror will depend entirely on the model you go with, and the features it has. Though in general, smart mirrors with smart phone integration will need some sort of companion application.

There are many applications that can assist and even improve the functionality of your smart mirror. Check out the application store on your iPhone or Android to get an idea of what’s out there.

What type of smart mirror is best for a bathroom? 

While we all have different needs, there are several things you should note when choosing smart mirrors for your bathroom. These are the features that will likely be most important to search for when looking for the best smart mirror for your bathroom:

  • Anti-fog features
  • Energy-saving LED lights
  • Blue tooth integration
  • HDMI and/or TV streaming
  • Magnifying glass mirrors
  • Waterproof speaker and display
  • Clock and/or calendar information

While that has all of these features might not be in your price range, by deciding which features are most important to you, you can find the best option for your bathroom.

What is the best overall smart mirror for bathrooms?

We think the Gesipor LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror is a great pick, whether on a budget or a splurge. It has the most diverse and extensive features and a unique defogger button.

Additionally, the option to connect your phone to your mirror via Bluetooth and answer calls is fantastic. You won’t need any additional Bluetooth bathroom speakers to listen to music while getting ready or taking a shower.

Anyone visiting your bathroom will surely be impressed by the style and functionality of this great smart mirror.

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